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      From Saez, Chetty, et al So, unless you think that genetic potential is that unequally distributed (and can explain eras where this chart did not apply, as in the post-WWII decades), you can pretty much forget “meritocracy.” Meritocracy is just a way of saying “we test for the things the middle and upper class has […]
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What are they up to? 

Check out this clip of the leaders of the G-20 nations posing for a group picture. Emmanuel Macron makes his way from the back row up to Trump standing to the far left.

Something about this feels planned. Like they were all in on it. “Yeah, yeah! We’ve got him way off to the side. Just make your way down to him and make sure you touch him all over. He hates that.”

Lol!  Cracks me up every time I watch it. Trump looks like an old, overweight, tired guy next to Macron all swave and deboner in his chicly tailored suit. Why can’t we have a smart good looking French speaking president??  The Canadians have one too.



7 Responses

  1. it looks like Merkel gave Macron a signal to go ahead about half way down. Then Macron stops to kiss the lady, of course. Anyone know who she is?

    I’m convinced this was planned to make him look like he was being mocked by the cool kids. Which he is.

    Do we have to let him back in the country?

  2. “deboner ”

    Hey, RD, contain yourself, OK?

    • Lol! I lost a lot of weight and went blonde.
      Now I want to have more fun.

  3. Well, even though I basically share all of your baseline values and perspectives here, I find myself increasingly put off by the well-dressed and self-satisfied.

    • Did you check our Merkel with her dowdy trousers and sensible shoes?

  4. And now for something completely off topic:

    Never drink Japanese Fanta soda. 😛

  5. America under the Orange Orangutan (thanks, Sweet Sue!) has ceded its world leadership and domination (willingly) to Russia and China. Putin and Xi have won the war without firing a shot and they have an enabler/enforcer puppet inside the US facilitating all that! How can this be?! Where are all the patriots?

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