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    • The Roots of Trump’s Policy of Separating Children from Parents
      So, you’ve all heard about this by now. It is, obviously, a terrible crime. And yeah, evil. It is an extension of Obama’s policy of holding families (without splitting them up, but still in terrible conditions). If you want to understand the link, read this Twitter thread. Thread: How did we get here? In 2015, […]
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Short answer

A friend of mine recently asked what’s wrong with Democrats?  I took that to mean, why can’t they get their s#%* together.  

Here’s the answer at The Atlantic. 

The book that predicted Trump’s rise offers a roadmap for defeating him. 

Short answer: the left ignores the unemployed and trailer trash because they’re not part of a stigmatized group. In order to win again, they have to relearn how to talk about money. 

Very good article. Maybe not the whole picture but pretty close. 


24 Responses

  1. May I say one thing before reading the article? None of this matters until we get rid of Trump and the Russians, the gerrymandering and voting irregularities, and may be even the electoral college and the very concept of swing state. With today’s mobility and opportunity, nobody in states like WY need get their votes to be two, three times the votes of a CA or NY resident. I also want to see fresh faces other than the fuckers like Bernie, Warner, Biden, and so on.

    One big impact of gutting voting rights act by SCOTUS is that the Trump DOJ is going after states to institute even more voting suppression schemes — they sent a letter to the states, a letter more damaging than the much publicized Kobach letter asking for voter information.

    • In other words, as you see it, we can’t do anything that matters until we’ve already done the major things that matter? I don’t think that will work, I even think some of it is impossible even if we were in power.

      • No, my point is that we have to get rid of the latest cheaters and trainers out before we berate the Democrats for this and that. It weakens and divides us unnecessarily when we should put forth a united front. I don’t even think these issues seemingly emanating from the recent election are valid because the results are noisy.

      • The big issue right now is systemic Democratic voter suppression from the other side even if the Democrats radically change their message. I don’t want to hear what is wrong with the Democrats when the other side is burning down their house and killing their voters.

  2. I think all these “what is wrong with the Democrats” stories are all wrong unless they talk about vote suppression, Media and Gerrymandering. the Democrats are winning the majority of voters, up and down the tickets, but like here in NC, 40% of the voters will get you 60% of the seats if your a Republican. The media with their “both sides” narrative gives no “usable” information to the viewer to make an informed decision (or the people in trailer parks would not have “trump” bumper stickers.) and as a NC state total for voter suppression was between 1.86%-3%.
    Now, what exactly do the Democrats need to change about themselves to change those items? Moving to the center going to fix anything? Being less helpful to the working poor, children, students, sick, elderly, etc. ? At least this past election (2016), I was pretty proud of the Democrats and feeling good about the future they envisioned to work toward. What needs changing is the Media, voter suppression and Gerrymandering.
    Republican voters have been “brain washed” to hate Democrats no matter what, what you gonna change to make em love ya?
    Treasonous republicans are looting the Treasury, destroying Healthcare for 20+ million, opening up National Parks for drilling and the Democrats are not for any of that but the Democrats need to “change”. What is wrong had mostly nothing to do with Democrats needing to change. IMHO.

    • Exactly my point. Thank you! Especially now with Republicans not even putting up a fight against all this Russia news, they seem to be welcoming this new way of cheating at the polls and in fact, all the skullduggery works in their favor if we say the Russians are behind it. So Democrats need to go after the Republicans and their big time vote related shenanigans.

      • Scrutinizing the voting process is something that everyone should be able to get behind. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it will work out in the D’s favor once non-citizens are blocked from voting. (Here’s Obama reassuring illegals that they won’t be caught if they cast an illegal vote: https://youtu.be/nfgEvgVC6Qs).

        We should also for sure look at foreign interference in our elections. In addition to Russia, we should investigate Mexican consulates encouraging it Mexican and dual citizens to vote for Mexican interests, and then also Israeli dual citizens and the massive Israeli lobbying apparatus. Eventually maybe we could also get to non-American NGOs like Soros’ organization, and non-American globalist media operating inside the USA like CNN. America for Americans, right?

        • Ok, I approved your comment even though it is an example of everything wrong with America and the other commenters are going to flay you better than Ramsay Bolton.
          You’re welcome.
          I’m going back to sleep.

        • Did Blizzy read that on Blightfart or hear it from Alexander The Not-So-Great (Jones)?

          As for Hispanic-Americans, his fear is my hope. I have given up on enough members of my tribe ever putting their economic self-interest above their vacuum-skulled prejudices. Maybe La Raza will do better.

          • Yes, the great Mestizo south is famous for its even wealth distribution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_income_equality

            Don’t worry though, it’s basically a caste society. White castes are of course on the top – that would be your children, if you had any.

          • For Blizzy to be correct, the tribe he and I belong to would need to be willing to allow Hispanic-Americans to become “white”, as Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans were allowed to do, so a “white” majority could be maintained.

            How likely is that?

    • Do you remember that stupid crack that Candidate Obama made about gun totin’, bible thumpin’ Pennsylvanians in 2008? Um, he shouldn’t have done that.
      It’s all fun and games until a party loses midterm after midterm after presidential elections, etc.

      Did you read the article? The problem is Democrats do not have a cohesive narrative about how EVERYBODY who’s not extremely wealthy is getting screwed and how we need to start talking about money. We need to get over our puritan distaste for it. We need to de-emphasize the academic/philosophical reasoning shit because the voters we need don’t care about that and we need to start including those voters we lost. We treat them like their concerns can be ignored. And it’s true in the sense that we shouldn’t cater to their baser instincts.
      The Denocrats do not have to compromise their values to get those voters if they can show that we are all ants united against the fucking grasshoppers.
      Instead, the first thing we do is tut tut them for being bible totin’, gun thumpin’ idiots. We have to lure them with honey, not bash them with big sticks.
      Go read article. No one is going to have to compromise their values. There just has to be a better elevator pitch that will bring the disparate groups back together under the Democrats.

