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    pm317 on What it’s all about.
    pm317 on What it’s all about.
    Sweet Sue on What it’s all about.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on What it’s all about.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on What it’s all about.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on What it’s all about.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on What it’s all about.
    pm317 on What it’s all about.
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      So, we have the latest indictments from Mueller.  Twelve GRU agents are named and indicted for hacking into a variety of servers, including the DNC, Clinton campaign, and voter registration. They also got the Clinton campaign’s voter model. The indictment is very detailed, down to hours and minutes. Donald Trump said, “Russia, if you are […]
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Friday: par-tay

It’s the end of the week, boys and girls. I crashed early last night and now I am very well rested. I’ve got plans for the weekend. How about you?


The DACA compromise between Trump and the Democrats is really not going over well with his base. This is one of three topics of discussion with the trio at Slate’s Political Gabfest this week. Franklin Foer makes a guest appearance to talk about the impact of high tech on our lives and they also talk about Hillary’s book What Happened. Did I detect a note of contrition? Yes, I believe I did.

This is one of their better episodes. Not to be missed.


Regarding Hillary’s book, there seems to be a lot of naysayers out there who want her to shut up and never darken our days again. Emily Bazelon says she doesn’t understand the level of hatred. It is and always has been disproportionate to anything Hillary has done.

To the naysayers I would like to say you’re not being rational about this book. Ok, so when have you EVER been rational about Hillary??

The best reason for her to write this book is because she was her own guinea pig. She has observations and conclusions as the first serious female candidate for president for either party that can be used by future similar candidates as a manual for what to do and not to do. It can be used by historians after they write centuries from now how the neo Nazis, Russians and resentful white guys with guns elected Trump and started the beginning of the end for the USA.

So, you know, you don’t have to read it if you really think there was no difference between the candidates. But you are exactly the people who should. Because you gave us that soulless malignant incompetent in the White House through your sheer hatred of a better alternative. And now we’re all going to suffer.

Consider this book a teachable moment for the lefties who were snookered into believing that her “inevitability” was taking away your right to whinge.


22 Responses

  1. The naysayers and the paltry journalists don’t understand what the adversaries and their colluders from within did to our election and our democracy, because you know it is all about Hillary (well, they do but they are covering their ass). They have no seriousness and curiosity. How about if some enterprising reporter from NYT had found what was happening on Facebook last summer. It was happening right under our noses. They had some bitch Amy something from NYT on Brian Williams show last night. What a moron! The other guy was the Time’s guy (don’t remember his name, he usually did interviews about picking the person of the year), he at least recounted how Hillary was cautioning against Russian disinformation creeping into our psyche in 2011! She is one smart woman. They don’t want to give her an inch of respect and recognition which is all very weird.

    Saw a Techcrunch article that some Russian Oligarch poured money into Facebook IPO to the tune of 200mil. Like Hillary said in last night’s interview on Maddow, they have a long way to go in owning up what they did.

    • The lack of recognition and respect is just plain bizarre. Any mention of the historic nature of her candidacy was always prefaced with “whether you like her or not” or “despite this” blah blah blah it was always an after though, give her her due respect! They never pulled this shit with Obama. In fact it’s my strong belief that what put him over the top was the fact the media hammered you over the head with how historic he was. You wanted to be part of it. I guess a woman in this country isn’t getting any praise unless her sole purpose in life is to nurture her husband or kids…

      • yeah, that last sentence of yours, women come easy and they an pile on a Clinton like it is nobody’s business even when there is no rhyme or reason to it.

  2. I just can’t get over what or how FB was used in the last election. It was an asymmetrical attack from a foreign adversary amplified further by the media on one candidate. There was no one saying made up, fake gory stuff about trump from the left (other than what he brought on himself with his own behavior) but there was constant bombardment of fake news on her and to top it, the media coverage on her was all about emails and then comes Comey early in the race and then again when it really matters in the end. All parties involved are not even ashamed of how they contributed to this disaster let alone give her, her due. And one more thing if I understand it correctly that there was no positive counter coverage of her from her supporters on FB because they were discouraged.

    • I don’t think it was even discouragement.. how do you try to rationalize with a bunch of people who have confederate flag profile pics and little old Christian ladies who send chain mail? They’ll believe any crazy lie said about Hillary.

      • Obviously this tweeter is a Bernie or trump supporter, judging by her hostility towards Hillary. But do you understand what she is saying about FB?

        This tweeter is also mocking Hillary about her reaction to the women’s march in the thread. Looking at that protest, I would have felt the same thing as Hillary did, where were they during the election? Maybe they were there but many voted for Bernie? Not sure many of the women protesters voted for trump.

      • Right, you can’t convince or persuade those other nutcases but what was the conversation like among supporters and people who were persuadable?

        • I think her supporters did all they could. I place the blame for not informing the masses at the feet of the media. I also think these last minute voters deserve part of the blame for shackling us to this psychopath. Anyone who can’t decide between one of the clearest examples of good & evil in our nations history needs their head examined.

  3. I expected nothing else from the wingnuts.

    The real disappointment was how many of my fellow white male liberals/leftists took the Republican and Russian (but I repeat myself) CDS bait hook, line, sinker, and flopping in the boat–and still do. 😡

    This is for my “fellow” white male “liberals”. NSFW depending on your workplace.

  4. This old-school soul is also “dedicated” to the CDS white male “liberals” and “leftists”.

  5. Hey, Ricco, gif me a visky and don’t be stinghee, baby.

  6. I was between cases and I walked into the surgeon’s lounge at our hospital on the day of the Comey letter. I think CNN was on which was a change from the usual Fox. All the guys were so excited because they finally had something on “her”. I was the only female in the room. I asked what they were talking about and they explained that Comey had new info on her emails and this was going to put her in jail. I was pretty Pi##ed and I told them to mark my words this was nothing like all the previous nothings. They just laughed. Anyone who denies the effect of this letter is lying. Voters assumed that anything coming from the government this late in the race must be really important

    • Hillary said that same thing on Maddow 2 nights ago in her interview. Some women were going to give her a chance but turned away when their spouse or other started saying ‘she is going to jail’ because of the letter. I can’t believe the peace, class, and dignity Hillary exhibits in the face of being so wronged by so many quarters.

  7. Fran Lebowitz! We know he is an egotistical maniac and hurt Hillary.

    • I have a feeling that in the heart of their hearts, the Bernie bros and their hos, Trumpanzees, and the media fuckers who cried “Emails” know that WE know who they are and what they are made of and that we laugh/cringe at them and that WE were right in our choice.

  8. During 2008 primary, we had dinner with our friends who are originally from Chile — the woman is Jesuit and does not vote and the man is an atheist and he votes. We talked politics and I told them stuff that were being hidden about Obama in the media and other things they were doing to push Hillary out. He didn’t believe me. But after the general election, the wife sent me an email where she said among other things that Oscar said I was right about Hillary and that she was the better choice.

  9. we laugh/cringe at them and that WE were right in our choice.

    Very true, pm317, but I’d rather be President than be right.

    • Agree. But it should give us peace of mind that we did the right thing. I think Hillary goes on with her life and public service despite everything because she knows who she is and she is at peace.

      {Hey RD, you still par-taying! 🙂 }

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