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Victory #nobannonday

BiFF gave me the good news. He’s watching the news so I don’t have to.

The NYTimes says he was pushed out by chief of staff John Kelly. But I kinda suspected he was time boxed. Bannon is not now or ever will be an aristocrat like the kind Trump wants to surround himself. Trump wants to be loved and if he’s not getting that, heads will roll. It was only a time before our self-described modern day Thomas Cromwell met this fate.

The king has no loyalty and Bannon was a particularly bad and evil Cromwell.

Circa Regna Tonat.

Catastrophe avoided. For now.


Just saw this in my twitter stream in a tweet from Soledad O’Brien. It’s the mass resignation letter of Trump’s Arts and Humanities Advisory Council. Note that the first letter of each paragraph spells RESIST:


Tweet of the day:


19 Responses

  1. Good-bye Abnormal Genes… (apologies to Sir Elton) 😛

  2. “Bannon gone”

  3. I think we await the retribution coming for trump from Bannon quarter. Another 10-15% at least down in support and more troublesome C’ville type chaos everywhere boxing trump and GOP to save face in walking away from him. Mueller will deliver at about the same time. So another 6 – 12 months.

    • Bannon just said he was planning to use what he “knows” to help Trump. He had a top level security clearance.

      Treason, anyone?

  4. The White House won’t be the same without ol’ Ouroboros.

  5. “It’s the mass resignation letter of Trump’s Arts and Humanities Advisory Council”

    Who needs an Arts Council when we have someone with Trump’s refined taste and aesthetic sense in the White House? Art? We’re going to have Great Art. The Greatest! The absolute Best Art! It’s going to be so good you’re gonna say, “Don, we’re SO TIRED of Great Art” It’ll be HYOOOOOOGE! I mean, look at this:

  6. Mike Luckovich shoots and scores. 😛

  7. If the eclipse puts Hillary in her rightful position, will it also make those tacky Earth-and-sword symbols disappear from the walls?

  8. On behalf of the producers of Wingnut Amurka: The Movie, we apologize to the members of our audience, and wish to assure them that the Preznit Covfefe advisers who advised the Preznit to sack Steve Bannon have themselves been sacked, and replaced by a moppet of improbable hair color, who is currently enjoying a watermelon break, but who has left us with the advice to beware of moos, becaus moos bytez ken bi virri nastii.

    • Have the people who sacked the advisors been sacked yet? Because it’s just about tea time.

      (A moose bit my sister once)

      • We wish to further advise the fine members of our audience that Miss Yotsuba was hired without the knowledge of her father, who has objected that the duties of the job would require her to stay up later than would be good for her health. Therefore, at her father’s request (and threatened lawsuit), Miss Yotsuba has been sacked.

        Also, the United Ungulates of America have complained that the youngster was misinformed about the danger posed by moose, and have accused the Covfefe Assministration of bigotry against moose, and against Ungulate-Americans in general.

        This may be why Miss Yotsuba’s replacement, named a few hours ago, is an actual moose.

        • We regret to inform the fine members of our audience that the recently named White House strategist Mr. Bullwinkle J. Moose was making a goodwill tour of the northwestern states, when tragedy struck in Alaska.

          Those responsible for allowing former Governor Palin out of her soft-cell have been sacked.

  9. Apparently, the great Carl Icahn whom trump cited numerous times has severed his limited partnership with the trump administration. LOL.

    • Preznit Covfefe indicated a wish that pm317 be sacked for leaking this information, whereupon he was gently informed that pm317 does not work for him, and hence, cannot be sacked.

      The unfortunate aide who was delegated to inform the Preznit of this dismaying information has been sacked.

  10. I regret to inform the proprietress of the blog that I have been sacked by a creature known as “Spammy”.

  11. Try refreshing.

  12. The Arts and Humanities Council has resigned en masse?

    The Kennedy Center Honors will be a real hoot this year: Ted Nugent, Toby Keith, Kid Rock, Scott Baio and Kirk Cameron.

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