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Too late to back out now.

Lindsay Graham at least has been consistent. We might think he serves the greed of the .1% but as far as I know, he's never been a fan of white supremacists. Here's what he had to say about Donald Trump's response to the despicable behavior of white supremacists in Charlottesville.

Ok, to all you Trump apologists, I'm looking at you Constance, eat the shame that is being hurled at you. You voted for a completely unprincipled man who has severe narcissistic personality disorder. He won the presidency by specifically trumping up white resentment. He pandered to white supremacists to the point that they held a press conference before the election last year to say that they were glad Trump was on their side.

Trump reached into the dark shadow inside each and every one of you Trump voters. He appealed to your secret hatred, greed, sense of entitlement and irrational fear of others. He knew who you were because he could see the absence of character.

Don't try to now defend yourselves and say that defenders of Charlottesville and peaceful protestors are equivalent to the organized hate groups that have made it their mission to dehumanize anyone who isn't white male. None of us should give you an excuse to hide behind.

And don't you dare try to say you did it to defend unborn lives. We weren't born yesterday. You either had an axe to grind against underrepresented citizens or you were too weak to protest when your friends cheered Trump on. Being a person who can't defend decency and values against a mob is as bad as being part of the mob. When your guy was winning, well, that was enough, right?

You are not nice, decent, caring people. We see who you are now. It's too late to run away from Trump, though it wouldn't surprise me in the least if many of you denounced him as quickly as you can so you save face with your actually decent neighbors.

We know who you are. We know what you were thinking when you hitched your wagon to Trump's rising star. We saw your yard signs and smug smiles and heard your "the election's over, get over it, we won" comments. Yeah, that last bit came off every bit as insensitive and hostile as it sounds.

Many people now see thru you. They see what your heart is made of. Do you hear me Constance? You had an opportunity to "show your quality" and we see that it is low.

Related: Germany takes full responsibility for its nazi past. No one in Germany grows up thinking that anything the nazis did was in any way acceptable and Germany's politicians are quick to condemn any sign that white nationalists are gaining a foothold. They have zero tolerance for white nationalism, anti-semitism and fascism. They learned their lesson the hard way.

We should follow Germany's example. It's only rational to learn from the harsh and devastating experiences of others. But, no, the majority of this country is held captive by the minority who is determined to take us with them as they hurtle over a cliff.


18 Responses

  1. I’m glad Lindsay said they don’t like him which is true. However, Lindsay also knows damn well why they think they have a friend in Trump.

  2. Psst, Deep State: Y’all might want to hurry up with that 25th Amendment thingy while you’ve still got a country left to save.

  3. Oopsie! I suspect some neo-Ratzi will soon learn the meaning of the phrase “at-will employer”. 😈

  4. Hey, that’s MY name. Don’t associate me, and those of us named for virtues, who hold to our very first virtue, with this pusillanimous pissant or his mango mendacity.

  5. Charles Pierce of Esquire:

    “This is the bleakest moment for America in my lifetime”


    • I don’t approve of laying a hand on him, though I can certainly understand how the citizens of Charlottesville would like to tear him limb from limb.
      Back in the olden days, they would have dipped him in tar, rolled him in feathers and ridden him out of town on a rail.
      Yeah, let’s bring that back except now we should use superglue and panko bread crumbs.

      Ok, it’s still wrong to touch him. The people who did were not trained protestors. We don’t do that shit.

    • Holy smokes! Did you see that woman sack him at the end of that video? She should be drafted.

      Then again, he is kind of a short guy.


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