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    • The Roots of Trump’s Policy of Separating Children from Parents
      So, you’ve all heard about this by now. It is, obviously, a terrible crime. And yeah, evil. It is an extension of Obama’s policy of holding families (without splitting them up, but still in terrible conditions). If you want to understand the link, read this Twitter thread. Thread: How did we get here? In 2015, […]
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Why is this a “thing”??

Hard to believe Nate Silver has to point this out but it is the world we live in:

What’s worse is that there are people out there that think Kobach is on to something. 

Jeezus Kreist on a cracker. 


Afternoon stroll: I’m in one of those moods. 


Very funny tweet for the alpha male wannabes:


31 Responses

  1. http://imgur.com/eye7uHa

  2. They are trying to appease the buffoon with that panel and cook up some fake news and take away the 3 mil popular vote Hillary won. Give enough ‘official’ sounding ammunition to his supporters to muddle the facts/numbers, her success and his failure. This is all purely to satisfy his whim.

  3. Neal Gabler takes names and kicks @$$:

    What Trump’s Putin Love Reveals About Conservatives

  4. OMG!

  5. They seem to be really losing it tonight. Good indicator of how threatening they find something is how many bots/trolls are released on twitter. They must be terrified.

    Love Nate Silver’s response.

    Of course Trump will fire Mueller. We knew that from the beginning. The question is, what will be the result? The FBI is far more than one guy.

    • They (media, others) had better drop the heaviest shoes they have and run the buffoon out before it gets catastrophic.


  7. Ah, Neil Gabler, the fellow who who made his name by trying and failing to keep up with kleptocrats in the Hamptons, and getting ruined? Well, at least he’s landed on his feet! I see the television people are paying him to toss off a few anecdotes before insulting his synthetic factional enemies. They must have edited out the part of his piece where he explains the comprehensive objective indicators to his readers:

    Russia permits its people recourse to objective international human rights standards and independent institutions. The USA does not.


    Sad to say, the suppressed facts also show that Russia acknowledges more core human rights than the USA.


    Russia also meets the world standard for institutionalized human rights protection under expert international supervision – the Paris Principles. The USA does not.

    Well perhaps inductive logic isn’t his strong suit either. Anyway, beggars can’t be choosers!

    • Huh, I guess what happened to Pussy Riot was just a fluke, right?

      And they don’t really poison people with dioxin and radioactive material.

      Or kill journalists.

      Or manipulate elections. Or make opposition candidates ineligible to run for office or anything like that.

      Putin’s Russia is really incredibly enlightened and the fact that he’s been in office for what seems like forever and inexplicably can’t be voted out is just nit picky.

      Who are we going to believe, you or our lying eyes? Ehhhh, going with my lying eyes.

    • Well, whaddaya know. Joffrey’s back. Looks like Putin thinks trolling RD’s blog is still worth the (admittedly minor) expense. “Minor” because I doubt Joffrey gets paid very much, but I suppose a little money goes a long way in Lower Slobbovia. (dating myself with THAT reference) 😛

      Joffrey’s back here after Putin sent him to evangelize Equestria. The response was less than optimal. 😈

      • To be fair, I must compliment Joffrey on his command of English; I’m told it’s a very difficult language for people who don’t grow up speaking, reading, and writing it–and even for some who do, such as Putin’s Orange Puppet. 😈

  8. I was curious how you might interpret the exhaustive and meticulously-sourced documentation up there, from civil society and independent international experts, indicating that overall Russian human rights compliance exceeds that of the US. Ah, well. Random catchphrases it is. One hopes your pharmaceutical safety and efficacy work was based on more rigorous empirical standards!

    Pussy Riot. Have you read what Masha herself said most recently about your designated nemesis Putin? She said your state has manipulated you to channel your understandable resentment toward a foreign official with no influence over your downtrodden living standards and limited power in his own state. Does that sound at all plausible to you?

    Journalists? Who? Are you referring to Politkovskaya? Russia convicted her killers. Or are you perhaps referring to Michael Hastings, or Gary Webb, or Mark Lombardi? Are we counting Al Jazeera offices bombed by the US? Are you implying that US murders of journalists meet a higher ethical or legal standard?

    Can’t be voted out? His government has approval ratings that US politicians can only dream of. Russians clearly hate their rulers less than you do.

    As for the other unspecified rights derogations to which you allude, you adduce no facts. The sarcasm makes them extra super convincing, but still.

    Evil Russia seems to be for the Democrats’ what global warming denial is for your designated factional enemies: a shibboleth exempt from reasoned scrutiny. Haven’t found a Democrat yet who could make a grown-up case for any of it. One would love to encounter a Dem loyalist who could do better than puerile dismissals!

    • To attempt to debate with a sophist spouting enemy propaganda is a waste of time.

  9. I must admit those aspie pony pictures go right over my head. I hope they’re ever so profound, because the rest of it is quite third-rate: original sources vaguely dismissed as propaganda, xenophobic ad hominem a backwoods Republican would be embarrassed to come out with in public. All in all, the usual passive-aggressive refusal to make your case like a grown-up. And you wonder why your party treats you with such blatant contempt. Is that really all you can do, pick a side and go along?

  10. RD, if the Emerald Eye isn’t enough, you could always hire Misato to deal with the Perpetual Liar.

  11. You really do spend extraordinary energy to ward off unauthorized evidence or facts. Has that resulted in a material improvement in your standard of living?

    • I’m curious. Why have you guys all shown up on the same day?
      Not that I give a rat’s ass what you think.

      • What “guys”, RD? We can tell by the pseudo-sophisticated style of Gish-galloping prose that it’s all the same paid Lower Slobbovian hypogephyrite, posting under a variety of noms de Web.

        Perhaps it’s my fault, RD. I posted a link to Gabler, who dissed Putin, and Joffrey must have orders from his employers to seek out and (try to) suppress anti-Putinist references with pseudo-sophisticated, pathetic attempts at ridicule.

  12. Yes, yes, of course, you don’t give a rat’s ass about facts and stuff, as a party loyalist you’re naturally encouraged to be weak on the intellect axis of the Big Five Traits. An open mind would get you expelled from your party in no time. Your curiosity is limited to fantasies of foreign Glavlit operations. Sorry to burst your bubble. It’s simply fascinating to see North Korean levels of epistemic closure in persons who purport to be liberally educated, and to value civic participation. It’s a remarkably debased lumpen-level perversion of civic discourse.

    You’re just not that important. Even the enemy president you fulminate at in your unremitting partisan Two Minutes’ Hate, Fump or Thump or whatshisname – he’s not important either. Putin does not care which CIA figurehead he poses with. He explained it to you quite clearly but you weren’t allowed to hear it: “The force of the United States bureaucracy is very great. And there are many facts that are not visible to the candidates until they become President. And the moment one gets to real work, he or she feels the burden.”

    If you knew what the outside world knows about the CIA puppet rulers you call heads of state, you’d have a better chance of getting what you say you want. Obama took Romneycare, fucked it up a little and stuffed it down your throat. Now Trump is going to take Obamacare, fuck it up a little and stuff it down your throat. Your partisan indoctrination blinds you to that pattern, so you get pissed off eight years too late. And your life gets worse and worse and you can’t stop it.

  13. And look at Little Red Pony over here, seething with rage at some guy who tells him what he doesn’t want to hear, BAD TRUMPRUSSIA BAD BAD.

    I’m not the one who keeps fucking you over. That’s the kleptocracy that rules the 3rd-world pismire that you’re stuck in. CIA painstakingly perverted your culture and your society and turned it into the treacherous corporate snake pit it is today. CIA propaganda tied you in knots until being too stupid to know your rights is a point of honor for you. Your whole identity depends on being a helpless worm who doesn’t want his stupid old rights anyway. You’re a mess.

    • Apparently, Joffrey defines “rage” more broadly than I do.

      If I lived in the fearsome totalitarian police state that Joffrey seems to believe I do, would I dare post this?

      • I have to make two posts because the format throws me into moderation if I make two links in one post.

        Joffrey does a good imitation of a graduate student of the Horseshoe Left.

        If I am mistaken about his being a paid troll, and he is a sincere Horseshoe Leftist, I would recommend Ian Welsh’s blog–if he does not already post there under another name.

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