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      So, you’ve all heard about this by now. It is, obviously, a terrible crime. And yeah, evil. It is an extension of Obama’s policy of holding families (without splitting them up, but still in terrible conditions). If you want to understand the link, read this Twitter thread. Thread: How did we get here? In 2015, […]
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Character defect

"Better never means better for everyone. It always means worse for some"
-Commander Waterford
The Handmaid's Tale

I've had conversations with Lady V recently about what makes Trump voters tick. Part of this was because a friend of mine wondered about why someone otherwise "progressive" would vote for Trump. Partly it was I suspect that like the rich, Trump voters "are different from you and me."

She pretty much confirmed my suspicions. Along with the normal tendency towards authoritarianism, there is another component having to do with personality.

How else do you explain how they can support the deportation of mothers from their children? The apathy about how many women, children, poor people and elderly would lose their healthcare? The tolerance for the open lawlessness and chaos of the Trump administration? The cheerful acceptance that fucking over trans people in the military or gay people in the workplace is triggering the libtards? Or that millions of legitimate, enfranchised voters, particularly African-American people may have their rights taken from them the next time they go to the polls?

The Trump voters seem to not see these people as human beings. They lack empathy. Granted, some people on the left are only too willing to throw the working class under the bus but as I've pointed out before, to the ultra wealthy, we're all stupid slackers who haven't figured out how to exploit others for treasure.

I don't think these voters deserve our respect. The result of their votes is raining cruelty and heartlessness on innocent people and stripping them of their humanity. I see journalists trying to make sense of the Trump voter to see if there is any line of human decency they won't cross. They keep hitting a brick wall.

V says that Trump will betray them and then they'll turn on him. But what level of destruction and woe will the tolerate first? And why will it take having to feel the pain personally before they get it? How can they be so blind to the misery of others until they themselves have something to lose?

It's not a liberal problem. It's a civilization problem. It's going to affect how we do business, how we socialize, how we retire, how we care for others. No one living in Trump's America is immune. It makes for an uglier society and a considerably less great America to have the country in the hands of malevolent incompetents because a segment of voters lack character and a strong personality.

It is difficult to see how a character defect in the political sphere doesn't carry over to their personal lives, wrecking the lives of others close to them and depriving others of joy. It's very ugly.

Here are some podcasts that are must listens and highlight the dire turning point we are at as a country:

"If only this were a movie and not our lives" from Slate's Political Gabfest about just *this* week's events.

Fascist Curious from TrumpCast, about the philosophy of Steve Bannon.

Thank you, John McCain, for having the character to do the right thing. The Skinny Repeal bill to dismantle large sections of the ACA so it could be maliciously made worse by the House, was defeated in the wee hours of the morning. McCain was the deciding vote. We disagree about many things but there is some integrity in McCain.

The two female senators, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, who voted with McCain have been the target of political extortion and threats of bodily harm from male politicians of their own party.

You cannot be a progressive and vote for Trump and Republicans. You have to pick the ideal of egalitarianism and stick with it or you have to admit that there's something else that is much more important to you.


20 Responses

  1. I think the Trump voters dislike these “other” people. They may even fear them. That makes it easy for them to be indifferent to their plights if not overtly enjoying the misery heaped on them. What is going on here is more primal than we like to recognize.

    Finally, McCain found his god and the right thing to do. I wonder if it were not for his cancer or the thought of dying soon, what he would have done. Better late than never.

  2. When you lie to the people to steal an election:

  3. I would now love for McCain to go in front of the cameras and say:

    “But you know, despite our disagreements on health care, Mr. Trump and I do have many things in common.

    For example, we both ran for President, and neither of us won a majority of the popular vote.”

    THINK of how Trump would react to that. 😈


    As for that “triggering” business–if the wingnuts thought that the one thing which, more than anything else, would make “libtards” weep in despair and/or howl with rage would be if the wingnuts stuck their own wedding tackle in blenders and pushed “Puree”, then the emergency rooms would be swamped with self-gelded wingnuts. 😈

  4. Great for McCain that, in the end, he did the right thing, but it was due to the firm commitments shown by both Senator Collins and Murkowski made it possible for him to reap the accolades of the dems and the media. Again, the women who did more work and endured pressure and threats were relegated to the back of the bus so that the limelight could shine of McCain. He had more reason to vote against the bill because of how trump spoke badly of him during the campaign. These two women never waivered to their commitment to do what was right for the people and not party and I think they deserve a hell of a lot more recognition than they’ve received. Same thing happened to Hillary. When will this blind spot to extraordinary acts done by women continue to take a back seat to men who have contributed far less?

