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“YOU want ME to help you feel better??”

That’s what Hillary was thinking in the days after the election according to her book What Happened.

A young woman approached her in a restaurant and, feeling distraught, apologized for not voting. Hillary said she was angry about how a citizen could not exercise their one sacred right. It’s unconscionable. So she sat there, stony faced and didn’t give absolution.

Phillipe Reines, her debate prep sparring partner talks about the challenges of running against Donald Trump. He says that no one in 2016 could have won against him because the guy lacks shame and he’s like a bulldozer. Every time we thought he won’t go there, he went there. The Bernie Bros can dismount their soap boxes. Wisconsin and Michigan only became important after she lost Florida and Pennsylvania. That’s where all the electoral college votes were. So she lived in PA and FL.

The Warren fans can calm their tits too and the voters who thought Biden had a chance. He didn’t. Reines says it was always going to be tough as Hillary was running for a “third term”. And she came damn close to beating that curse, better than all the alternatives would have done.

I think maybe she didn’t differentiate herself enough from Obama but maybe Reines has a point. Trump tapped into something in the electorate. Something very ugly. And it’s time we acknowledged who really let us down in 2016..

The voters.

The ones who didn’t vote.

The ones who mysteriously couldn’t see the difference between or didn’t like either candidate without doing the work to at least find out why they were in different parties.

The voters in Pennsylvania in the middle of the state. I’d say fuck them because there’s simply no excuse for this degree of hive mind. Those voters need to quit acting like politics is tribal warfare.

The voters in Florida who are in the Fox News age demographic and are plugged into it’s matrix. Of Course it’s bad to be a racist. It might be legal but it’s still awful. You don’t have to be a racist but if you take a laissez faire attitude towards other people being racists, isn’t that just as bad in the end? For those of you struggling with that question, the answer is “YES! It is just as bad”.

Anyone who actually thought the Clintons were murderers because they got that information from Facebook, is to blame. Ditto for the ones who bought the pizza shop sex trafficking story. Really?? Do you people think that tabloid “journalism” is literature? The pizza shop thing ranks right up there with alien babies. I met someone at a wedding last fall who told me this crap at the reception. I couldn’t believe it. She swallowed the murder story completely. It was insane.

You get the government you deserve so the saying goes. But the majority of us didn’t deserve this. The rest of you let us down. And the Trump voters are particularly guilty because other than building a wall and mercilessly kicking out immigrant mothers and fathers, what EXACTLY did they think they were going to get from a real estate developer with a history of bankruptcies and a flair for the theatrical?

Seriously. I’m curious. What was Donald’s big policy draw? Did you think he could just get it all done as president and forget the other two branches? Isn’t that a dictatorship?

As Sansa Stark says, “I’m sure that cutting off heads is very satisfying but it’s not the way to get people to work together”. The Trump White House is a vipers den of ne’erdowells all knifing each other in the back while Donald tweets insensitive, stupid messages and causes international incidences.

So yeah, you Trump voters suck. Bigly.

No, no, don’t try to make excuses. Don’t say she didn’t appeal to you in just the right way. Her job was not to give you an orgasm. We all count on each other to do the right thing and not let each other down. Don’t ask for forgiveness. Given the current composition of our government, we may never have a free and fair election again.

You had *one* job.

51 Responses

  1. Yup thanks for saying it! The voters are to blame and I have zero sympathy for them. Not only the Trump voters but the ones who stayed home or voted for Jill Stein in swing states. Unconscionable behavior. As bad as the media was, the voters either didn’t pay attention, didn’t do their homework or frankly didn’t give a f*ck.

  2. I was on a flight recently having a good conversation with a woman until she brought up politics. She told me she voted for Trump because Hillary “was of the old guard” and she “sold uranium to Ukraine & Russia” and that “Trump was a nationalist” so his ties with Putin were “good” thankfully we were descending I would’ve moved my seat πŸ˜‚

    • I had a fight with my neighbor on a flight to San Francisco in 2008 primary. He was the chair of some liberal arts department in some univ there. He was a Obama supporter. He was jeering at his wife as she tried to do Sudoku – can YOU do that? So you get the idea of his character.

