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Why are these people so happy?

They just watched Donald sign away the healthcare insurance subsidies for millions and millions of low income people!! Of all colors. Yes, now black and white, poor and just getting by, the economically insecure and the irrationally aggrieved can all have more freedom to pay the full freight on their already expensive policies or go completely without and risk bankruptcy!

And what’s wrong with bankruptcy?? Donald has done it a few times.

Oh, look, Rand Paul is front and center. Free at last! Free at last! Ugly middle aged white guys who don’t think they have to share the planet with the rest of us are free at last from the stultifying grasp of the takers who can’t seem to get their shit together and become independently wealthy.

Suck it up, you whiners.



Over at The Conversation, JB Silvers, Professor of Health Finance at Case Western Reserve Univ says Trump’s executive order gutting the subsidies is unlikely to fix Obamacare.

Silvers is the master of understatement. Or irony.

Nevertheless, his explanation as to why Trump’s EO is so phenomenally bad is remarkably easy to read. I encourage Trump voters to give it a try. For one thing, it’s in English, so, you know, no immigrants involved. And secondly, it’s about time you guys realized what you’re up against.

No one said Obamacare was perfect, well, no one at THIS blog. I grew up as a Navy brat and had the equivalent of socialized medicine and you know what? The clinics were plain and generic, the waiting rooms busy and the waits were sometimes long but I really can’t complain about the medicine. It was pretty good. Go ask my sister the chronic asthmatic whose life was saved many times by military doctor’s. You don’t need valet parking at your doctor’s office. Making you feel special does not always equate to good healthcare.

I suspect many of us could get around all the fancy accoutrements as long as we got an ice pack while we waited for our broken arm to be set without said ice pack costing a fortune. (True story. Happened to me). There are all kinds of varieties of national health care strategies to choose from. They all involve some measure of cost control, which is the real bugaboo. And Obamacare had no cost control measures except high deductibles so that everyone would “have skin in the game”.

But Obamacare was better than a sharp stick in the eye, which will now go untreated. Now, it’s pretty much stripped of any meaning.

11 Responses

  1. Watch that snake, Rand Paul.

  2. The subsidies are not just for the poor. Many middle class people without employer based health insurance receive them. Small business owners, independent contractors, people working 3 part time jobs,, people retired and too young for medicare etc. are all going to suffer greatly.

    • Making America Suffer is the goal of Trump.

      • Making America Weaker is the goal of Trump’s master, Vladimir Satanovich Putin.

        • By every possible means short of actual shooting (and maybe nuking) war, Mommie Dearest Russia must be punished for this insolence toward us, however long it takes.

  3. I don’t qualify for subsidies, but I pity those who do.

    Meanwhile, my health insurance is going up next year, to just under $6800 per year.

    Welcome to American health care: “Your Money Or Your Life!”

    And yet, so many of my fellow white Amurkans who share my situation will continue to adore Cheetolini, because at least he’s keepin’ them damn ni*CLANG* from gettin’ any of our hard-earned tax money *URP*.

    I despise my tribe. I do not know how it produced me. I feel like a Marvel Comics mutant–more specifically, a mutant who has decided that Prof. Xavier is a well-meaning naif, and Magneto is right about the “normals”.

    • I don’t know how to cheer you up, but know you’re one of the good ones. Ricco, leave the bottle.

      • Oh, I’m not too glum, at least not for myself. I am the only child of my mother and my late father, and they lived their working years in the period of our history where diligent working-class people actually could build up a sizable nest egg. I live with Mom, and I’m not going to lack the necessities of survival.

        • Oh, and I never mated nor reproduced, so I don’t have a wife or descendants to think about.

          I attribute that to never being able to get a solid work life going until my 20-year night job, in a smallish town where few other people lived the nocturnal life.

          Plus–while I’ve never been diagnosed–I suspect I lie somewhere in the shallow, high-functioning end of the autism spectrum (Asperger’s, perhaps).

          I can pass for normal, if I must, but I don’t have a strong emotional need for human companionship. As for that other need, I was never strongly “driven”, even when I was a young man, never mind now.

  4. An overlooked gem from Heatwave, who were better known for “Always and Forever”, “Boogie Nights”, and “Grooveline”.

    Fuck it, might as well dance…

  5. The Russian Empire, as of 2017. 😡

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