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    pm317 on The Football.
    riverdaughter on The Football.
    Ken Sandler on The Football.
    pm317 on The Football.
    pm317 on The Football.
    pm317 on The Football.
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    • White House voicemail blames Democrats for shutdown
      If you thought they weren’t capable of being any nastier and more partisan than they are already, you’d be wrong. Here’s what callers were treated to when they called the White House comments line this weekend: It seems President Donald Trump’s administration is going all out in pinning the blame for the government shutdown on […]
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      So, Sears Canada went bankrupt. Their pension fund is underfunded. Pensioners will be screwed. As usual, before going bankrupt Sears paid large dividends and bonuses to its executives, but somehow didn’t have the money for its pension. This isn’t, but should be, illegal. Apologists may claim that if it’s legal, it’s not theft, but justice […]
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Sunday: Sheep may safely graze.

Sitting on the patio with my guitar. I’m just learning.

The weather is perfect. It is a beautiful evening. Time for a little Bach evensong.


Eating lunch in Market Square everyday can be expensive. Sooooo…

Oven ratatouille before:

I have a nice burrata from TJs. So good.


Sunday: It goes without saying…

…but it bears repeating: don’t stare at the sun tomorrow during the eclipse.

The Conversation has more on Eclipse-o-Rama. BiFF is headed to North Carolina for the full experience. Let’s hope we can get a personal account and some pics.


WaPo has another one of those pieces about those poor, misunderstood alt-right protestors. {{rolling eyes}}

See, they’re just good white boys who got teased by elites in college about their overbite or couldn’t get a job at Walmart because of all the competition from African-Americans.

They do have some legitimate complaints. Obama wrote Appalachia off when he ran in 2008. That was the strategy put forth at the first YearlyKos conference in Las Vegas: write off the south and all those pesky Reagan Democrats.

I get it. It LOOKS like the Obama years were all about privileging minorities but, you know, you can be legitimately angry about what’s happening to your life and catastrophically wrong about the causes.

It’s all about class, not race. Yep, had you guys been paying attention in the last 8 years, you would have figured that out. And as the economic distance between the classes widens, the degree of dissatisfaction is going to increase.

Electing more Republicans is unlikely to help. It hasn’t for the last 30 years.

And fascism is just monumentally stupid. No one with half a brain is going to put up with that. Just check out all the protests that happened yesterday if you don’t believe it.


If you need a soundtrack for the eclipse, NPR has one. Check it out here.

Here’s their number one- the Moon and the Sun by Heidi Berry: