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    • On Stubborn Facts and Partisan Identification
      There is vast confusion in the more active left about this, so let’s clear it up by way of Bernie Sanders. Clinton was more popular with POC and women than Sanders was. She was also more popular with old people. However Sanders is well liked by POC and women. Every survey I have seen shows […]
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Don Juan in Hell

“A movement which is confined to philosophers and honest men can never exercise any real political influence: there are too few of them. Until a movement shows itself capable of spreading among brigands, it can never hope for a political majority.”

                             – George Bernard Shaw

                                    Man and Superman


6 Responses

  1. I suspect Shaw is correct, which makes it all the more ironic that he supported the USSR for a while, because Stalin is a prime example of a brigand taking advantage of chaos to ascend to supreme power in a nation, as were the other dictators of that period.

    However, Shaw should have said “fools led by brigands”. For example, I do not think a majority of the rank and file of Rethuglican voters are scoundrels; rather, they are the dupes of scoundrels.

  2. We need brigands who take the advice of philosophers and honest people to run a movement. Back home, the brahmins as a group with their access to education are the most capable in terms of ideas and scruples but they never get into politics; it is the ruthless mfers who steal from the people who get into seats of power. This has always been the case, from Muslim invader kings to present day politicians. But some of them did better for using the intellectuals as advisors.

  3. This is a powerful rebuttal to the brigand sitting in the WH.

  4. Evidence of collusion…GOP “operative” spoke to media of getting Clinton emails from Russian hackers to give to Flynn, via Washington Post. Then, 2 weeks later, the operative was dead.

    • Correlation does not imply collusion?😉

      If you’re referring to that Peter Smith guy, it sounded like he’d been ratfucking since the early 90s. So, he wasn’t a young asshole. He was an older one.

      • Isikoff said this on Maddow tonight. Apparently Smith ran a ‘elf’ operation with a bunch of (unnamed?) lawyers in the Paula Jones case before SCOTUS, who were turning out polished/sophisticated briefs/arguments much to the surprise of others.

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