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The country of Puerto Rico

Chris Hayes asks:

Of course, we are talking about Puerto Rico, that US territory that is home to US citizens? Not even naturalized US citizens, they are Americans by birth. Yep. They also speak Spanish and this may cause some confusion in Trump’s head.

Still, you have to wonder why he’s making such a big fricking deal about a flag protest and letting 3.5 million American citizens fend for themselves.

Anyway, complaining about players exercising their free speech rights wasn’t even the worst of what Trump said yesterday.

No, what was worse was how in an effort to spare players’ BRAINZ from traumatic injury, tackles weren’t as exciting as they used to be and it was “ruining the game”.

Let that sink in.

I mean, if you *have* a brain and didn’t vote for Trump last year and actually care about things like peoples’ lives, safe drinking water and gray matter. Or dams that are about to collapse.

You’d almost come to believe that Trump thinks that when those players signed their contracts, they also signed away their rights to their own bodies and to the integrity of those brainz. Are we not entertained??

What kind of sick fuck thinks like that?

I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.

You can find organizations helping with Hurricane Maria relief here.


The Steelers are playing the Bears in Chicago this afternoon and have decided to join the protest and stay in the locker room during the anthem.

I couldn’t be prouder.

Unless they all decided to do it in public.


9 Responses

  1. No, what was worse was how in an effort to spare players’ BRAINZ from traumatic injury, tackles weren’t as exciting as they used to be and it was “ruining the game”.

    Yeah, that registered with me too. But you know what, his supporters are not deterred — that type of stupid logic works with them because they think the players are there to entertain THEM. The players are there to serve them. Something more insidious about him going after black athletes, sports casters…it is one thing to be racist but like LeBron James’ or others game and therefore, tone down their everyday racism and now, this buffoon is sowing doubt and division to erase that. He is evil incarnate.

  2. You know, I thought this NFL thing was a Giant distraction from more important issues but I think some kind of cultural phenomenon is happening this weekend. It’s like after the travel ban and Steve Bannon and Charlottesville and the hideous health care bills that are designed to penalize people on Medicaid and Trump’s stupid insensitive comments, we’ve had enough.
    Fox News and Breitbart can only drown out good Americans for so long. There is a tipping point where we say, enough, we’re all in this together.
    I think we are seeing that tipping point.

    • Agree with the general idea of rising disgust but would like to see some white players join these other guys. He may have gone just a bit too far this time. The thing with him is that he will do something more egregious tomorrow that this will be forgotten by then.

      On the other hand something may be turning if Cruz is saying no to repeal, and this is a new nail in the coffin for the repeal ACA effort:

      • Welp, the steelers decided to stay in the locker room because they didn’t think a football game was the right place for a protest but they weren’t going to stop any of their players from standing for the anthem or expressing their rights to protest. They decided all together to not take the field. One player did come out of the tunnel and you know what, that’s fine too. I think they made their point. Everyone has the right to speak their mind AND they are in solidarity with each other.
        All players regardless of race.

      • Did you hear what Franken said about Cruz?

        “Here’s the thing you have to understand about Ted Cruz,” Franken wrote in the book. “I like Ted Cruz more than most of my other colleagues like Ted Cruz. And I hate Ted Cruz.”

  3. Off topic: Oh, look; the world did NOT end yesterday. 😛

  4. More off topic: 8-year-old girl sings “Queen of the Night”.

    • Holy hemiola! She was sharp or flat most of the time but she nailed that B flat. More than once. I could never sing that without a theist hemorrhage.

      I used to sing I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major General when I was a kid. Queen of the Night? Never.

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