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    • The Well Meaning American Oligarchy Are SO Misunderstood
      Just saw a case of the argument that “the people who have been enriching themselves by fucking everyone else for four decades are misunderstood, they’re just following the incentives, and suggesting that the people killing and impoverishing you are bad is polarizing.” Lovely. Everyone is well-meaning, and it’s all just a misunderstanding. They don’t mean […] […]
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Strut: Sweet Tooth

Reminds me of a summer sublet with Sig Pi little sisters at The Zoo.

You never know what you’ll find on someone’s iPhone. So there.


Ok, this is a bad plan. Trump is planning to go to Texas today to survey the damage. Yes, the rain is still falling and our Creamsicle in charge is going to commandeer police and other emergency vehicles and other resources to guarantee his security while there are still people who need rescuing.

Must. Hog. Spotlight. As. Benevolent. Dictator.

I can almost hear him now, reminding Houston how he carried Texas, like it’s impossible for a Republican to win there.

This little ditty from Gov. Greg Abbott is so typical of Fox News audience thinking:

Authorities also faced new questions about whether they should have evacuated Houston. Asked Monday about the decision to recommend that people shelter in place rather than leave the city, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said there was no point in thinking about past decisions.

“We are where we are now,” he said.

Riiiiight. Because there was no point in looking back thru history for examples of similar disasters and how they could have been prevented. Like, oh, I don’t know, Katrina, for example?

I swear our collective IQ as a nation is at risk.

21 Responses

  1. And what about this this fucker sitting on hid 16,800 person property? He issued a statement after twitter people took him to task, he would open it if the shelters reach their capacities(!) — why not before. Apparently mosques in the area are offering shelter.

    • I live very near the old Summit/new Osteen Church and you could not reach it with a boat the water was so high. There are many large structures that are not able to be reached. Furthermore, ALL parking for this building is underground (i.e. maybe 50 spots tops within 4 or 5 blocks) and that is totally flooded. STOP blaming without knowing. You want to talk collective IQ I say look in the mirror you are the problem. Furthermore, the Democratic Mayor elected with Soros’ help told us to ‘do nothing.’ You want to lay blame you can google Mayor Turner Houston and email him directly. Gov. Abbott would have been utterly vilified by telling a black democratic mayor what to do in his town and you know that too. If Turner was Trump you would be calling for his head. And as far as Trump coming to Texas we welcome it and unlike Hussein who ignored the last 3 state wide disasters that hit Texas because we didn’t support him politically our current president said BEFORE the hurricane hit the check was signed waiting and ready for the PEOPLE. Your hate makes you blind and stupid. STOP being the problem.

      • Check other tweets and pictures supporting this tweet. There was no flooding on the street level there and there were many vehicles parked on the street level. And now the church guy has said he is opening the Church. So flooded and can’t get to it or open now, which is it? In fact he first said he would give shelter if the other shelters reached capacity. He didn’t say anything about it being flooded because it was not flooded. That was fake news from the supporters. And people seeking shelter are not coming in cars wanting to park. Check your IQ and stop being blind. Truth and facts, no matter what.

      • You like Trump down there? Great!
        Please keep him in Texas for the rest of his term or impeachment, whichever comes first. The majority of voters didn’t want this incompetent idiot. I’d say that Texas deserves what it gets except I have relatives down there who are innocent victims and just happen to live in the Houston area.

        • Maybe he will put billions into his fucking wall instead of rebuilding Houston/Texas, then they will know. Already, Texas passed a law recently that makes it harder for people to claim insurance for property damage (something to that effect). How timely! See tweets about filing claims before Sept 1 before that law kicks in.

  2. Flawed electoral college is the collective IQ of this nation now.

  3. Abbott told people last week that they should think about evacuating but the Democrat mayor of Houston told them to shelter in place. They accused Abbott of fearmongering.

    You would be bitching if Trump didn’t go to Texas. That’s all you do anymore – bitch, bitch, bitch.

    Don’t bother blocking me, I won’t be back.

    • Thank God.

      • He’ll be back. He just cain’t quit us.

        Anyway, it sounded to me like Abbott was taking responsibility. Soooo, you know…. there’s that.

        We can always look it up on the reliably #fakenews.

        • Is this guy a Republican? I can’t tell because n some comments he is somewhat sane.

          • I have been assuming he belongs to what I call the “Horseshoe Left”.

            However, it’s always possible he could actually be eking out a living, from an Internet cafe in Lower Slobbovia, as one of Tsar Vlad’s trolls.

            Dating myself with that “Lower Slobbovia” reference. 😉

    • Don’t let the door hit ya where the Ascended Madoka split ya. 😈

      • Good riddance. I was tired of his Antifa did this and did that when trump creatures are weaponizing their cars to mow down people just like jihadis.

        • Again, I prefer my “violent Antifa” old-school.

          Because cartoon characters giving the Axis hell never gets old. 😛

  4. people are doing amazing stuff but not Joel Osteen who has enriched himself from his stupid parishioners…

  5. OMG!! The low IQ people have elected a lunatic.

  6. What a great turnout!

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