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Strut: Letting down our guard


The Republican “Healthcare” bill looks like it’s tabled for now. Thank you, John McCain’s blood clot for giving other Senators time to hear from their constituents and think it over. 

But don’t count them out, they’ve HATED Medicaid and Medicare since the 60s. No one knows why. So, they’ll be back with something equally mean and stingy in some other form. 


Malcolm Gladwell makes a case for closely examining your politician’s friends before you vote for them. 

Masha Gesson says it’s the incompetence and destruction of America’s systems of governance that worries her. Conspiracy thinking is distracting. 


14 Responses

  1. Hot glued sandal again last night.
    Broke them again this morning.
    I’m not giving up, dammit. There’s a shoe repair place right off Market Square. Going there during lunch.

  2. Hard to believe this poll. and of course retweeting this is the NYT guy and that other Hillary hater, Josh Barro. What is wrong with them?

  3. RD, serious question: what exactly do you get out of Obongocare, or why do you support it? Seems pretty useless, since it didn’t do anything to address costs (seems like the opposite if anything), and the poor/old were already covered by Medicaid/Medicare.

    I know you support unlimited free healthcare for fresh-off-the-boat-from-Africa Mohammed and his 28 illegitimate children by 13 different mothers, but you’ll change your mind pretty quickly once you personally have to bear that cost.

    • It’s called being civilized, Snowflake. You might want to try it sometime.

      Or since (IIRC) you like to call yourself a Christian, you might check out Matthew 25:31-46, and see what that tells you about which public policies it might fit your eternal self-interest to support.

      The neo-Pharisees of the “Christian” Right like to assume that public and private charity are either/or, rather than both/and. That strikes me as a foolish thing upon which to stake the quality of one’s posthumous accomodations.

      Is the minuscule tax relief you would receive from supporting conservative social policies (as distinct from the massive tax relief the Malefactors of Great Wealth receive) really worth that risk?

      If your answer is “yes”, perhaps your actual god is Mammon. 😈

      • I suspect that about the Christian Right in general–their real gods are Mammon, and the blood-smeared idol of White Supremacy.

    • In a civilized society, the burden is evenly spread, through progressive taxation. Since the rich benefit the most from the existence of the society (let’s see the “wealth creators” create wealth in the anarchic state of nature), it’s only fair that they should pay the most to maintain the existence of the society.

    • Um, I was never a fan of Obamacare precisely because there were no cost controls and there was that horrible Medicaid gap that I’m pretty sure the Republicans engineered.

      There are many different ways to do healthcare at a national level. They all have certain things in common. Go look it up on FrontLine. I can’t remember the name of the episode.

      I think all human beings deserve to be treated for illness without risk of losing everything. It shouldn’t matter where they’re from. You don’t pass a dying person on the street and fail to give them aid. It’s bad.
      Bad, bad, bad, Blizz. Didn’t your mama teach you anything??

      • You don’t pass a dying person on the street and fail to give them aid. It’s bad.

        Maybe he missed the parable of the Good Samaritan, too.

  4. Oh, you and your details! πŸ˜‰


  5. Muslim population in America is about 1%, Jews 1.8%, Hindus 0.7%. The buffoon and his supporters don’t do math.

    From the deplorable comment above, it looks like they also don’t get laid. No sex, no children, so they need not worry about their world being filled with Mohammads either. They would all be dead by then.

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