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Stroll: Summer Breeze


I heard that Trump is headed to France. Take it away Macron:


24 Responses

  1. “Your mother was a hamster and your father was a mobbed-up real estate developer!”

    • And I fart in Putin’s general direction.

      (Prez Covfefe is a glorified lackey. Never forget who the Big Boss villain really is.)

      • David Koch or Vladimir Putin?

      • Here’s an ethical dilemma I’ve been working on. It’s a bit like the Trolley Problem in philosophy, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.

        Let’s say a Kremlin-connected agent approaches you with information that could totally take down DRUMPF. What do you do?

        On the one hand, if you take the meeting, you’ve committed treason. One the other hand, if you don’t take the meeting, you may have declined to do something for which future generations will yearn for a time machine, just for the opportunity to undo all those Cheeto-Hitlerian microaggressions against brave transwomyn of color.

        What do you think? Did I blow your freaking mind?

        • Report it to the FBI, immediately, obviously. And then support the justice system in this country, continue to speak out against collusion, and support the attorneys filing lawsuits against the corrupt administration today.

          I have a feeling you’re not long for this blog.

          • He underestimates us.

          • You know, I think he’s handy to have around. We get a glimpse into the memes his buddies are working with and can work on subverting them.
            It’s better than donning the hazmat suits and wading into a right wing blog.

          • Plus, Putin would never want to throw away his greatest foreign asset, so it would obviously be a trap of some sort.

          • Oof – brutal answer. When Macron’s First Tranny Brigade liberates the US from CheetoHitler in 2027 – discovering to their horror a carnage of six million hurt feelings – you’ll be liable to charges for abetting war crimes. “Bu-bu-bu I HATED Drumpf.” “Sure, that’s what they all say.”

            [blog owner is looking forward to French First Tranny Brigade and its exquisite fashion sense. They will be greeted as liberators.]

            If you’re ever released from prison, you’ll still be liable to be sued for emotional trauma by gay hijab’d great grandchildren of today’s meme war victims.

            [you forgot we’re going to force everyone to get gay married and have abortions. You obviously haven’t read our manifesto]

          • He’s no Blizzard, he’s just a pitiful snowflake whose sole sources of self-esteem come from the alleged superiority of his skin tone and gender.

            (Disclosure: both of which I share.)

            Questioning the validity of these alleged superiorites threatens both his self-identity and the practical benefits which inequality grants to mediocre white males such as Snowflake–er, Blizzard. Hence, to reassure himself, he must lash out at the non-whites, non-males, and those of us white males who feel more secure, when all of us question the validity of those alleged superiorities.

            I would pity the poor lad, but my bleeding heart has finally run out of blood for him and his kind. All they are to me now are so many deodorant cakes in the urinal of the hermaphroditic b!tch-goddess whose holy name is EVOLUTION.


        • What do you think? Did I blow your freaking mind?

          To quote a common insult from the era of my misspent youth: “If brains were dynamite, you couldn’t even blow your nose”–never mind my mind. 😛

          Now, don’t you have your circle jerk of wingnuts and brocialists at Uncle Ian’s Cyber-House of Increasingly Ill Repute to get back to?

  2. The buffoon being buffoon. I hope Mrs. Macron told him — ‘too bad, I can’t say the same of you, Donald!’

    • I know it’s triggering, pm, but remember that heterosexual men existed in your party, too, not so long ago.

      • You’re just jealous that no one treats you as a sex object without a brain.

        • All these Republican cockroaches are either motherfuckers (Pence calls his wife mother, what a fucker) or daughter fuckers (if they are lucky to have money, daughter-like or if they are perverted enough like the buffoon, maybe incest).

          • Oh, PM, have you forgotten that the GOP is the world’s biggest closet? Just ask Miss Lindsay. (NTTAWWT) 😉

        • If the wingnuts thought the thing that would make us cry and/or p!$$ us off more than anything else in the whole wide world was if they all stuck their own wedding tackle in blenders and pushed “Liquefy”, the emergency rooms would be overloaded with self-gelded wingnuts. 😈

      • The only thing you wingnuts trigger me to do is ROTFLMAO. 😛

  3. Oh, he also did this:

    • Later, after Donald goes to bed, Emmanuel, Brigitte and Melania hook up for a threesome.

      • Melania has a younger handsome sidepiece of her own, allegedly. Good for her, if true. Who wants these old perverts who can’t get it up?

  4. Oopsie, looks like Li’l Donny missed a shot! (gif)


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