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      Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – March 26, 2023 by Tony Wikrent   “U.S. Announces Plans To Reclassify Everyone’s Race Based On Net Worth” [The Onion, via Naked Capitalism Water Cooler 3-25-2023] “‘It is resolved by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives that any American whose wealth exceeds $1 million shall be white,’ read the bipartisan legislatio […]
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If you voted for Trump, you’re responsible for this

Daily Progress photojournalist Ryan Kelly captured the moment when violent domestic terrorists of the white nationalist variety murdered at least one person with a car and caused 19 other casualties.

Oh, you didn't KNOW you were enabling the far right, nationalist, violent evil doers?

How come you didn't know that??

The rest of us knew this. That's what Hillary's "Deplorable Speech" was all about.

We all have choices. Elections have consequences. Now we have to live with them.

Or in this case, die by them.

For the record, I've witnessed protest marches like these especially Occupy marches in New York City in 2011. March organizers repeatedly stressed non-violent passive resistance and not provoking the police. Lefties don't go out of their way to hurt their adversaries.

Those are very tough, courageous "snowflakes" without weapons out there who got mowed down. They all know it's a possibility. Now it's an actuality. Expect the flurry to turn into a blizzard now.

The comments on the videos on YouTube are disgusting and morally reprehensible. I hope to god we don't have to hear more of the aggrieved white Trump voter's point of view any more. They've sucked the oxygen out of the room for too long now. It's time for them to shut up and think before they open their mouths again to dehumanize their fellow citizens.

I can't express enough how outraged I am by the sick people cheering on the deliberate homocide of peaceful protestors. It's criminal, despicable and none of us should tolerate this.

Michael Rappaport sums up exactly what kind of people these white nationalists are.

Real men don't join white nationalist marches.

Wow. This picture says so much.

Jamison Foser says it for me:

It's not about Hillary anymore, even if she was right about Trump. It's about the majority of us who didn't vote for Trump resisting the lowering of our standards and undermining our principles and rule of law. I will never accept the results of the election as legitimate. No good American could ever condone such behavior, chaos and moral degeneracy.

I will stand on the side of the blizzard.

27 Responses

  1. I wish I lived in the Marvel Universe, where Thor himself might show up to tell these petaQs exactly what he thought of their vicious and craven perversion of Norse virtues–using the English of Sir Walter Scott.

    • I expect the “racial” ideal of these cretins would very much resemble the Rohirrim–which is ironic, as the men of Rohan (except Wormtongue) would have too much honor to associate with neo-Ratzis, once the Riders figured out what the Ratzis stood for.

  2. http://imgur.com/VsFKhHD

  3. http://imgur.com/kR6vYRS

  4. What George Takei said.

  5. It is amazing, but I was actually heartened to realize that, despite months of ramping up these Confederate protests (discussed in a Fox News article back in April), they only got a few hundred to come. To Virginia. They are emboldened, but they are still few. Humiliation is the way to shut them down.

  6. This is a ridiculous and irresponsible post. People who voted for Trump are not responsible for this violence. Just like people who voted for Hillary are not responsible for the violence of the Leftist thugs called ANTIFA.

    • And denial IS just a river in Egypt. Yawn.

      And of course, the old “Both Sides Do It” BS.

      Please take your wingnut talking points somewhere else. We’ve heard them all before.

    • Own it, Constance.
      You ARE responsible any time you enabled this man.

      • Pull your head out of your ass. You are a misguided crusader not a crusader against evil. You can’t just state the most evil disgusting thing you can think of and then say a person you don’t like (Trump or Trump voters) thinks and represents YOUR worst fears.

        • Pull YOUR head out of your ass. Nobody with a brain actually believes that white people, especially white males who still overwhelmingly run the government and every corporation, is really an oppressed and endangered species.
          Please. Don’t insult our intelligence.
          And no, I don’t like Trump. I wasn’t raised to treat people of other skin colors as inferior.
          The guy who plowed through those protestors yesterday has been given the impression that people who hold different views than he does are not really people with flesh and blood and relatives who depend on them and mourn for them. Those protestors weren’t doing anything wrong or violent. They were simply existing. That made that fucking low life loser white guy angry and it is Trump who is validating the dehumanization of the rest of us.
          I find that disgusting.
          And if you don’t, then you have no character either.

          • [snark] Oh, but RD, don’t be too hard on the poor murderer. He was just driven criminally insane by economic anxiety. [/snark]

        • You enabled this. You knew what you were doing when you pulled the lever for a white nationalist. What did you exactly think was going to happen? Unicorns were going to magically restore 1950’s America for you?

    • Constance, you are a murderer. Accept it and take it to your grave along with Andrew Breitbart who filled your empty skull with stupidity

  7. The only thing we can fault Hillary for is underestimating how many deplorables were/are in the Trump basket.

  8. Constance needs to slither back to the swamp.

  9. @RD: Due to some quirk of the blog, posts are not appearing promptly, so I goofed up and posted twice. Please feel free to delete the redundant post.

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