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Monday: the blogger on the bus.

That’s where I write my posts these days. 15 minutes is about the length of time I get to regale you with my infinite wisdom.


According to Jim Bakker and the rest of the fundagelicals, the flooding caused by Harvey was the result of Houston’s lesbian action.

Yes, yes, those lesbians have more power than you think. They can even control the weather with their lady parts.

Hear that, Pat and Frannie?? It’s all YOUR fault. Why don’t you solve the national debt problem, didja ever think of that, huh??


Susan Chira at the NYTimes wrote another “Die!, Hillary, DIE!!” piece of the type that has been popping up lately. I’ll have more to say on this later. But for the moment, let’s not forget that Hillary won more votes than any white male candidate in history, more than Obama in 2012 and almost as many as Obama in 2008.

Did she make mistakes? Who alive *hasn’t* made mistakes. But two weeks before the election, we all assumed she was going to win. I had to temper the enthusiasm of my friends so that they wouldn’t forget to vote. Then came Comey’s letter.

No one in the media has the right to criticize her after what we witnessed in 2016. It was unconscionable. It is the Susan Chira’s of the world who gave us Trump. They just won’t take responsibility and frankly, if there is anyone who should get off the stage, it’s Chira and her buddies who gave us snark instead of responsible election coverage and focused with Javert like intensity on emails that have condemned the rest of us to generations of conservative judges and increasing voter disenfranchisement.

Shut the fuck up, Susan.


The Conversation has a post about some unexpected solar activity causing spectacular northern lights and possibly affecting communications here on earth.

I doubt we’ll see the lights down here in Pittsburgh but those of you closer to the Canadian border might.


It’s getting a little “Lord of the Flies” on St. Martin/Sint Maarten in the aftermath of Irma. The French and Dutch are sending more aid but its surprising that both of these countries didn’t make a better effort to help their territories. The island makes a lot of money in tourism for France and the Netherlands and get bloody little back in return from what I could see. It’s time to step up. We’ll be busy enough helping out in Florida.


Sixteen years ago today, I was driving to the lab and listening to WNYC on the radio when the signal suddenly went dead just as I was passing through Princeton. I thought nothing of it and switched to WHYY in Philadelphia, which seemed to be oblivious. Apparently, the sudden loss of signal on the North Tower at the WTC where the local public radio station had its antennas did not cause a disturbance in the force.

Half an hour later, we were all dumbstruck with horror at what we were watching. The internet was impossible to use for work purposes. We all filed into the lecture hall downstairs and watched the tragedy unfold on the big screen.

BiFF was at a site closer to the city and he and his coworkers went to the roof and watched the towers burn. Employees with relatives in the towers tried to contain their anxiety waiting for phone calls.

It was Brooke’s first week in kindergarten. School was canceled for the rest of the week. There were children whose parents worked at the WTC in our sedate suburban community and it was too much to expect for the little ones to keep it together when they didn’t know what was happening to their parents. That was Brooke’s first impressions of school.

My Chinese colleague smirked and said that whoever did this thought the US was a paper tiger. I looked at her with a “you can’t be serious” look on my face. “Whoever did this has no idea what they have unleashed. This kind of thing doesn’t happen to US. Just wait and see, the payback is going to be epic. It will bring out the pathological patriotism in Americans”.

And it did.

She didn’t bring up the subject again.

For years after 9/11, BiFF and I would go to Jersey City at dusk and watch the Tribute in Light. It’s eerie and beautiful and reminds us of all of the souls reaching up to heaven on that day.


7 Responses

  1. All those so called journalists and their snarky little nonsense make me laugh at them. Then I remember to remind them that they brought us Trump. I will remind them daily that their complete irresponsibility in doing their damn job brought us Trump along with Russian interference which they also FAILED to report on.

    As far as 9/11 I still can’t go there. All the mistakes and lies that came afterward made me sick. They still make me sick that someone namely George W. Bush would stomp all over their bodies and use them to make up lies about Iraq.

  2. 9/11 was not another Pearl Harbor.

    It was another Little Big Horn.

    Meaning, it was a freakish victory by a technologically disadvantaged culture over a technologically advantaged enemy, due to incompetent leadership on the technologically advantaged side.

    One of my nicknames for Dubya is “President Custer”.

    The Busheviks were convinced that ONLY a rival nation could finance terrorists, which is one of the reasons they fixated early on Iraq. Granted, Saddam Hussein met or exceeded all international standards for brutal, murderous @$$holes, but he was not guilty of the 9/11 attacks.

    Meanwhile, the Clinton Administration had decided that the foremost threat to our national security was terrorism, which could be (and was) privately financed. Had Al Gore been awarded the Presidency he actually won, it’s quite likely that a Gore Administration would have maintained a greater focus on anti-terrorist intelligence, and just maybe the attack plans would have been detected and thwarted.

    Another “gift” from the Lawless Supreme Court Five. 😡

    • If Gore was elected, at the very least, there would not have been Iraq war. I think the 2000 election and the thievery and Bush being a weak candidate emboldened the enemies to perpetrate 9/11. Now what did the media do in that election? Hmmm….Republicans are horrible human beings when it comes to social welfare but they are also pretty dumb and incompetent.

      • Of course, the right-wingers (mostly, but not all, Rethuglican) could not do Jack Shinola if stupid people did not keep electing them.

        But then, the problems of every country, and the human world as a whole, can be pretty much traced back to too many people being stupid.

        I hope smarter people than I can find a way to “fix stupid”. 😦

        • In the 2016 election, I am blown away by how stupid the Republican voters and others were and how easily they were manipulated by Russians, Facebook, Media mfers, and plain old stoking of ego/sexism.

      • and corrupt!

  3. Unexpected hazards of “The Final Frontier”. 😈

    See what trouble youse dames are causin’? 😉

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