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The War on Solstice

For some reason, the so-called “values voters” (self titled), are celebrating that they can now say “Merry Christmas” after years of tyranny by the vast atheist conspiracy outlawing Christmas and any references to it.

Who can forget the years of deprivation, the disappearance of Christmas Trees, the day the colored lights went out, the Anti-Christmas patrols, riding around in riot gear on the backs of flat bed trucks ready to shoot out Christmas stars and transport Merry Christmas greeting violators to the prison planet of Chiron Beta Prime.

Oh, wait that only happens to Jehovah’s Witness kids.

Or was that 17th century England during Oliver Cromwell’s party days?

Never mind.

I love Christmas time. Hey, it was stolen from people who have been celebrating Solstice since time immemorial. But, ok, sure, if you want to call it Christmas, it’s no skin off my nose. {{rolling eyes}}

You don’t have to be a witch to celebrate Solstice. It’s for anyone who marvels at creation and the natural world, regardless of your flavor of god, Flying Spaghetti Monster or non-god belief system. Really, we Solstice celebrators aren’t going to lose sleep over what you celebrate. Knock yourselves out. It’s none of our business.

But “Happy Solstice” is the original greeting. So all you values voters, get over yourselves already.

We just don’t care.

34 Responses

  1. Fucking morons led by a fucking moron!

    • You sound disgruntled.
      Better watch that attitude or you’ll get filtered out.

      • Your post is excellent! It shows how brainwashed these morons are. Nobody is stopping them from doing what they want, yet they have been brainwashed (about liberals and liberal press/media which incidentally gave them their win) to think somehow they have been victimized. This is not even a real pendulum swing of one group swaying too much and the other seeking balance. This is more what authoritarianism is made of. Dangerous times we live in.

        • IKR?? We’re inundated with Christmas but somehow, they forget this as soon as one of their fearless leaders gets all foamy at the mouth.
          It’s bizarre.
          And really, who GAF?? Seriously. I don’t care what they say to me, I’m still going to say Happy Solstice. If I cared, I’d say Feliz Navidad.

          • I know Indian immigrants who are Hindus/Brahmins celebrating Christmas here for their Children’s sake and more significantly, as an appreciation of their Christian friends in their lives. How dare these mfers not recognize that. There is something fundamentally wrong and un-American about these people.

          • It’s a difference in the definition of “American”, between those who see “American” as an ethno-religious identity, and those who see “American” as a polyethnic identity, based on adherence to a set of civic principles.

          • Omg!! That pic is hilarious.

        • Examples exist of how Christmas has been thwarted to those who have been indoctrinated into the entire Christmas meme. Manger scenes banished from the front of any public school or government property, which actually makes sense but still seems like an attack to those who recall the manger scenes going back 100 years.
          The early days of television going into the early 70’s are wrought with depictions of Mary and Jesus and the Manger. Even Star Trek featured a episode in which Uhura educates the rest of the crew that the Sun that was being worshipped was the Son of God as opposed to an actual son.
          So as those depictions were removed, those who were used to them felt like they were being attacked. Whether or not they were right for feeling attacked is a different issue.

          • Civics lesson, church and state separation… and all that. Mormon temple in DC spends big dollars to put up a Manger scene and lights the whole property, trees and all. That (churches) is what they are there for. There are instigators on their side who rile up these non-issues just like what is going on now. Say it, brainwashing is bad.

      • I love the word disgruntled. I’m disgruntled!!

        • Brainwashing is bad, but 100 years ago Brainwashing probably helped reduce person on person crime so the corporate overlords could have their monopoly on brainwashing the masses instead.

  2. Christmas in October? Okay.

    “Who ordered the Kyouko?”

    • The Japanese do not fear losing their identity by borrowing good stuff from other cultures.

      As the pic above indicates, they have cheerfully assimilated “Kurisumasu” into their culture–not just Santa and the reindeer and all that, but even the specifically Christian aspects.

