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Summer, summer, summer…

Good song. Hot, sunny days, running around Pittsburgh in my cutoffs 1978.


NYTimes had a good article on antifa yesterday. Antifa stands for Anti-fascist. The movement is made up of cells of primarily socialists and anarchists but really, anyone who resists fascism can join.

The difference between antifa and a more peaceful organization like the original Occupy movement is that antifa is not afraid to fight back. And that apparently has the alt-right’s knickers in a twist. They have this notion that lefties are all a bunch of unique and precious snowflakes, wimpy and easy to mow down. They’re not supposed to get up in your grill and hit you with pepper spray.

But this is the way power works. On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the most passive and 10 is the most aggressive, negotiations are best at levels 4-6. When your adversary goes to 7, you have to go to 7. When they go to 8, you have to go to 8. Escalation has to occur until your adversary gets the point and realizes you can’t be pushed around.

Right wing nuts may find that their right to bear arms comes with a twist. Lefties can buy guns too. Betcha they never thought about that, right? Not saying it’s going to happen but there’s nothing legally to stop it. The left can form its own militias, just like the right.

But Lefties are too squishy, or so they thought. Now the right is whining that the left isn’t being nice to it. What does Atrios call them? Oh, yes, Whiny Ass Titty Babies. (WATB).

Antifa is just following the Chicago Way (metaphorically, of course). And if they manage to scare the crap out of the fascists by just showing up and threatening to go berserk, good.

That’ll learn’em.

Do you really want to get the Nazis?


30 Responses

  1. Agree with the general notion of fight fire with fire. Non violent movements resolve only when the aggressor wants to walk away too and they take longer and has to be persistent and generate massive consensus among the observers that one of the parties is at fault. Gandhi’s non-violence movement was one example. But I wonder if it would have worked when it did if the Brits also didn’t want to walk away at that time. It makes sense that the choice of violence and non-violence has to be strategic in every conflict. However, for every conflict resolution, we need honest arbiters and that would be the role of the media. We got into this mess by the media playing both sides and what aboutism. That has to stop, period.

    {Aside – about trump’s Pershig and pig’s blood comment, read up on Sepoy Mutiny and learn that the Brits actually did do that — fucking bastards}.

  2. Imagine if the media (NYT? CNN?) had done this all through the 2016 campaign to lying dastardly trump surrogates?

  3. Geez RD, your ignorance is showing. That’s what you get for imbibing your worldview from the fake news.

    In the 30s it was communist street violence that in effect created the Nazis. The communists would attack anyone (even other socialists) to break up their meetings. Hitler realized he would need fighters to survive, and what he set up eventually became the SA.

    I don’t know if we’re seeing a repeat of that today, but it looks somewhat similar. We saw thugs go to Trump rallies and attack normal people throughout election season. And again, if you want to play “well you started it”, ask yourself this: who was going to whose meetings to disrupt them? When was the last time a violent right-wing group broke up a left-wing rally or meeting, as happened with Trump’s Chicago rally and on numerous other occasions?

    The left and your water-carriers in the mainstream media will continue to gloat about “punching Nazis” while crying about “white supremacist violence”. We’ve come to expect it. Just know that we see right through the charade.

    • What are you so afraid of? You’re scared of a few communists and anarchists? Hey, if they want to break up fascist meetings and rallies, more power to them. They’re bold, I gotta give them that.

      You know, in Germany, they don’t tolerate Nazi shit anymore. You can get arrested and beaten up for giving a Nazi salute. They know who the real enemy was. Communism is no longer a threat but fascism never dies wherever there are stupid people who believe in natural law and having the state dictate your niche in life. True fascism rejects personal happiness. It’s anti-American.

      What you really object to is a group of people who will do everything necessary to oppose you. I might think overwhelming numbers of peaceful protestors will put white supremacists and Nazis in their places.

      But you guys should never underestimate the anger and rage of the left. We have one nerve left and you guys are on it.

      You really should have considered better gun laws. Just something to think about.

      • I’d count it as a victory that you’ve come to see the merit in gun rights, except I’m sure by tomorrow you’ll have changed your mind again.

