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Wednesday: Hump Day

From the files “Don’t hire a plumber to remove your brain tumor”, here is Leon Panetta describing why Trump is so poorly suited for the office he’s in:

It wouldn’t matter who it is giving that assessment. Donald Trump is constitutively unfit to be president. He doesn’t have the right stuff.

Even if you are one of those Trump voters who divinely wish for the swamp to be emptied, the decision to back Trump was a profoundly bad way to do it. There are two main reasons for this:

1.) He only represents the executive branch in a constitutional government that is composed of three EQUAL parts. Each part is charged with checking the other two. For Trump to “drain the swamp” would mean that he would need to acquire dictatorial powers along the lines of some Roman dictator of limited term. But it isn’t possible for him to ever do that because we have a constitution that prevents it. In order for him to do what he promised his voters, he’s going to have to work with legislators.

2.) He can’t work with legislators because he’s not a politician. Politics is the art of proposals, coalition building and compromise. Hey, I was an elected member of a school board for only 3 years but I learned this lesson very quickly. If you want to get stuff done, you must learn to work with people effectively towards a common goal. Trump can’t do this because he is mentally unfit for it. He’s never worked for anyone’s interests but his own, he’s never been told “no” and he would rather blame others for his fecklessness than his lack of experience of talent. Experience you can get on the job. Lack of talent can be compensated by gaining experience. But if you’re too busy flying to your multiple properties and ranting at rallies and on twitter, then you get no experience and your lack of talent is glaringly obvious.

It’s not going to end well, especially for those of us who have been kidnapped by the minority of voters who forced him on us.


And now, in honor of Hump Day, I give you Quasimodo:

Ah-hahahaha! How droll.

Um, I really can’t listen to that at work and concentrate. The hurdy-gurdy is distracting.

What I’m really listening to is classical guitar from the album John Williams, the Seville Concert. Highly recommended if you want to reach that zen state when you’re trying to concentrate at work. Lively, soothing, complex, no lyrics. Perfect.



11 Responses

  1. What Carl Icahn did before the campaign and throwing support to trump and then through the campaign and then after election is a travesty and the very definition of ‘drain the swamp.’ See Maddow last night as she nicely laid out what the mfer Icahn did. He bet on some oil related credits to make money for his company and then became an advisor in the administration and even wrote an EO for trump to sign so he could make a fortune off of it until somebody stopped that EO from going out. Now since what he did is criminal, he is saying he was never part of the administration. He is not alone. Every mfer in this administration is looting your country for their own enrichment. Do the dumb trump supporters understand any of this?

    • No, they don’t and even if they do, they don’t care as long as Trump is kicking down and encouraging their basest instincts.

  2. It’s not going to end well, especially for those of us who have been kidnapped by the minority of voters who forced him on us.
    I’m curious, RD.
    Why do you think it will fall hardest on us? I look at all those fools in Arizona who would lose their Medicare and Social Security and just shake my head.

    • I think our government services are going to suffer. Infrastructure repairs don’t get done. He’s proposing to sell the air traffic control biz to the highest bidder. Expect airport fees to go up to cover the shareholders’ investments and for some regional airports to suffer while the “market” resolves “inefficiencies” and undergoes years of restructuring and consumers are forced to bear the costs of Boston Consultants.
      Little stupid things like weather services, hurricane tracking, postal delivery, passport services, emergency management, construction and maintenance of levys, you know, shit like that.
      And then there will be the hollowing out of the IRS, social security, the EPA. Who’s going to keep track of clean water problems? Maintenance if dams? Inspection of radioactive facilities? Safety of the food and drug supply?
      How about influenza? Will the CDC be able to make predictions about the correct clade in the fall flu vaccine if it’s not able to track the mutations as they make their way around the world? What about the NIH? Who is going to make up for the cuts to research?
      All these departments are either being gutted or neglected.
      We are ALL going to feel it as we become a 2nd world country. Technologically advanced, corrupt and impoverished.

      • An expensive 2nd world country to boot. At least in places like Mexico stuff is cheap.

  3. Happy Birthday to my fantasy lover, Gene Kelly, from Pittsburgh, Pa.

  4. Found this by chance, from 2009. It’s a whopper of a read: http://www.thedemocraticstrategist.org/archives/0609/weilera.php

    • Damn, I’m getting sent some really good material to post on. That article looks intriguing. But I have to wait until I hop on the bus this afternoon.

      OT: some guy in the elevator just told me I look like Goldie Hawn. Lol! I forgot to ask him whether it was Private Benjamin Goldie or First Wives Club Goldie. For the record, I don’t. But I do look very blonde and ditzy today.

      Too funny.

  5. ARGH! ARGH! ARRRRRRRRGH: “Nationally, among those we can validate as voting in a prez primary and the general election, 12% of Bernie Sanders voters voted for Trump” https://twitter.com/b_schaffner/status/900123391155482624

    WI: 9% of Sanders voters voted for Trump.
    MI: 8% of Sanders voters voted for Trump.
    PA: 16% of Sanders voters voted for Trump.
    Since people have raised the issue: defection rate is same for registered Ds, so this may not be a closed vs open primary story.
    In WV primary 40% of Sanders voters said they would vote Trump over SANDERS. A lot of conservative Dems voted Sanders in protest of Hillary.


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