      That’s not the only thing again. I think Pelosi and Perez are going to have to run a scorched earth, Cold War strategy next year to win back the house. The house is doable. They only have to flip 24 seats. To do that, we’re going to have to spend and ungodly amount of money. It’s going to look ugly and sickening. Billions would not be an exaggeration. And we’ll have to challenge even the safe republican seats just to irritate the fuck out of them. That’s why Reoublicsns are shaking their tiny fists and wailing about how Pelosi has to go. With that congressional seat in Georgia, she almost beat the Rs in a district that shouldn’t have been competitive. The Rs were forced to spend a lot of money to defend it. Now imagine them having to do that in safe districts all over the country.
      We’re going to have to dig deep to find that next year. Set up a recurring contribution with a blue fundraising org. If as many of us as possible throw cash into that money pit next year, we can make the Rs play whack a mole. They’ve gotten fat and lazy. Time to make them work for it.

      • RD, you have more faith in our tribe than I do.

        Remember, they started deserting the Democratic Party before the ink dried on the Civil Rights Act, before prices started running off and leaving wages in the dust, before jobs started moving out of the country or being automated out of existence, before the first oil shock…

        George Wallace won the 1972 Democratic primary in that kudzu-strangled cradle of the Confederacy, the state of Wisconsin. As the late, great Hunter S. Thompson stated at the time, this proved there were just as many mean, stupid bigots in the North as in the South.

        I doubt that has changed enough to matter.

        Hamilton was right.

  3. While the author makes a few good points still it largely is missing a lot of stuff. Mostly I’m tired of the media blaming us for their own failures. They never did anything with regards to Trump. What if the headlines had been about all the fraud Trump perpetuated on the middle class over decades with things like Trump University? If they had done their job maybe I’d be a little more amenable to what they have to say.

  4. What do the Dems need to do? The Dems Won. I’m not sure at this point we are not completely screwed. It seems to me our voting machines are not secure, and because one of the first things the TA did was to eliminate the agency overseeing them, everything else is just talk. If no matter who we vote for, the outcome is assured, then…

    Is anyone else feeling more scared than usual today? Recap. From just today. The Trump-Putin 2.5 hour meeting (supposed to be 30 mins), in which there was no note taker, no NSA present, no one but Exxon’s Friend of Russia Medal owner [no doubt thrilled our “protected” oceans and national parks are being opened up to more oil drilling], Tillerson. The nuclear power plant hack and energy grid hack (let alone questionable voting machine tampering) went unremarked upon in that meeting, with Trump saying he only brought up the election influence at all because it’s a concern of the American people (not him, or the govt., apparently), and since Putin says he didn’t do it, let’s move on. Melania sat by Putin at dinner, not by our actual allies, and Trump walked out of the climate accord meeting after a few minutes. He continued to bash our press and to question whether it was really Russia who interfered. All the while, the CIA expresses “concern” about the flood of Russian spies in the US attempting to get jobs which will allow them access to critical information and infrastructure, to use when they want to.

    I’m glad I live in a place where I won’t freeze to death or get heatstroke should the power suddenly be cut off.

    This Trump-Putin meeting has me shaky. It feels as though something irrevocable happened, but maybe it already had.

    • Did you read that article? Go read it. They don’t have to sacrifice anything. They need to shift their focus.

      Yes, he is ruining our standing in the world. It’s very troubling. I regret not being able to go off grid.

  5. RD, I read the article, but it is long and heavy for me to fully digest and comment. Couple of things though: cultural left only took shape as a possible governing body in the age of Obama. Ever since I got interested in politics from 25 years ago, the lefty lefts, academics, intellectuals, puritans were seen as fringe and not as problem solving, pragmatic people. They came into prominence only in the recent times and through Obama (so those last couple of paragraphs flattering Obama by the article author is BS). Him being black and supported almost unanimously by AAs, the academic and cultural left (to use the terms from the article) somewhat created the Trumpsters. The academic and cultural left should be left to their own devices like they were before.

    • Not sure I completely agree with you there. Remember McGovern and Adlai Stevenson.
      Granted, they weren’t successfully elected but the strain has been there for awhile.
      I suspect there’s a Maslow’s pyramid of needs thing going on. Those at the top of the pyramid want to move on to pipelines and subverting the dominant paradigm. Everyone below them just wants to keep their job and pay their bills. And everyone below them just wants a drink of water and to get laid.
      Put me in the bottom strata

      • Bear with me because I am not as well versed in writing about these things as I am with technical writing. The ivory tower lefties have always been there. My own observation is that they are all about feeling good about themselves ( as in support the stigmatized people and feel superior) and have no clue about governing (addressing the needs of the bottom strata, if you will). I think Bill Clinton was especially successful in silencing these narcissists. But they all came to the fore again in Obama era and they thought they got power because of his wins. Remember in 2008, how they were mocking and scolding Bill Clinton and by proxy Hillary Clinton. I think this time around, most of them went with Bernie and caused the division. Anyway 2016 was a clusterfuck and I would not draw too many conclusions from it. That is where it irritates me to read these articles about what Democrats are doing wrong when all hell is breaking loose (and it is not the Democrats, it is the always has been lefties).

  6. This is stunning. Get these mfers out of the WH.

    • This makes me so angry and look at her face — oh, look at me, I am so pretty and I will make a serious face because I am sitting here with all these world leaders who had to go through hoops and hoops to sit where they are. Stupid. Get these mfers out of there.

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