      But then, the Shinto gods do not seem to be “jealous” gods. Papa Hiiragi, of Lucky Star, is a Shinto priest, but he didn’t seem to mind two of his daughters’ attending a Christmas service.

  3. between those who see “American” as an ethno-religious identity, and those who see “American” as a polyethnic identity, based on adherence to a set of civic principles

    IBW, yes, very well said. Which side will win, time will tell. But corruption of the ethos of latter has already begun and in full steam. I don’t understand why there is not more outrage from people who recognize the danger. But the problem is of course the people undermining moral superiority of the latter America, don’t see it as a danger. They think they will get the preferential treatment they think they are entitled to.

    Moral depravity is happening on all fronts. If you have not heard of ICE detentions and growing private prisons, you need to know about it. Riling these morons up about immigration was not about deporting those that these people didn’t want in their midst but was about enslaving them in corporate for-profit prisons. *Shudder* Did these morons sign up for that? Or do they even care? Values Voters, my foot!

    • The 13th Amendment left a loophole open, that prisoners could still be used as slaves, and the McDucks and their lesser kindred have been gleefully exploiting that loophole ever since. 😡

      • And if there aren’t enough prisoner-slaves? Why then, the McDucks’ hired pols merely make more things illegal.

  4. LOL, RD. Since dispatching for Harvey, I’ve come to be more and more suspicious of the so-called voices of the far right. I’m sure they exist, I just think they’re being signal booster and amplified by the Russian-paid-troll/bot-effort/Russian-influenced-MAGA sector.

    I agree with Hillary’s latest statement that the goal is to turn us all against one another, and recall Putin’s (?) statement a few years back that the only way to bring down America is from within.

    Careful Facebook-aided targeting of vulnerable voters with high needs in remote areas where genuine news outlets are not around and widely read is a spark to a firestorm. It seems like it’s gotten even worse since the election.

    I think the fundamentalist-MAGAs (religious and otherwise) of which you speak are about 10% of Trump voters. Which means about, what, 2.5% of the population now? Well below the percentage of people in the US who have been diagnosed with severe mental illness, for example. But it FEELS like 45%-55% to me. I think that’s because of the success of the saturation of c#*p on social media.

    Think about it: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram could change everything in 5 minutes by filtering out hate speech and words that incite violence. (I also wish all media would censor swearing, too, as I think that decision to start allowing it opened the door to the collective id.)

    • PS: I do not believe the minds of people who’ve been exposed to a massive state-run propaganda op can be changed. Best to focus on people who didn’t vote in 2016, and framing upcoming elections as Those-Who-Are-Rich-And-Protect-No-One-Else vs. Civil-Rights-For-All-On-Which-This-Country-Was-Founded, IMO.

    • I also wish all media would censor swearing

      Hey, hey, wait a minute…are you trying to get me banned on RD? 😉 people who swear are also the most intelligent, I read somewhere.

    • I disagree on the number of evangelical Trump voters. I would guess they are a good 50% of the Trump supporters but probably 20 to 25% of the general population in the US. Unfortunately too many but not nearly as small as you would like it to be. Yet they are still not enough to single handedly carry any Republican to victory.

  5. Committing my self to “Happy Holidays.”
    Come and get me, Copper!

  6. Going back a bit farther:

  7. Oh yeah–I discovered THIS goofy-@$$ thing this morning: 😛

  8. Good night, fellow subversives. :mrgreen:

  9. This video is not new. I had seen it during the campaign. Maybe if we (DEMs) had hired Russians, and they would put it on FB and everywhere and targeting it to all those Christian motherfuckers and they would have stuck with their goddamn values and rejected this motherfucker. Am I right?

  10. Looks like Hillary is doing a book tour in London. I saw her interview with the Channel 4 guy and he was so obnoxious I didn’t feel like linking it here.

    • Hillary Clinton made a great point when she said that Bill’s issues had been litigated while Trump’s and Weinstein’s had not. The Clinton Derangement Syndrome Movement cannot comprehend the concept that others just might have to go through the media grinding process that the Clinton’s are perpetually put through.

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