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I left my phone at home today and have been going through withdrawal symptoms.  Are we waiting for a Republican with a conscience to tell Trump to step down, yet?  Need I remind you that it doesn’t work that way with Republicans?  Remember Valerie Plame?  Iran-Contra?  9/11??

Donald Jr’s boneheaded revelations remind me of what the Mormon Church does just before a Mormon blogger or podcaster has an “Hey, we’ve been eating grass!” moment. The church wants to make sure the revelations about Joseph Smith’s multitude of wives, his quirky interpretation of the Book of Abraham and other interesting peccadillos of the martyred religious leader don’t spread too far outside of the colony of future excommunicants. 

So it inoculates the faithful. It puts out some information on its own betting that members who have an investment in the religion will accept the Church’s spin on the controversy. Apologetics are deployed and essays are written and the shock is mitigated. 

I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen here. Clearly, there are many very good reasons to want to get rid of Trump. We’ve never had a president so completely unsuited to the office. Even the people who don’t like government are going to start feeling what it’s like to live under a corrupt regime and will eventually hate it. 

But don’t expect Republicans to be too eager to get rid of him yet. They still have some nasty-wasty legislation they want to pass in the dead of night and they need his signature. They probably don’t care about the chaos yet. 

And they may be hoping that getting it out there and making Jr look foolish will deflect attention away from Sr. Journalists seem to be on to this but the rank and file Trump voter might feel like she got a vaccine. 


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  1. Interesting tidbit in the WSJ (don’t have a subscription): “Investigators are re-examining conversations detected by U.S. intelligence agencies in spring 2015 that captured Russian government officials discussing associates of Donald Trump.”

    Next week the Senate Judiciary Committee is going to interview the co-founder of the firm that ordered the salacious dossier that Christopher Steele compiled.

    If I were the spawn of a presidential candidate and received word from a Russian family “friend” that the Russian government was supporting my father over his opponent, I’d definitely pass that on to my father. But the way that the information was conveyed (no big deal) would make it likely that the inner-circle had some inkling of this.

  2. It looks very bad for all of them, Pence included. They continue to lie.

    Did hear today some GOP are beginning to strongly re-evaluate their assumption they could get EVERYTHING PASSED with the stooge as their POTUS. When that becomes more obvious, they will encourage him to resign, I believe.

    • From your lips to god’s ears but that only means there can be no let up.

    • Maybe I have been underestimating the patriotism of at least some of the rich men who own the GOP. Maybe they don’t like for the President to canoodle with Mommie Dearest Russia, either.

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