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Stroll: t’pau

Carol Decker – so underrated. 


My bag weighs a ton. Anyone else have this problem?  I have laptop, lunch with freezer compartment, gym clothes, cables, chargers, earbuds, contact lens crap, small purse with cards and stuff, pens, small notebook, nice sandals (I sure hope the hot glue keeps them from breaking again), gum, toothbrush, tooth paste, bobby pins, coconut milk hair conditioner, lube (wait, how did that get in there again?), iPhone, other phone that needs to be mailed to kid who is hard on phones…

I need a shoulder massage. 

Thanks to the people at Fort Pitt Coffee who gave me the clear duck tape to repair my broken sandal after I pulled it apart when my heel fell into a crack in the pavement. 

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  1. Hot glue would have held if I hadn’t caught my heel in the crack of the door step to the coffee shop. The owner was nice enough to lend me some clear duck tape. I have reverted to my pre-cool natural geek state.
    Thanks to Fort Pitt Coffee for the duck tape and excellent latte with skim.

    • Since we are talking about sandals and on the way to work, I will share with you a funny story. This was my first job and I had a one and a half commute. I would get up at 5 and dress in the semi-dark sleepy-eyed and drive to work. One day, I get out of my car in the garage and looked down — navy shoe on my left foot and black on the right. They both had similar heel and I would not have felt the difference walking the short distance to my car anyway. In those days, I used to have a pair of sneakers in my car and I spent the day in my sneakers that day. My boss woman was a stickler for rules and she must have been irritated but was nice enough to not show it. She made us wear skirts, no pant suits and it was good in a way — it made me try out dress options/heels that I would not have otherwise tried (this was right after grad school in my third year in this country). A side note about that — once walking to my office from the garage, on the terrace, I see this dowdy looking Indian couple and I recognize her — she was from my neighborhood in India, a year older and very arrogant and was nasty to me back home because her dad was richer and younger, and blah, blah. I knew she was in the US working where i worked (big place) but never thought I would run into her. Anyway on that fateful day, I didn’t talk to her in my chance encounter and just looked back a little after we passed each other, and saw her STANDING there and looking at me and her face! I was in my high fashion pretty skirt suit and high heels, 🙂 {felt very smug, I might add}.

      • Sorry for the long comment. aaaand I forgot to mention we wore pantyhose in those days!

      • Lol!! I’ve done that. Two different shoes. Also, worn skirts inside out and shirts backwards.
        Today, I shimmied into a pair of blue flowered pants, size 6!, and a black silk T. I hot glued my sandals last night. They seemed secure enough. Then my heel got stuck in that crack just as I was pulling my foot up. I don’t want to replace them even though they’re about 15 years old. I never wore them much before this year and I’ve already spent enough money this year catching up on replacing other things I went too long without while I was undergoing employment trial by fire.
        But I don’t have another pair of chic black sandals with a two inch heel. Might have to bite the bullet.
        In the meantime, I’m adopting Parisian chic rules: one brown bag with brown ballerina flats, one black bag with black ballerina flats. I swap out my sandals for flats when I don’t feel like killing myself on Pittsburgh’s Belgian brick streets and squares.
        The whole list of Parisian Chic rules (VERY practical) can be found at Justine lecontes YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/15ttUu6pE8g and here https://youtu.be/gAbV5hJzhL4.
        I come by the messy, “I got up looking like this” hair naturally. It’s a pain in the ass. So it’s a good thing I can pass it off as intentional with these rules.

        • Where I am at now, I don’t need to do the dress and the heels routine. In fact, after that first job, I got into academia where we didn’t do that. And now, I can (but don’t) wear Jeans/T and flip-flop to work.

          • Oh, I don’t get fancy. Nothing corporate. I could wear jeans to work everyday. It’s how you style them that counts. Parisian Chic is really, really easy and effortless. All you have to do is stick to basic colors and cuts. Once I figured it out, I found that I had a lot in my closet to choose from. I don’t sweat my outfit in the morning. It’s all thinking ahead when you buy things and then very low maintenance afterwards.

        • Fun watching those videos and I love everything French. But I am doubtful her suggestions work with my Indian sensibilities (I love color) and skin tone, hair color and so on. Fortunately, I am an artist and very visual and shape conscious, so I know what works for me. But she is right about how you feel inside and out when you know you look good. Recently, I paired Gap pajamas (not cheap, they were like $40) with a high end Clarks pair of boots to work and nobody could tell they are pajamas — but how comfortable they were!

  2. Glad not to have been in this crowd! Is there a fast way to make money in Trump era? Salaried employment and scrupulous living is such a punishment.

    • Looks like Penn Station. Is it? I’ve heard they’re making it over again.

  3. 2016 was a cut your nose to spite your face kind of election for some people. Very nihilistic.
    {and I look up to make sure nihilistic is the word I am going for, and this is what I find in the definition:
    the doctrine of an extreme Russian revolutionary party c. 1900, which found nothing to approve of in the established social order.

    • I see the problem. Voters have no idea what the cause is. They only see the effect. And then they vote for Republicabs because Fox News make anyone else look like Pol Pot.
      Which only makes it worse because Republicans don’t really have policies. They’ve just said NO whenever Democrats were in office.

      But they sure are annoying people. I’ve got to give them that. Our country is a laughingstock and going backwards but at least we are all annoyed. Good job, 67 year old nutter.

  4. ever heard of spinal compression and stenosis? keep hauling that load and you will……….or ask Grace Slick how her 50 lb “handbag” caused her yrs of mysterious misery until the psych she was recommended to for chronic (imaginary) pain asked how much her bag weighed

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