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Stroll: Ronettes


You know, I get it that the Washington Post and The NY Times are horrified at Trump’s performance in office. It’s difficult to imagine anyone less suited to the job. He’s disinterested, distracted, has dangerous ideas (a cyber security initiate with Putin? Really??  That would put us up there as contenders for the Darwin Award, Nation Category)

Even his most ardent supporters have no real idea or can not adequately articulate just what it is he’s supposed to do to change things for the better. I’m waiting to hear it. Deporting Mexican moms while their children desperately cling to her does not seem to be better for anyone. You’d have to have no heart at all to watch that and feel some kind of justice or that Trump was somehow improving your life. Yeah, I’m guessing it’s a power thing.

Anyway, I get it. The media is scared silly by Trump because it’s been following this stuff since Alexander Hamilton was blackmailed by his lover’s husband. And it probably liked Hamilton. It knows who is good and who is the next Warren G. Harding. It’s got a long institutional memory and archives and a sense for when things are going off the rails. 

But we wouldn’t be in this predicament as a nation with the prospect of kleptocracy, corruption and rapid decline staring us boldly in the face saying menacingly, “You wanna piece of me??” if the media hadn’t lost its collective mind over the prospect of Hillary Clinton being in the White House. 

It’s just never going to let her live that White House Travel Office slight to its tender sensibilities go is it?  Just like any clique of mean girls that grew up to have full blown NPD, it’s going to hold a grudge and nurse it’s injuries and we’re all paying for it. 

But it will blame everyone but itself for this. It needs therapy but it doesn’t think it has a problem. 

So, you know, maybe the media and Trump deserve each other. It’s the rest of us who wish the media had done its fucking job last year when it had the opportunity to NOT publish stolen emails but just couldn’t help itself. 


Just when you think it can’t get any worse, Trump appoints Jerry Falwell Jr. to help craft education policy. This is from The Conversation this morning

Coinciding with the popularity of Ronald Reagan, Falwell founded the Moral Majority in 1979 as a conservative Christian political lobbying group. Although the founding of the Moral Majority is popularly seen as an anti-abortion and pro-family movement, its real roots were different. Falwell and other evangelical leaders felt the federal government was overreaching with its guidelines into how Christian groups maintained racial restrictions in their schools.
The Moral Majority ultimately expanded its platform from segregation in schools to include what is now a familiar agenda: supporting and sponsoring legislation for “traditional” family values and prayer in schools. It also opposed LGBT rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, abortion and other similar social-moral issues.
Through his nationally televised church services, Falwell Sr. reached beyond his original followers to other groups that were in agreement with the conservative, pro-family, racial agenda of the Moral Majority.

Great, thats just great. Lets all go back to the days when men were men, women were women, african americans had their OWN water fountains, and evolution was still controversial.

A reminder to all of you who voted for this man that you voted for this man.

35 Responses

  1. Feeling very blonde this morning.

    So, have we uncovered any new acts of collusion this morning? Is collusion a new euphemism for treason?

    • You guys are utterly desperate. This is your punishment for allowing yourselves to be led around by the nose by the {{anti-semitic epithet redacted}}York Times with their {{additional anti-Semitic epithet redacted}}. What do you mean by “Russia hacked the election”? Do you yourselves even know?

      Blog editor’s bitchy note: Hey, dickhead, knock it off with the anti Semitic remarks. I’m not convinced you even read this site. These are not the lefties you are looking for. One more comment like that and I’ll publish your email address.

  2. About that cyber-security initiative with Putin:


  3. But we wouldn’t be in this predicament as a nation with the prospect of kleptocracy, corruption and rapid decline staring us boldly in the face saying menacingly, “You wanna piece of me??” if the media hadn’t lost its collective mind over the prospect of Hillary Clinton being in the White House.

    Can we get this on a plaque installed everywhere? etched in stone in front of the NYT building? Mfing bastards!

    And they are not too nimble in remedying their mistake even now. No quick redemption here until they put every mfing information hidden during the campaign out there so that the his voters feel the pinch and hold those Republican congress critters’ feet to the fire.

  4. Agree, the Media and Trump absolutely deserve each other. But I’m thinking their motives are plain ole fashioned greed, more about the Media and Trump Inc’s. soaring revenues and less about that boring wonk (media narrative) Clinton. …But I am pleased at least half of that partnership will soon be seated at the defendants table most likely charged with …conspiring with a foreign adversary to influence or undermine a US election, and Racketeering. Wonder if Preet gets his job back now?

  5. Agree with all, RD. I saw “Morning Joe” for the first time this am and, boy , are they out to destroy Trump. All to the good but do they really think we don’t see the blood on their hands?
    How many telephone interviews did Joe and Mika do with Trump? How many times did CNN and MSNBC cover Trump rallies from beginning (before actually, at the first exciting sight of his private jet!) to end. They are guilty, guilty, guilty, but Hillary was a bad candidate? Riiight.!

  6. I wish we had a “no confidence” vote like they do in England. Trump and his Oligarchic Grifters would be gone by now.

  7. The fucking media focused on the wrong emails.

  8. Even today, MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt reporting from the Capitol says after interviewing Tim Kaine that she wanted to make very clear that we (?) are not there yet and that treason was his word and that he was speaking emotionally (paraphrasing her). What the fuck! and he was emotional? I didn’t see that.

  9. The rightful President posted a pic on Twitter:


  10. “Evidence Mountin'”


    • The only one I like more than “Evidence Mountin” is the picture of the wall in Vilnius, Lithuania that shows Putin and Trump locked in a kiss.

  11. A chamber-music cover of a-ha’s ’80s classic “Take On Me”.

  12. I keep finding the best pix on Wonkette:


  13. Technical note: Something on this site is not agreeing with my laptop; the internal temps are spiking into the mid-70s Celsius. 😮

  14. Awesome, brief history, eye-opening, practical: “Listen up, progressives. Here’s how to deal with 4chan alt-right trolls”: https://medium.com/@Seth_Abramson/listen-up-progressives-heres-how-to-deal-with-a-4chan-alt-right-troll-48594f59a303

    I think the news media needs to be quite careful now using the word “treason.” Glad Joe S has announced he’s leaving the GOP. Perhaps more will follow, now.

    Donnie Jr. just sank himself on Hannity. One thing about people with NPD is, they don’t have a realistic take on what their actions mean or how their actions are perceived, what others can actually do to them, and where their power ends. They’re only focused on shoring up their blue-cheese sense of self (mostly holes and void) by finding people (aka vending machines) who will feed them, all day long. That’s what typically brings them down.

    FALWELL? (gag)

  15. Okay, I was wrong to give “Morning Joe” a chance, yesterday, I’ll never make that mistake again.

  16. In that meeting with the Russian Lawyer, I bet the Russian talked about hacking Hillary’s emails (which is why Don the Sr tweeted right after that meeting about Hillary’s emails) and they may already have had DNC hacked and were offering it to the trio. I think Manafort is the Dog who didn’t bark. He was already in on this whole Russia thing, much more so than the other two. Kushner was the go-between for the Russian fake Hillary news dissemination on FB and twitter (McClatchy is reporting on this). They really went all out with the Russians, didn’t they?


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