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    Sweet Sue on Autumn Melange.
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    riverdaughter on Autumn Melange.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Autumn Melange.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Autumn Melange.
    Sweet Sue on Autumn Melange.
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    pm317 on Friday: Bushed.
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    riverdaughter on Friday: Bushed.
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      This book is a bit long in the tooth now, having been published in 95.  The role it suggests for emotion in the use of reason is, in generalities, no longer controversial. But it was a landmark book for me, when I read it, and it’s still relevant and worth reading. There’s been a LOT […]
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Saturday: Art-ish

I’ve been in Pittsburgh for 4 years and am only now going to the Andy Warhol museum.

It’s going to be a nice day. Go out and play.


I’m moving this up from the comments because it’s just that good. Warning: swallow your coffee before hitting the play arrow:

Yes, Trump fans, this *is* the way the world sees him. And they are not afraid of him. They think he is a pathetic, stupid and ineffective paper tiger.

It doesn’t matter how miserable you think your belligerence is making the rest of the world. France, China, the U.K., Pakistan and India, Russia, they all have nukes. It’s not like we have all the power. We just used to have self restraint and better judgement.

We are an international joke and it’s clear now that there’s no THERE there behind the facade. We’re ignorant, crazy and dangerous and infinitely mockable.


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  2. If Mueller and Schneiderman don’t do something soon, the buffoon will have the last laugh. Some in the media, even on MSNBC are talking about him as the candidate for 2020. **Shudder**

    It will be a long way this place will become Putinstan as much as the buffoon wishes he could be Putin (you know pop off a few journalists here and there like it happens in Russia or India), but he would have paved the way there. His pal Theil or his lawyer is going after Jezebel now. Beware!

    Facebook guy is a stupid motherfucker, moron with stunted growth and maturity but he is a billionaire.

  3. Wow…RD.
    I enjoyed former president Fox video.
    Please make it viral…

  4. The very Best of America: Sloane Stephens and Madison Keys

  5. The original version of the instrumental composition “Cecilia Ann”, which I only thought to look for tonight.

  6. And the cover version by the Pixies, which is how I learned “CA” existed.


  8. So this happened in Canada! I thought Canada was more liberal and tolerant and not low IQ and elected that hunk Trudeau.

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