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      BREAKING: President Biden just signed an Executive Order “to extend masking requirements on interstate travel on trains, planes and buses.” — Scott Dworkin (@funder) January 21, 2021
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    • The Logic Of Bootlickers Is The Logic Of Too Many Americans
      This is sweet and lovely in the purity of its boot-licking authoritarianism: Repeat after me: I am not smarter than Joe Biden. I am not smarter than Kamala Harris. I am not smarter than Nancy Pelosi. I am not smarter than James Carville. But if I l stand back and watch and learn, I will […]
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Thursday: Rise above it

Samantha Bee reminds everyone that we just screwed 9 million children out of healthcare by not funding CHIP last Saturday:


Kazuo Ishiguro, one of my favorite novelists, has won the Nobel Prize for literature today. Some of you may remember his books that were turned into movies, “The Remains of the Day” and “Never Let Me Go”. His books are haunting, the stories opening up from the inside out to find that one moment in time when the characters’ lives pivot and fall away. Missed opportunities, lives that come and go with barely a witness, love found and surrendered in the service of false virtue. Beautiful, lyrical, mesmerizing.

Goodreads has Ishiguro quotes. Check them out for a sample of how he writes then get one of his books. You won’t be sorry.

I can’t think of anyone other than Margaret Atwood who deserves it more.

Highly recommended.


In the latest episode of Trumpcast, Yasha Mounk talks about Roy Moore’s primary win in Alabama is an indication that Trump is a symptom of a more insidious underlying cause. The American electorate has been stirred to hatred of others not like themselves. It has effectively destroyed the Republican Party and infiltrated it with something truly dark and ugly. It is starting to take over the left because we are reacting to it. It’s a very bad sign. Mount says Trump is not quite as dangerous as we thought because he is so incompetent. But the forces that drove our election of him have the capacity to elect someone even worse and more destructive of our democracy if we don’t get our shit together by 2018.

Listen to this episode and take it VERY SERIOUSLY. We are going to have to work our asses off next year. There will be no excuses for sitting indoors and pleading that we aren’t good at campaign work. You will be called upon to do your part. If I can do it, you can do it.


I need a little uplifting music.

24 Responses

  1. “He is a fucking moron…” who knew?!?!

  2. Who is this joker, Kara Swisher (Recode)? She is a fucking moron! There I said it. I remember her from an interview she did with Hillary soon after the election. She is so full of herself, isn’t she, but really not that smart, (get over yourself).

  3. LOL…Preet has great comedic/irony sense.

  4. The princess and her frog apparently moved WH stuff from their private email accounts to a server in the trump organization… can’t help but LOL, oh boy, this country is going to the dogs.

  5. unbelievable!

  6. A 2008 Obama fan (if I’m not mistaken) has learned a painful lesson.


    I’ve long said that Kaspersky Labs could have been a Putin intel front, I warned you guys about them two years ago and surprise, that’s when the theft took place. Now we absolutely know that’s the case, because the Russians have now hit us not just once (Edward Snowden), not just twice (Harold Martin) but now three times with this yet-to-be-named contractor who got his data hoovered up by Kaspersky Labs.

    No wonder the Russians were able to pull off the soft coup of the century and install Donald Trump in the White House. They had the keys to the front door, back door, and every side door in sight, and every time they opened one they found more keys waiting to be handed over. And yeah, the guy who has to shoulder the blame for that?

    Barack Obama. I’m sorry to say it, but he messed up. Badly. Fatally so, in fact. We’ll be paying for this for the rest of my lifetime, I suspect. Once would be a mistake, twice is an unfortunate coincidence, but three times is enemy action as they say, and he got rolled along with our entire country.

    He lost the first major war of the 21st century without firing a shot. Maybe that’s harsh, but look at the hell we’re in today. There’s a lot of blame to go around, and he has to get his share of it.

    Don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump is a traitor, period. But Obama made this far too easy for Moscow to win.

    • Obama was smart enough, but not experienced enough. He just wasn’t ready for the job. If he had been Hillary’s veep for 8 years, he would have been ready, and with Russia excluded from our elections (HRC would have been all over that), Obama would have mopped the floor with the GOP nominee–who, without Russia, would not have been Cheetolini–in 2016.

      But Wall Street wanted him in 2008, exactly because he wasn’t ready. 😡

      • Agree completely… which is why I give Obama a large part of the blame for Trump

        • You won’t find any argument here. We were not Obama fans precisely because his policies were damaging to the party.

          But I’m sure you would have known that if you’d been hanging out here for awhile.

          You can’t get a rise out of us. We never liked him for legitimate reasons having absolutely nothing to do with race. We predicted he would be ineffectual, maybe deliberately, and he alienated a huge part of the Democratic base, also predictable if you had gone to the YearlyKos conference in Vegas in 2006 when Catfish Saunders objected to the consultants’ proposals to comepletly write off anyone below the Mason Dixon line.

          Other blogs are susceptible to Obama’s bashing, not us. We stuck to our liberal roots. We weren’t stupid enough to buy the Obama aspirational crap and were too smart to go down the rabbit hole with the knit your own sandals lefties.

          • WOW… really not sure where you are coming from. I have been reading your blog, and mostly lurking since its founding. I would say I agree with you about 90+% of the time, and I obviously knew there was no love for Obama here, in fact I believe our opinions on him are quite similar.

          • Sorry about that. Your thing about Medicare the other day made my tin-foil antenna twitch. You can never be too careful. And I’m pretty sure there were plenty of provocateurs on different sites last year trying to stir trouble.
            You’re not paranoid if people really are out to get you.

      • He and the other Obamabots owe us a huge apology for getting it right from the beginning and calling us racists.

      • Obama didn’t want to play second fiddle as VP and that was his greed. He put himself before country. The party put him before country and screwed Hillary and all of us. GOP saw the weakness.

      • No harm… no foul

    • Of course, Putin simply took advantage of the pre-existing Stupidity Cultivation and Exploitation Machine that the GOP and its obscenely rich backers built.

      I find it hard to decide who is most at fault: Putin, the McDucks who think the two greatest injustices in human history are that they have to pay taxes and that they have to pay their workers, or the great mass of Stupid White Folks whose exploitable stupidity made the victories of the GOP (and now Mommie Dearest Russia) possible. 😡

      • All of it. It was a perfect storm. GOP was corrupt as fuck before and all they needed was a fucking moron at the helm with no filters to rile up their stupid and racist base. That the GOP let in a foreign adversary hijack the country is their corruption and greed at its peak.

    • Obama was also soft on other things like Facebook/Google/Twitter, schmoozing with his Silicon Valley buddies was more important. He was soft on voter suppression and voter ID laws.

  7. Mega thread on FB and Google…she argues against deleting FB or other accounts calling it a toothless boycott. I think her view is that something more significant needs to happen. If FB can wreck this much havoc on the most sophisticated information age society like the US of A, can you imagine the havoc it will cause in places like India or other third world countries where politicians are corrupt and people will believe anything? This is crazy. What is rumor, what is fake, what is true? Democracies can’t function without an honest source and an arbiter. Something needs to happen to regulate these people.

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