      • the scary part of it was that the woman said she voted for Obama in 2012… these are the types of people we are dealing with here. They vote for whoever is the trendy candidate at the time and seem to experience no cognitive dissonance.

        • The Obama-to-Cheetolini voters answer the question: “Which is stronger in the USA–r@c!$m or $ex!$m?” 😑

          Though the first one is still all too damned strong, as the acquittal of the killer cop in Missouri demonstrates. πŸ‘Ώ

    • You could have cold cocked her -just a suggestion.

  3. I hate to tell you this, RD, but I think the Trump Chumps plus the voluntary non-voters do make a majority of adult citizens. 😦

    Though the kids, at least, deserved better.

  4. I knew there were still plenty of bigots in this country.

    The disturbing lesson of the last presidential election is that there are plenty of other voters (and voluntary non-voters) who are not themselves bigots, but for whom bigotry (of any kind) is NOT considered to disqualify a candidate for the office.

    This “poster” goes for the voluntary non-voters as well.

    Yes, you all suck goat mucus. May the Ascended Madoka forgive you. 😑

    • Yes, that’s it.

    • I think Hillary relied on this kind of awareness of right and wrong in the voters to some extent, at least on the Democrats side (isn’t it obvious he is unfit for the office?).

  5. Bravo!

    So Hillary is right to think where was the solidarity before the election when she saw the women’s march. Many of these women woke up the day after the election saying ‘oh shit.’

    For 2020 I don’t want to see any of the old geezers. I want the next generation of leaders emerging now.

  6. Today is the 230th anniversary of our constitution. He started the day with retweeting a tweet that showed him physically hurting Hillary.

  7. Bravo Riverdaughter! Great post and well said. I loved it and it expressed exactly how I’ve felt since the election. I just can’t get over how “dumbed down” the country has become that anyone could vote for trump. Hillary was the best choice in 2008 and again in 2016. The boys just couldn’t hold a candle to her, and that means you too sanders, but hatred of women in this country took away the best chance we had to have a “real” president who actually knew what SHE was doing!

  8. Media, Jill, Bernie were all part of the same forces aiding Russia in its anti-Hillary propaganda. Have you ever seen Bernie say anything about Russia? Why is that? We will learn more about this, I am sure. People are connecting the dots.

  9. Biden ran twice and could not even come close to winning in a primary; Bernie won caucus states barely and could not even win any big states. People who say these men especially Birnie would have won, are talking about the tactics used in 2008 — even though Hillary was the predominant choice, they wanted to usurp her and force the majority that wanted her to vote for that old geezer. That might have worked for Obama, but not this mfer. He was lucky that Hillary was gentle with him during the primary and his reputation is still somewhat in tact; he would have been decimated against the buffoon with all manner of oppo research coming to surface. He has plenty of skeletons.

  10. OK, this will make you smile. This is the America we love, right? Morrisville Police Chief has fun at an Indian event. πŸ™‚ How is that for community outreach?

    • Lol! That was fantastic. She was really getting into it.

      • Yep, she was great! I have to get drunk first to wiggle any part of my body. And how about that twist in the end? Appropriate, ha πŸ™‚

  11. Another one, this time it is the Mayor. And you have to watch till the end. Maybe we should all move to Morrisville, NC.

  12. Off topic: Great moments in bad ad placement.

    Stolen from Mock Paper Scissors.

    Possibly NSFW, depending on your workplace.


    • Make up your own jokes about how it would taste compared to real McCoffee. 😈

  13. Hillary should have told the non-voter(s) this:

    NSFW. h/t Melissa McEwan of Shakesville.


  14. Excellent Hillary interview. When media sees her talk like this do they feel any remorse about what they did to this country? Fucking motherfuckers.

  15. What is this I am reading? That fucker Bernie thinks his medicare for all campaign gets helped if they pass Cassidy/Graham ACA repeal? Is he fucking mad? That would make sense If they replace ACA with M4A at the same time but that will not happen, right? M4A is years/decades in the making and what are suffering people to do during that time? Looks like Bernie wants to sabotage ACA too just like Trump so he can have his SP if, a big IF that happens ever. This is an onslaught from mad men on the right/trump and from the left/bernie on everyday Americans.

  16. Andrea Mitchell
    Maureen Dowd
    Maggie Haberman
    Haty Tur (haha I mistyped her name, I will leave it)

    Add Terry Gross to the list.

    Susan Page so far seems OK and I like.

  17. I wouldn’t be surprised if you some if you continued to hate pro-MedicareForAll politicians like Sanders & Stein, & MedicareForAll activitists like the Nurses Union (majority women organization who you illogically deride as “Bernie Bros”) even if you yourself or say your daughter receive Medicare at some time in the next 5-10 years.

    How could anybody’s hate or love for individual politicians exceed personal or their child’s simultaneous, varying in between noticeable & very profound, health & financial improvement? That is What’s The Matter With Kansas-caliber Absurd.

    16 Senate Ds & a majority of House Ds now endorse the MedicareForAll bill. 60% of USians support it per polling data, which means it should be implemented if the US is the democracy the US Power Elite claims it is. There is hope that MedicareForAll could actually happen now in upcoming years.

    • Your country is fucking going to dogs and instead of focusing on getting rid of the conman and the fraud in the WH and preserving the ACA which is working for some and which is being gutted as we speak, you guys are going on like everything is hunky dory. No, you won’t have a country tomorrow, because of your stupidity and unrealistic expectation. You won’t get your medicare for all, let alone a working ACA. Stupid buggers.

    • How did you come to the conclusion that we hate M4A??
      We’re not enemies.
      But that doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY viable solution for the ACA. More than anything, we need cost control.

      You know, you need to stop trying to antagonize us. If it weren’t for the Sanders/Stein voters, we wouldn’t have generations of gerrymandering and disenfranchisement to look forward to. You have to have control of the levers of government before tog can push policy. Sanders lost the primary. It wasn’t even close. It wasn’t anything like 2008 when Hillary and Obama were tied into the convention.

      • OMG, I just noticed she/he included Stein and said Sanders and Stein (very stupid if this one believes that Russian stooge Stein is going to deliver anything for them). Yes, I do hate Sanders and Stein for what they perpetrated on this country. I don’t trust them to do anything right and for that reason, won’t jump on your stupid bandwagon.

    • Our friendly neighborhood CDS Horseshoe Leftist believes Stein the Stooge will get us Medicare for all?

      M4All would be a great thing, but I have been disappointed too many times by the rank mean stupidity of the Reg’lar White Folks of Real Amurka to think the Grand Old Treason Party wouldn’t be able to grift them out of supporting their own self-interest yet again.

      • even Hillary’s possible chosen successor (news reports are Hillary & her donors want Kamala Harris, while 0bama & donors want Deval Patrick for 2020) & Corporate Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris is among the 16 D Sens supporting MedicareForAll.

        IBW, still on your absurd BS “Horseshoe Theory”, where MedicareForAll supporters (not to mention all OECD nations like Canada which have had MedicareForAll for decades) are “far-left” & equivalent to far-right Nazis? Is K. Harris equivalent to David Duke?

        What happens IF your Dear Leader Hillary does a characteristic FlipFlops on MedicareForAll at a future moment where it appears likely inevitable anyways, ala Hillary’s last-minute FlipFlop on LGBT marriage equality in 2015, before it was legalized in 2016? Will IBW then claim Hillary is also a far-left equivalent to a Nazi? Or will IBW do a 1984-style WeWereAllwaysAtWarWithEastAsia-style history-rewrite & claim he & Hillary always supported MedicareForAll?

        • I’m not thrilled about Kamala Harris. I’m not impressed at all by her. Her path to victory will be a lot easier than Hillary’s. The media will have her back for sure. She’ll be the new Obama. I suspect she will win. They’ll all talk about how historical she is and how she played it smarter and didn’t make the mistakes that Hillary made. I’ll vote for her because I can’t bare to stand another 4 years of the asshole in chief, but I’ll be wishing it was Hillary.

        • Oh Christ, a broflake.

        • I did say M4A would be a great thing.

          I am simply pessimistic about the achieveability of M4A, and other good, social-democratic things, before the advent of a non-white majority of USAmerican citizens.

