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    • The Roots of Trump’s Policy of Separating Children from Parents
      So, you’ve all heard about this by now. It is, obviously, a terrible crime. And yeah, evil. It is an extension of Obama’s policy of holding families (without splitting them up, but still in terrible conditions). If you want to understand the link, read this Twitter thread. Thread: How did we get here? In 2015, […]
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Red Rover, Red Rover, send Republican Women with Brains over

Hey, have you heard about Donald’s toilet tweet from yesterday?  He insulted Mika Brezyninski saying she showed up at Mar-a-Lago around New Year’s Eve, asking to stay with him and bleeding from a face lift. He said no, of course. Then he spread this little gift of personal information  with the world  just like narcissists do. They want to make people look bad. 

In the same week, he did a virtual feel up of Catriona Perry, a reporter for an Irish news organization. 

And he wouldn’t shake hands with Angela Merkel, something that Emmanuel Macron rectified during a recent NATO summit in France when he spurned Trump and headed straight for Angela. 

I get it that the most powerful man in the world represents a bunch of guys who are delighted to finally put women in their proper place so they can reassert the natural order in the world. But they still rely on those bimbos to win elections and some Republican women have had enough. 

Nicolle Wallace is –><– close to ripping up her GOP membership card. 

See the last 50 seconds for an epic rant:

When they come over to our side, we should have critical mass. And as Tina Fey said in 2008, “bitches get shit done”.  


21 Responses

  1. Nicole Wallace has been consistently anti-Trump since the beginning of 2016 campaign. She and that other guy Schmidt sounded alarm on Palin when they worked on McCain campaign also. Good for her to come out strongly like this.

  2. May be Amy is right. The Mika tweet was to distract from the full impact of WSJ article yesterday? But that story was weird — 81 year old GOP operative?! Eric Holder is tweeting DOJ about putting country first. WAPO is sitting on something bigger than WSJ. Friday night, tonight…

  3. The conservatives are already such a minority that they have to gerrymander districts, and cheat in every other way they can get away with, to “win” enough elections to hold on to power, and here their Dear Leader seems hell-bent on reducing their numbers further.

    Keep it up, Tweety Turd! 😛

  4. In a documentary video I saw of him, forget which, he is talking about displeasing his mom and he looks very afraid and repeats himself multiple times, talking to his father I think (don’t remember the exact video scenes). I thought it was very odd. I think the context was he had got Maples pregnant but his mom didn’t want him to leave Ivana. He was afraid to tell her that he was going to leave her. I thought his behavior about his mom was odd then. Take a look at this thread and the tweets from a psychologist.

    • I saw this tweet, as well.

      His mother was said to be alternately neglectful and rageful. Personality disorders are passed from mothers to children, as mothers still do the vast majority of parenting. His father was said to be abusive; his mother either failing to protect him or joining in. Usually, little ones fear physical annihilation by their abusive fathers and emotional annihilation (void, existential terror, engulfment) from their neglecting/raging mothers. Children with those kind of parents learn the best way to cope with all that is through bluster, infantile “I know you are but what am I,” violently emotional attacks and name-calling, bullying, threats (probably even physical threats), and they learn all that from someone(s) in authority, people in their family…

      He seems to have many disconnected aspects of himself.

      I believe Trump lashes out at Obama so that Obama can embody the Trump-as-he-was-when-an-infant (helpless, weak, baby Trump). If Obama (or anyone on the outside) can play that part, or behave close enough to it that Trump can wholly see him that way and get others to see him that way, that allows Trump to be the powerful, abusive parent. Better that than the helpless infant. He’s only got two options, really: Abusive, powerful, grandiose tweeter infantile “parent” or helpless, terrified, weak, infantile “baby” wanderer around the White House at 3:00 a.m. Some day, we are going to get some images of the latter. I’m sure they’re all working hard to hide those from his supporters who need an abusive parent to contain/express their own rage.

