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Stroll: Dog Days

Dog Days are named after Sirius, the Dog Star. That was one of my first astronomy lessons to me a looong time ago. Late July through most of August are dog days when all kinds of uncomfortable things occur, not just the hot weather.

The NYTimes editorial board writes that Donald Trump won't explicitly condemn white supremacists and that this is actually a tacit endorsement.

Probably true. And I'm also sure he's agnostic about racism. It's just that it serves him so well – at the present time. When they now longer serve his interests, he'll drop them like a hot potato.

Might take awhile. They're virtually all he has left.

Mayor of Charlottesville, Michael Signer, is one of Trump's harshest critics and says "look at the campaign he ran".

No one who voted for Trump has an excuse. We all knew what kind of snake Trump was when they picked him up. They just thought he would bite someone else.

But you are who you associate with.

That article shows how deftly Signer handles trolls on Twitter. Another superb Twitter Troll Slayer is J.k. Rowling. Follow her if you want expert troll put downs served deftly and with a devastating sense of humor:

And here are RD's reminders for female bloggers and commenters who come in contact with a troll:

  1. They are only a collection of black pixels on a screen. They can not hurt you. Seriously. Their threats are all a bunch of hot air. You should have seen the death threats and rape scenarios I got in 2008. Trolls know women get freaked out by that but they're too lazy to carry any of it out. So ignore it. If they start posting your address and other personal information, contact the authorities and carry on.
  2. They don't know you. So it doesn't matter if they call you fat or ugly. I will never understand why women get bent out of shape about this. Deflect your shields. Don't let them into your headspace. Everyone is a hot supermodel in a creative class career on the internet.
  3. The internet is the great equalizer for women. You can let your inner guy come out. You know those times when you are humiliated by someone in person and you think, "damn, if only I'd said x,y and z"? Well, you can do that in virtual space. If someone is bothering you, learn from Rowling and take your time to craft a put down they will never forget.
  4. If you have the access to edit their comments, do it. It's your blog. You own the space. You don't have to let them say any bullshit thing they want. If they start whining about censorship, and trolls are the first ones to scream about their first amendment rights, point them to the WordPress or blogspot site and tell them to get their own blog. That's what free speech is all about. You are not responsible for giving them a voice. Tell them they already have the freedom and liberty to say whatever stupid, offensive, hateful thing they want. Somewhere else. Then use your sys admin skills to make sure they go elsewhere.

Have at it, ladies.


6 Responses

  1. http://imgur.com/fFgV6HW

    • OK, Niles, we get it. You have a hypertrophied conscience and an atrophied self-preservation drive.


  2. By Evan Hurst on Wonkette:

    Note: He’s snarking with the title (Title and some language in the post are NSFW).

    Shame Hillary Clinton Didn’t Try to Warn Us About Trump’s Basket of Deplorable Nazi F*** Trash

  3. I read the above reminders and felt a bit of safety, because the trolling last year was meant to cause fear. This poor individual had no anonymity and is suffering for it.

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