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    • Five Hundred Million Dollar Negative Yield Bond Issued
      No, central banks aren’t screwing the economy up with their purchases: Veolia (Paris:VIE) has issued a 500 million 3-year EUR bond (maturity November 2020) with a negative yield of -0.026 %, which is a first for a BBB issuer. To be clear, central banks didn’t buy those bond, investors did. But central bank purchases of […]
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The privilege to wave for a year.

Michelle Wolff enlightens us about just what it means to be a contestant for Miss America. Hint: there are more qualifications to be in the pageant than to be president.


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  1. Great Anderson Cooper interview with Hillary Clinton.
    The moment that moldy piece of shit, Carl Bernstein opened his mouth, it was time for me to go. Why does CNN need to have a talking heads coda to such a wonderful piece? Yes, I know, because they will never admit to how hard they worked to pave the way for Donald Trump.
    Day after day, breathless coverage of Trump’s rallies from before his private jet landed to the last reluctant handshake.
    Hillary! Nothing except the emails.
    Bernstein said that Hillary won’t admit it’s her fault that Trump is in the White House?? Hell, no, Carl, it’s your fault, it’s CNN’s fault, it’s MSNBC’s fault, it’s WikiLeaks fault, it’s Putin’s fault and it is Comey’s fault. But most of all, it’s the Media’s fault and they just can’t bear to look at that.

    • Carl Baerstein is a Republican.

      • He’s a piece of shit.

      • Sorry, pm, but I detect two errors in your post.

        First, you said “Baerstein” when you meant “Bernstein”.

        Second, you said “Republican” when you meant “lifelong waste of food, water, and oxygen with no better use than to serve as a deodorant cake in the urinal of the hermaphroditic b!tch goddess whose holy name is EVOLUTION.”

        Oh wait, the second one is not a mistake. “Republican” is a synonym for the longer term. 😈

        • Madoka forgive me, but I am losing interest in even feigning respect for the wingnuts and their weaselly enablers in the Corporate Media.

        • Second, you said “Republican” when you meant “lifelong waste of food, water, and oxygen with no better use than to serve as a deodorant cake in the urinal of the hermaphroditic b!tch goddess whose holy name is EVOLUTION

          I need a Tee Shirt.

        • Lol agree on all counts.

      • Woodward and Bernstein are such Establishment conservatives that I wonder if the downfall of Nixon represented a quiet civil war between factions of the Establishment, not necessarily meaning the two major parties.

      • He’s a big time misogynist too.

    • This country has become the unholy offspring of a three-way between 1984, Network, and Idiocracy. 😡

    • What’s disgusting is the media thinks if they blame Hillary enough, the rest of the public will believe it was her fault too! Shame on them! This is gaslighting at it’s finest. We all saw her being held to higher, impossible standards and then getting over Trump’s daily (sometimes hourly) lies and scandals seemingly overnight. She gave some brilliant speeches man and they hung on his every word instead. Fuckers. Sorry not sorry.

  2. Off topic: The Man In Black did not always wear black. 😛

  3. I don’t like Katy Tur.

    • I don’t either, pm317. She’s a younger (Ha!) version of Maggie Haberman.

      • I don’t know enough about Katy Tur to have an opinion of her. 😕

        OTOH, I have a strong opinion of Kaede Furutani; namely, she’s adorable. 🙂

        I did not direct link this pic because of its size.


        Good night, folks.

      • Thanks for confirming. She is awful and her shtick about poor poor trump supporters is getting old.

  4. It is unnerving that there is no outrage about Russia using FB and FB being a willing participant to distort and meddle in our election.

    • If the Corporate Media talked about that, the logic of the situation would then compel them to examine their own role in enabling the “victory” of Cheetolini. If the CM don’t talk about it, many people will never hear of it.

  5. Hey, you youngins who tweet, please tweet what a piece of shit Carl Bernstein is .

  6. LMAO….the buffoons tweet from this morning about the WALL…

  7. How to fool the low IQ brigade and they are fools:

    • And Trump people seem to have their bots on ASSBOOK screaming it is still a WALL, it is still a WALL.

    • Oh fuck! It is not a WALL…he says so, he says it will come later. LMAO!

  8. Yeah, in case you missed it…they want to cover up the extent of damage they did here.

  9. I grew up seeing my dad do this with his evening prayer/meditation (called Sandyavandane) everyday.

  10. Hillary the smartest woman! She called for doing away with EC after 2000 election. I think going forward she should make it a goal to talk about how various forces subverted democracy in America in 2016 election and also before. Make media the biggest culprit. What has she to lose?

  11. Hillary’s interview on Maddow was excellent. I have a new respect for Maddow because of this. Lawrence as usual tried to throw shade (intentionally or otherwise) that Hillary was not the cautious, guarded candidate we saw last year and almost saying, why couldn’t she have been like this. But Maddow put a different spin on it saying she was running for the presidency and she was of course cautious (more like being responsible). That silenced Lawrence. Hope you all see the interview. {additional tidbit: I cried}. She would have taken the Russians (and Facebook) to task and more for interfering with our democracy.

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