      Almost daily now, he’s showing us what his parents did to him by playing the part of his parents (angry/shaming big Trump) and abusing helpless, weak, baby Trumps (Obama, women, Dems, the planet, etc.). Those who approve of him get to play the ‘idealized-child-Trump’ his parents wished he was (smart, special, no one understands, one-of-the-boys, crafty, without morals…). The rest of us get to pay for what his parents did to him.

  5. Good lord, how terribly Freudian we’re all getting. I guess I missed the moment when Sigmund’s- “What Do Women Want?”- tarnished reputation was restored.
    Why do we always blame Mom? Maybe, Mrs. Trump was a physical and emotional victim of her abusive husband, Frederick Christ(!) Trump.

    • I think the psychologist on that thread was looking at why/how he is so fucked up. Mom or other female caregiver is brought up because of his (odd) statements about certain women and bleeding. He is not normal and why bleeding. I suppose instead of such attempts at analysis, we could simply conclude he is a crazy dumbass who shouldn’t be where he is today. At the other end of the spectrum, we have a NYT editorial today that is legitly comparing him to George Washington, Eisenhower, and even Nixon and trying to say he is worse. He is not normal.

  6. Whoever the mastermind behind putting Trump up to this, had figured out how to stoke racism, sexism, bigotry, all the wrong stuff within the Republican party and Trump was a perfect vehicle. I didn’t think there were enough such people to elect him but again, whoever were the mastermind, figured out the swing state electoral politics to a tee also. Good people were robbed in broad daylight.

    This thing has not been talked about at all. Why didn’t Obama administration or the Democrats do more to respond to voter suppression projects like crosscheck, gerrymandering, or voter ID laws when it was happening?

    • Obama is not a fighter. He clung to the fatuous notion that the Rethuglicans could be reasoned with.

      We needed Churchill, we got Chamberlain. 😡

      • Amen to that. One of Obama’s biggest flaws was that he thought he could reason with crazy people.

        • I don’t understand, given electoral politics in this country and the importance of swing states and election integrity in those states, that Democrats didn’t make a big noise about it all. What is with that? 8 years of Obama and even without Russia’s interference, the Rs seem to have an undue advantage in electoral politics, congress, state legislatures with their gerrymandered districts and crooked voter ID laws and corrupt practices. Now they are buying up all local media and they have Fox. They may even have NYT!

          • Obama first of all had no clue. He spent all of 2 years in the senate. He didn’t know that things were not going to be the buddy buddy good ole boy the way things operate in the senate. Secondly we elected an African American president before a lot of people in the country were ready for it hence the backlash. This country was no where near mature enough to deal with the issues of race in this country and I’m not sure it even is yet. Then of course you have the GOP coddling this mindset for decades enabling the childish nonsense. Obama never fought back against any of the voter ID laws or anything. So here we are.

        • “When they go low, we go high”

      • Love, love this comment.

        • I know what happened happened and we need to let go. But can we dare to dream what it would have been like if the rightful winner of 2008 primary was elected the president? She would have anticipated a number of things that would happen, the gutting of voting rights law being one of many and she would have fought tooth and nail with the Rs. Russia would not dare do what it did. This is how countries fall when wrong choices are made for reasons other than country first.

  7. Excellent thread on the travel ban and the definition of bona fide relationship of who is allowed in and who is not. Sinister as fuck. But not surprising coming from these mfers.

    • No grandparents also means no parents or aunts/uncles because they don’t want to leave behind their older parents. Very clever.

  8. Ever notice how white supremacists tend to be the worst living arguments for the alleged superiority of white folks?

    This poor mook looks like the love child of Sandra Bernhard and Billy Bob Thornton. 😆

  9. Never seen this before. A cardinal was eating the petunias in the pot on the deck rail (I had noticed torn flowers before but caught the little bastard red handed this evening). How about that! I bet it is the same cardinal that flew into the deck french doors and hit the glass with its beak every morning and evening. It stopped doing that.

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