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    riverdaughter on Happy MLK Day from Canada
    Propertius on Happy MLK Day from Canada
    Ga6thDem on Happy MLK Day from Canada
    Propertius on Happy MLK Day from Canada
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    • The NYTimes Reveals More Than It Means
      Watch this video. It’s only 39 seconds. It’s worth it. What’s interesting to me about this video is NOT what Bernie says, it’s the reaction. It’s how genuinely uncomfortable the people interviewing him (The NYTimes editors) are. They really think he’s saying something terrible. Something awkward. Something embarrassing. What is he saying? “I ignore the […] […]
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Thursday: Blame Bernie

He ran a scorched earth primary and cost Hillary the election.

Sure, his supporters might have voted for Trump anyway. But Bernie gave them a reason to do it.

BTW, most of the Bernie defectors weren’t even Democrats. The study says the underlying reason was race. Riiiiiiight. Misogyny had nothing to do with it. {{rolling eyes}}


Work suddenly got very interesting. It’s going to be busy next week. Gotta catch up on my sleep. I’m outta here, peeps.

How about a little lounge music:

Stroll: eternal optimist

If the music sounds familiar, it might be because it reminds you of all of the Charlie Brown specials.

Vince Guaraldi Trio- Cast Your Fate to the Wind


From the Vox Weeds podcast, Ezra Klein and Matt Eglesias discuss two recent economics papers by European economists. The first is by Emmanuel Saez (UC Berkeley) and the second is by a couple of Belgians? Dutch?. Bust out your microeconomic text books for the second one on the rise of marginal costs across all industries and policy implications. The math isn’t difficult. The Saez paper discusses the redistribution of productivity gains in several countries since 1980, the year of the Reagan Revolution, and emphasizes the dismal in economics.

I’d say “enjoy!” but you’re going to have to grit your teeth whenever Matt Eglesias talks. You’ll see what I mean. They just hit the high points. It’s probably better to download the papers and read them.

I’ll put them right next to that copy of Piketty’s blockbuster novel from a couple of years ago. If I can find it.


In The New Yorker, Ryan Lizza has a new piece on how Steve Bannon the nationalist, lost to the globalists.

This part was illuminating:

When Steve Bannon was ejected from the White House, last week, he cited his frustrations with the coming tax bill as one of the reasons he believed that the Trump nationalist agenda had been hijacked by the so-called globalists, such as Cohn and the other members of the Big Six.

“The Republican establishment has no interest in Trump’s success on this,” Bannon told the Weekly Standard. “They’re not populists, they’re not nationalists, they had no interest in his program. Zero. It was a halfhearted attempt at Obamacare reform, it was no interest really on the infrastructure—they’ll do a very standard Republican version of taxes.” He added, “On what element of Trump’s program, besides tax cuts—which is going to be the standard marginal tax cut—where have they rallied to Trump’s cause? They haven’t.”

Woah! I didn’t even know Trump HAD a cause. I mean, other than getting himself elected. I thought he was just in it for the glory. This is news to me.


According to Pottermore, my patronus is a white swan, which is described like this:

Stop laughing. No, seriously, you’re hurting my feelings.