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Omg, stop digging.

CNN says Donald gave another press conference where he doubled down on the “both sides were at fault” argument.

Yeah, that guy who was driving the car couldn’t help it if protestors ran into his car- 19 of them. All at once. With no regard to their personal safety or damage to the paint job.

Steve Bannon probably put him up to this. He can’t be seen as backing down or yielding an inch. That’s what LOSERS do.

This is the hill he is choosing to fall on.

The one with the Nazis on it.


Stroll: Winding down.

I had a full day of training on a Microsoft product. This is day 2 of a full week of it. My mind races down endless corridors and blind alleys.

I need a shot of whiskey and some mindless Game of Thrones reviews.


This tweet got 53000 retweets. Must have hit a nerve.

Definitely a deal breaker. Because WTF WERE THEY THINKING??


For those of you who are new political junkies, learn about The Overton Window. You can understand it in context from this tweet by Atrios at eschatonblog:


20 Responses

  1. Regarding “both sides do it” – you do realize that “Unite the Right” had a permit to protest, and that Antifa showed up to disrupt the protest, right? Trump was being generous. When was the last time a right wing group showed tried to disrupt a lefty protest? You’d have to go back to the 60s I’m guessing.

    • Bon appetit, Ratzi.


    • From what I have read, the nazis had a permit on Friday. They didn’t have one on Saturday.

      And I’m very happy that counterprotestors showed up to represent the rest of us decent people. You know, those of us who think white supremacism is absolutely unacceptable, shameful and disgusting?

      • Well, as Trump pointed out, Washington was a slaveowner. Lincoln was a white supremacist. So where do we draw the line? Are we going to pull down all statues of every national figure since Woodrow Wilson? Maybe we should dynamite them like Isis did the ruins of Palmyra.

      • @RD: Why must we endure the presence of this deodorant cake in the urinal of Evolution?

  2. Once again:

  3. From Wonkette:

    Speaking of digging to a lower level, these evil mother****ers want to picket Heather Heyer’s funeral now.


    Blizzard and all his kind are welcome to return to whatever level of Hell spawned them. 😡

  4. Oh, and hey, Vladimir–do you remember what happened to the last Russian leader who played footsie with Nazis?

    He woke up the morning of June 22, 1941 with Hitler’s “friendship” buried between his shoulder blades.

    He, and his regime, were lucky to pull out a victory in that war.

    You might not be so lucky. 👿

  5. *sigh* Therapeutic cuteness break.

    Himawari and little sister Kaede from YuruYuri.


  6. What normal person has ever heard the word Antifa?
    There’s no such thing; it’s a White Supremacist wet dream.

    • They even have a flag.

      For an example of their tactics: Eric Clanton, philosophy professor, hit a Trump supporter over the head with a bike lock while wearing a ski mask.


      • Are antifa members nazis or “not nazis”?

        How about Heather Heyer. You know the woman who was viciously mowed down and DIED.
        Was she a NAZI or NOT NAZI??

        You do know we fough a war against Nazis right?
        And we also fought a war against the slave owning Confederacy.
        In both cases, WE, the NOT NAZIS and NOT SLAVEHOLDERS won.

        Which side are YOU on? Take your time. It’s a character test.

        • And if any “antifa” members–assuming the stories of “antifa” first-strike violence (distinct from self-defense) are real–how many of the first-strikers are real liberals or leftists, versus how many are ringers?

          COINTELPRO was a thing, you know. Maybe it still is.

          “The first guy who suggests violence is always the undercover cop.”–bitterly learned wisdom of the radicals of the Vietnam War era

          • Add “did strike first,” after “are real–“

            I can haz edit feechur, plz? 😛

  7. IBW has continued the slanderous False Equivalent that the majority of USians aka social democratic policy supporters ( #PeoplesPlatform 8 bills like Medicare4All at 58% have majoritarian support per polling data) are equivalent to far-right Naz1s because “Horsehoe Theory”.

    Congratulations, IBW. The loathsome professional H1llaryB0t right-wing Corporate D Neera Tanden & even more loathsome ConManD0n have copied IBW’s take & denounced Progressive Democrats as “alt-left” & equivalent to Naz1s.

    PS ianwelsh has recent quality editorials been intellectually eviscerating IBW-style right-wing Corporate Democrats lately on his site.

    • Ian Welsh is a brocialist who plays footsie with neo-Ratzis like Blizzard of Oz. I hardly consider him trustworthy.

      I think PND is back, under another name, chiefly because M4AN uses PND’s usual strategy of citing fatuous polls. Any number of Stupid White Folks will answer polls saying, yup, they sure want them some social democracy!

      However, by election day, the SWFs have been so thoroughly re-brainwashed by GOP propaganda and Hate Radio and Faux Noise and Russian bots posting on the SWF’s social media accounts that they will faithfully step into the voting booth and chug-a-lug the right-wing Flavor-Aid yet again, leaving the M4ANs of the world scratching their heads.

      The M4ANs never learn.

      Oh, and speaking of Russian bots and trolls, how many of St. Bernard’s online supporters were actually bots and trolls from the GOP or the Russians (but I repeat myself)? If that suspicion is true, it would go a long way toward explaining the robust presence of Bernie Bros online, versus their anemic performance in the elections.

    • Since Meddy brought it up:


      I find the section called “Vladimir Putin’s Fan Club” particularly relevant to the recent further degeneration of “American” conservatism.

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