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Tiramisu for Breakfast

It’s sweet, delicious and loaded with caffeine.

Trying a new perfume sample this morning. It has coffee notes in it. Smells like Angel for men but nicer and softer, not cloyingly sweet.


The quake in Mexico City has left hundreds dead and comes only a couple of weeks after the strongest quake they’ve ever had. One witness says it feels like “God is angry with us”.

There was something about the picture of the scene of people digging through rubble that reminded me of this:

That art is from the 14th century during the Black Death. After losing 1/4 of its population (conservative estimate), Europe was also convinced that God was angry with it and that the end of the world was coming. Of course, it was also dealing with war and famine brought on by the mini ice age so it had reason to be afraid.

But the world didn’t end, in spite of the fact that humanity was far more traumatized than we are today. Most of our traumas are caused by our inhumanity towards each other.

The world is indeed a scary place. But bad things don’t last forever.


That being said, keep your eyes open for any opportunity to assist with hurricane relief. We can’t control the weather but we can help with the aftermath.


Lindsay Graham admits that his new healthcare proposal would severely cut healthcare spending in the major big blue states CA, NJ, NY and MA, and would redistribute the money to states like Mississippi, which turned down Medicaid dollars when it was offered to them in 2014 and would now see a 900% increase in Medicaid spending.

Neat trick! Take money away from some elite west or east coast liberal kid with asthma or epilepsy and give it to some poor red neck in Mississippi who thinks his Republican governor will be doing him a favor after making him suffer needlessly for 3 years.

Nooo, this isn’t socialism where we take from people according to their abilities and give to people according to their needs. This is more like taxation without representation because the blue states most grievously affected by this bill already send far more in taxes to Washington than they get back. They’re already subsidizing the welfare of the stingy red states.

But why waste an opportunity to poke California and New York with a sharp stick in the eye, which will now go untreated?

38 Responses

  1. Tiramisu is my favorite dessert.

    Why is God always angry at the poor people, good people? Gives Joel Osteen like people a little more to rejoice that they are the chosen ones.

    Apparently Rocket man was in the teleprompter and this is what Kelly did when he heard the rest of it. You wonder why any of them want to work in this WH. But maybe, just maybe some of them are the heroes.

  2. I have a theory about why the GOP looks at pregnancy as a pre-existing condition and making it expensive. It is about curbing a certain population from having disproportionate (from their racist view) number of babies. Yet my housekeeper a devout Christian (of the good kind), who is an immigrant from Honduras was going to vote for the buffoon because you know the Rs are anti-abortion.

  3. Now we know why trump set up his 2020 campaign operations within hours of inauguration, right? Who are the dimwits still giving his campaign money? Hope he runs RNC dry though.

  4. Electoral college does not work and is a national security threat. If it showed the gross injustice and unfairness in an election (2000) where the popular vote winning candidate is deprived of presidency, 2016 shows further how it can be corrupted from within through voter suppression and from the outside to the extent that a foreign adversary can distort the election and produce a synthetic result and a traitorous president. The republicans have an inbuilt advantage with this but they went too far this time inviting Russia to corrupt it further. They should pay a price for it. Election integrity should come first for the sake of the country.


  5. I wanted to add a YouTube video to my comment but I don’t have the slightest idea how to do it so I’m sitting here crying from frustration. Okay, maybe Puerto Rico, the Graham/Cassidy Bill (one of my senators actually voted for that piece of shit) and the whole Trump thing are fueling the waterworks, too. I’m not a complete monster.

    • Sue, just cut and paste the link from the top banner where it shows a http link. or at the bottom of the video box, if you see ‘SHARE’, click on it and it gives you a box with the link and options of EMBED or COPY. click on COPY and come back here and in the comment box, do a ctrl-v to paste.

    • If you want to add it to your comment, type a left square bracket (“[“), then type “youtube=”, then paste the URL from YouTube, then type a right square bracket (“]”).

      Do not include parenthesis or quotes in above directions.

      I’ve tried, many times to give users directions on how to do this and the comments always interprets the brackets. I hope the above directions actually worked this time.

    • Also try this page under Embed with a Shortcode section. It’s dead simple.

      When I was a young lad, we didn’t even HAVE fancy editors. We had to learn HTML tags from scratch and we LIKED it.

      • Yea, but you’re smart. Thanks all, I’ll try your suggestions but the share button is grayed out. On a horrible day like this (Congress, Puerto Rico, etc) I actually shed tears over this. I’m a bad person.

        • I’m not smart. I just was all “gee whiz, what does this thing do??” about getting an IP address back in the 90’s. what did we do with it? We ftp’d the vending machine at CMU to see how cold the Mountain Dews were.
          Well, you gotta start somewhere.

          I can’t figure out why your share button in YouTube would be shaded out. Have you tried copying the URL directly from the browser?

          I’m sorry about Congress. Yes I want to do unnatural things to them too. This does not make you a bad person. And the electoral college definitely has to go.

        • Share looks gray but click on it anyway.

    • YAY!!!

      • Yay, now how do prevent the links to other unposted videos after the original is played? I don’t want to annoy people.

        • No way to stop that. It is a youtube feature.

        • No, it won’t go away — at the end of every video, you see suggestions of other videos. It is their personalization feature. If you watch Gene Kelly video, they give you links to more Gene Kelly or related videos. We are in the personalization curse. About 10+ years ago, when the web people had started talking about it, you would see an ad or two following you — the first time I saw that ‘they’ picked up I was Indian, I was really irritated. But now it is orders of magnitude more prevalent, like they have to know everything about you and they think they own you. Part of the reason we got the buffoon unless you police yourself and are smart not to fall into their trap.

          • I know I hate the pop up ads that are so obviously targeted at me because of what I’ve looked up at Google. It’s not subtle.

  6. I sitting here in front of my computer with no policy or politicking experience knew this was a bad idea on the fucker Bernie’s part. Hopefully, 2018 won’t be lost because of it.

    • And you were right. It’s all about Bernie, all the time.
      What I want to know who’s cutting that ratfucker’s checks?

    • I predicted this. Stop coddling that jackass.

    • I think Lindsay has no idea what people really want. They would be more than happy with Medicare for all, which is like socialism light. Even my elderly Fox News loving relatives thing Medicare for everyone would be a good idea.
      He’s an idiot.

      • Yeah, he is an idiot and more. But it is bad timing for Bernie to be doing this. You don’t want to energize their base and we all know how they are. Fight their bill for its own deficiencies and if they still pass it, use it as leverage for 2018.

  7. Hey, RD, I just wanted to ask you how do I prevent other links/suggestions from popping up so that you don’t have to press replay to see the original video? I don’t want to annoy you–shivering in my shoes.
    How did you like the perfume?

    • I LOVED the perfume. But it’s by a house named Killian and it costs about a bajillion dollars so I’m saving the sample for special occasions and looking for a more affordable alternative.
      What I really want to try is Portrait of a Lady by the famed perfumer Dominque Ropion. That’s supposed to smell beyond amazing amazing. But I can’t find a store that has it or any samples and it’s almost $400 a bottle. The nose at Nordstroms told me I could order it and if I didn’t like it, return it. But I have a feeling I would like it very much. Too much. So, I’m scouting around on fragrance sites for a sample. Even the samples are expensive. There must be some magical ingredient in it. I think it’s the rose they use. It’s supposed to be top notch Turkish rose. There’s some of that in Noir de Noir by Tom Ford, which also smells amazing. But Portrait is supposed to go above and beyond with some patchouli and a tiny bit of oud.

      • luckyscent is a good site to go for samples. That was the only way I could get my hands on some Amoreuse and Jubilation by DelRae.

  8. Yes, several million of my fellow non-elite white Amurkans really, truly are this stucking fupid: 😡

  9. I fear that, if we are ever going to save this country (and possibly the world), we will have to disprove the adage and find a way to “fix stupid”.

  10. I think Pence will go down too after connecting the dots with what I have read and retain. Manafort was the one who brought Pence into the campaign (and why) and Manafort is in a world of trouble. Not just that, somebody ask the question, why trump hired Manafort in the first place and who put him up to it?

  11. She has not changed at all. Why is she misunderstood so much? May be it is a Scorpio curse (from one Scorpio to another).

    • I’m a Scorpio.
      So we’re cursed, eh? It explains so much.

      • Are you also an INTJ? We have to talk about MB after astrology. 😉

        • I forget what I am. I think I’m a ENFP. It’s the Inspirer. It fits. I’m more intuitive. Even my best research was intuitive where I became one with the protein. You can calculate to your heart’s content but what does it feel like from inside the binding site? It’s like the most introverted of extroverts.
          Anyways, scorpios get a bad rap.
          We’re not nearly as bad as Pisces. That sign is the worst.

        • Holy snot, I just reread that ENFP description and it nailed me amazingly well. Especially the part about feeling memories. It’s spooky.

          • I have to read up on ENFP but I am an out and out INTJ. I suspect Hillary is too the way she leaves gaps (or makes jumps) that are obvious to her but not others.

          • Ahhh, INTJ’s are very interesting. But even though I kinda see why you might mistake me for one, I’m really not. I’m one of those people who’s mind is insecurely tethered. It takes off on wild flights of imagination and absurdity all the time and I’m always looking for convergence and patterns.
            I just also happen to read a ridiculous amount of books and stuff.

            But I don’t have the discipline to be a Lady Macbeth. She was ahead of her time.

            By the way, I totally got Hillary’s strategery. It was fairly obvious from the beginning what her goals were if you took her policies to their logical conclusions. That’s the ENFP in me jumping from cloud to cloud. I suspect that’s why Washington was out to get her. They knew what her endgame was too.

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