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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on We should be shocked.
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Opioids
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    • Five Hundred Million Dollar Negative Yield Bond Issued
      No, central banks aren’t screwing the economy up with their purchases: Veolia (Paris:VIE) has issued a 500 million 3-year EUR bond (maturity November 2020) with a negative yield of -0.026 %, which is a first for a BBB issuer. To be clear, central banks didn’t buy those bond, investors did. But central bank purchases of […]
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Monday: Us and Them.

Well, we won’t be watching a total eclipse this afternoon but the weather is supposed to be cooperative compared to North Carolina. (Revised, thunderstorm possible. Oh well) Get your sun watching apparatus of choice ready. I’m going to check it out in Market Square if there isn’t too much cloud cover.

Update: I captured this image of the eclipse with my super high tech uh pieces of paper.

A couple of people had glasses and one built a box with binoculars pointing into the sun and projecting onto the bottom of the box. That gave the best overall view of the progression of the eclipse. I was surprised to see how eclipsed the sun was at 2:35 in Pittsburgh. It didn’t get dark but it definitely got dim.

A good time was had by all.


The Conversation says that over the years, Americans have gotten more exposed to extremism. The author blames online communities such as Facebook. But can we also say Fox News and Rush Limbaugh? Ah, yes, remember the olden days when Sandra Fluke was a slut and Rush managed to get away with that? Why did we fail to bring him down?

I’m predicting that Donald Trump is going to play the role of Brigham Young in this scenario. He’s got a bunch of emotionally charged, gun toting, “victims” who are convinced the government is out to get them and immigrants are going to steal their stuff. That can’t end well.


Gabriel Sherman at Vanity Fair writes that Steve Bannon is ready to get revenge on Jared Kushner. Oh, great, just what we need. Another endless battle with a White Walker.


Speaking of White Walkers, who saw last night’s episode of Game of Thrones? Time seems out of joint beyond the Wall. Don’t get me wrong, some scenes were spectacular. But the Magnificent Seven has a marathoner who should really be in the olympics and dragons can fly at the speed of light seemingly. Thumbs up to Dany’s dragon riding costume. Those Targaryans can really rock haute couture.

No, I never believed Arya would cut off Sansa’s face but Sansa better start figuring out what every character wants toot sweet or she’s never going to be First of her Name. Time to have a consultation with Bran the three eyed raven.

Next week is the season finale. I dunno, it seems rushed in so many ways. I wish George RR Martin would finish the Winds of Winter already.