    • Thank you. Not to go all Tony the Mooch but the media has been fellating McCain for decades, long before he was battling brain cancer.
      Schumer just put McCain on “the top of the list” of courageous Republicans who voted no.
      Having said that, good for McCain, too.

      • Sue,

        I have no problem with the media acknowledging McCain. I just have a problem with their dismissing the 2 women who were under greater pressure from their colleagues for a much longer period of time and did more “work” to help defeat the bill than McCain to be given equal recognition. Much like Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawaii who is battling cancer since May. She showed up after treatment to vote against the bill and I had no idea she had cancer until I heard her speech before the Senate begging them to vote their conscience. As long as women are ignored, they will never get the kind of respect necessary to gain power and be taken seriously. We cannot make major strides forward unless and until women are recognized AT LEAST on the same level of men (even though they, in most cases,) did the lion’s share of work in a hard fought win that was clearly not expected. Again, without their work and votes, McCain’s moment in the sun would not have been possible..

        • Completely agree.

        • I agree with both comments too. Excellent.

        • I will say again that this exposes the misogyny prevalent in our society. For so long it was all heaped on Hillary. It was “that woman” when in fact they just hid their misogyny behind Hillary. Now here are two Republican women getting the same treatment even to the point that one of our reps here in GA said they needed to be beaten up because they voted against Trumpcare. Apparently any woman who doesn’t do what she is told by a man deserves it is the mindset.

  5. On another blog, WordPress ran a stupid moving ad which simply would not allow me to scroll past it. It kept pulling the screen back up to the ad.

    On any WP blog I visit–including, sadly, this one–the moving ads, or something about the WP page, often runs my computer up to near-malfunction temperature. 👿

    WordPress sucks fermented goat mucus.

    It is not doing me wrong as I type this, but if I ever disappear mysteriously from this blog, it will probably because I became too afraid it would melt my computer, or because it actually did so.

    Did I mention that WP sucks fermented goat mucus? 😡

  6. Ga6thDem,

    I totally agree! It doesn’t matter which party, what color, which religion, if you are a woman, misogyny will raise it’s ugly head if you dare speak up and “persist”! These women persisted and millions of Americans owe them a debt of gratitude. They, more than McCain, saved healthcare for millions but the predominate male power structure cannot accept this truth. Shows you just how insecure these alpha males really are that they cannot give credit where credit is due. It’s time women and men who support us to say loud and clear, “enough is enough”.

    It’s time to continue to be a “nasty woman” until they do!

    • If there’s any positive to this (no matter how small…) it’s that women all over the country are taking this in. Women can take it for a long, long time, and then? Explosion of action.

      And I wonder, every day, how many Trumpettes are left? Can we trust polling?

    • Joy Reid brought this up this morning in the context of Kamala Harris running in 2020 for the Dems. Everyone thought she would be a good candidate but doubted she could carry enough vote rich states because she was not only a woman but a woman of color. All the sexism and the misogyny was considered inevitable. Consensus was we may be decades away from a woman Prez. Of course no mention of Hillary. At all.

  7. The only way to defeat misogyny is to call it out every time it interferes with any woman who has proven to be an effective leader, such as Senator Kamala Harris and not stop no matter how much we are attacked. Our country, even the world, has lost soooo much wonderful talent and leadership because of misogyny by constantly choosing men in positions of power regardless of their qualifications. This is precisely why we got a numb nut like trump and we have to ask ourselves “how many more of these kind of men can we withstand before we finally implode?”. The qualification for president now is just to be an alpha male who talks with bluster and bullies anything and everyone that disagrees with him in order to be considered a “viable” candidate for the most powerful position in the world or any position for that matter!. We are no longer a democracy if we keep men like trump in the WH, it will be fascism.

    Despite a plethora of excellent female leaders waiting in the wings, it’s only a matter of time before the world will blow itself up because of all of the pissing and penis measuring contests which are inevitably a result of a misogynistic world allowed to continue to run amuck.

    I believe our only real option to defeat this self=destructive behavior is to show the same resolve and commitment shown by the AA leadership in facing down racism every time it raises its ugly head and continue to do so without fail or fear. Women cannot depend on the large majority of men to call out misogyny for us (although a few do try from time to time). It’s going to have to be up to women to defeat it and we don’t have a lot of time to do it. We either decide enough is enough, or we passively sit on the sidelines and accept a world which will be constantly in decline under this paralyzing and destructive behavior where no one, not even men, will win in the end.

    They say the 3 republicans (2 women) saved the republican party from itself. I say it’s going to be up to women to save the world from itself in spite of the male need for control over everything (except for housework!).

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