        • On the contrary, I’ve never been in favor of ending the second amendment. There are hunters out there or people who like to shoot competitively. Or women who need to keep a gun for personal protection.
          I have no problem with that.
          Thinking you’re under attack by your fellow citizens and creating an arsenal to overthrow the government?
          Yeah, I have a problem with that. And keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. And Islamic terrorists who can waltz into any gun store to buy a semi automatic and artillery.
          I think most people in the country see it my way.

          All I’m saying is the left has every reason to want to see the government it wants in office as well. We protest by peaceful means because we believe in power in numbers and our voices.

          But you’ve left the door wiiiide open for others who want to match your militia for their own. I think you guys got cocky thinking that lefties are soft. You couldn’t be more wrong. They’re determined and they routinely put themselves at risk for their cause. But push this country towards fascism and you will find that those snowflakes are a lot tougher than you thought.

    • According to Blizzy the Dizzy, the OG Nutzis were all sweetness and light until those dirty Commies forced them to adopt violence?

  4. “Antifa violence”, old-school version: 😛


  6. Ratzis get 0wn3d:

    Anti-racism protestors totally eclipsed Boston’s right-wing Free Speech Rally


  7. FYI: Hot Child in the City is about child prostitution. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_Child_in_the_City#Content

  8. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on non-violence:

    While intellectually committed to nonviolence, King did not experience the power of nonviolent direct action first-hand until the start of the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955. During the boycott, King personally enacted Gandhian principles. With guidance from black pacifist Bayard Rustin and Glenn Smiley of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, King eventually decided not to use armed bodyguards despite threats on his life, and reacted to violent experiences, such as the bombing of his home, with compassion. Through the practical experience of leading nonviolent protest, King came to understand how nonviolence could become a way of life, applicable to all situations (King, 83). King called the principle of nonviolent resistance the ‘‘guiding light of our movement. Christ furnished the spirit and motivation while Gandhi furnished the method’’ (Papers 5:423).

    King’s notion of nonviolence had six key principles. First, one can resist evil without resorting to violence. Second, nonviolence seeks to win the ‘‘friendship and understanding’’ of the opponent, not to humiliate him (King, Stride, 84). Third, evil itself, not the people committing evil acts, should be opposed. Fourth, those committed to nonviolence must be willing to suffer without retaliation as suffering itself can be redemptive. Fifth, nonviolent resistance avoids ‘‘external physical violence’’ and ‘‘internal violence of spirit’’ as well: ‘‘The nonviolent resister not only refuses to shoot his opponent but he also refuses to hate him’’ (King, Stride, 85). The resister should be motivated by love in the sense of the Greek word agape, which means ‘‘understanding,’’ or ‘‘redeeming good will for all men’’ (King, Stride, 86). The sixth principle is that the nonviolent resister must have a ‘‘deep faith in the future,’’ stemming from the conviction that ‘‘the universe is on the side of justice’’ (King, Stride, 88).

    I really don’t think MLK would have approved of Antifa.

    • I’m sure Dr. King would not have approved of the Uruk-Hai or the Cardassians, either–if they existed in the real world.

      Likewise, I would think Dr. King, were he still alive outside of Raspberry Heaven, would disapprove of “Organized Violent Antifa” as well–if “Organized Violent Antifa” existed outside of the fervid imaginations of wingnuts like Blizzy, and well-meaning saps with atrophied survival instincts like Niles.


    • Depends on who or the type of aggressor. Antifa have to be strategic about how they fight whom. Nonviolence works where there is general decency and the aggressors can be reformed by majority opinion which would have been produced by impartial observers such as the press/media. For instance, nonviolence would not work with Hitler/Stalin/Lenin/Putin kind of people.

  9. @Niles, don’t know anything about this particular antifa group. Don’t know what they were doing today. But I would endorse a group that wants to fight fascism and hope they would use good judgement and strategy in their fight. I also know things are horribly wrong with one side when it has just driven a car (a tactic used by terrorists) into a group of people and killed and maimed many of them.

    • I would not endorse any group that uses violence as a political tool. That includes Nazis, the KKK and Antifa.

      • Does “violent antifa” actually exist, or are you naively referring to suspect “news” sources?

        • What is this guy’s MO? Things that are obvious seem to evade him while he repeats cliches and platitudes.

      • Don’t fall for trump and his supporters talking points. It does you no good at this time.

  10. For Niles:

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