          My tribespeople (I am non-elite white) have disappointed me too many times in my 54 years for me to retain any faith in their wisdom or generosity of spirit. This last election was the last straw on the camel’s back.

          Also, when did I say anything bad about K. Harris?

        • The “horseshoeness” comes from the fact that many of you far-left characters believe the same demented (Russia-spawned?) conspiracy theories about mainstream Democrats that the Alex Jones cultists believe. I find that to be a major distinction between you lot and ordinary leftists and liberals.

          No, I do not consider Canada, or the Nordic social democracies, or other such nations to be unreasonably leftist. I simply despair that the USA can evolve into something like those countries before non-elite whites, and the heartbreakingly small minority of enlightened whites, become a sufficiently overwhelming majority to overcome Republican and Russian (but I repeat myself) gerrymandering, voter suppression, and incessant propaganda.

          • *sigh* I meant to say “non-whites”, instead of “non-elite whites”, after “before”. 😦


            I. HATE. WORDPRESS. 😑

          • Prof. Noam Chomsky states that the DNC & Hillary rigged the primary for Hillary, citing the Podesta & DNC emails Wikileaks published.

            The DNC’s own defense lawyer in the DNC Fraud lawsuit stated “we did not necessarily rig the primary, but we have the legal right to decide who the nominee is in smoke-filled rooms”.

            This is factual record.

            OTOH, IBW/Peter Daou-style extreme Hillary Cultists are the ones citing Alex Jones-caliber FakeNews re RussiaGhazi, which is at the status of Cheney’s 2003 “Sadamn has WMD”, e.g. a statement with no proof. Nonpartisan Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) (retired CIA, NSA computer scientists & other subject matter experts) who challenged Bush43 assertions in the past, published FORENSIC ANALYSIS (unlike RussiaGhazi adherents) proving the DNC leak was an INTERNAL LEAK from a DNC EMPLOYEE via thumbdrive, given the data transfer speeds were from the US East Coast & ultrafast transfer speeds are only possible via internal network file transfer (impossible via the internet).

            Prof. Noam Chomsky & VIPS computer science experts are Alex Jones-ish? Psychological projection from IBW.

          • I hardly regard Russkileaks as a reliable source. πŸ™„

  18. Manafort is told he will be indicted and he was wiretapped using FISA. I bet trump is caught on tape talking about Russia with him. The Jr. does not want the SS protection anymore because of privacy. LOL… privacy? privacy to to conceal things, the proverbial smoking gun? Lock the fuckers up!

  19. Sanders fans are as cultist as Trumpanzees. I can’t stand any of them.

    • Again, the Bernouts tend to believe many of the same demented conspiracy theories that the Trumpanzees believe.

      However, let us note that many people who voted for Sanders in the caucuses and primaries are not “Bernouts”; many of them did turn around and vote for HRC in the general election.

  20. IBW, again, Wikileaks has existed since 2006, has a PERFECT record to date of publishing legitimate leaks on powerful government & business orgs, INCLUDING the Russian Gov, Putin, & huge Russian Corps.

    Wikileaks in fact has a superior record to US BigMedia. NYT & WaPo either naively believed or were propagandists for Cheney’s 2003 “Sadamn has WMD”.

    “Russialeaks” – a juvenile insult with no facts or logic.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law “Poe’s law is an adage of Internet culture stating that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent,
    it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views (example: Peter Douche https://twitter.com/angryberner )
    so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers or viewers as a sincere expression of the parodied views.” (example: Peter Daou or IBW)

  21. paraphrasing Kyle Kulinski of SecularTalk & cofounder of Justice Democrats: “hardcore supporters of Trump or Hillary Clinton manifest similar behavior to fundamentalist religionists. Since Trump & HClinton have countlessly FlipFlopped on many policies, hardcore Trump or HClinton supporters are thus not policy-focused, but focused on celebrity-ish personal linking of Trump or HClinton”.

    Verrit Code: The Truth

  22. Oh look the Confluence has it’s own Putin paid troll- MFAN. Spouting all the Putin paid troll Facebook ad words and everything. Hah! We Hillary Democrats, the true progressives, are laughing at you. Really dumb to attack Hillary on a true progressive Democratic blog. Go back to selling your nonsense to the Berners on Facebook.

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