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    • The Roots of Trump’s Policy of Separating Children from Parents
      So, you’ve all heard about this by now. It is, obviously, a terrible crime. And yeah, evil. It is an extension of Obama’s policy of holding families (without splitting them up, but still in terrible conditions). If you want to understand the link, read this Twitter thread. Thread: How did we get here? In 2015, […]
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Good Question

Bernie was in Pittsburgh yesterday. I was supposed to go. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked my my lawn, whose grass was “as high as an elephant’s eye”. But I have friends who went. 

Anyway, Bernie asks a good question about Trumpcare that I invite our Trumpster lurkers to answer (don’t be shy. I know you’re there.): 

Oh, and don’t forget the old people who are about to be thrown out of Medicaid funded nursing homes. Or the mentally ill

Or women and their children. 

Or children with special needs

This is the Republican Congress at work. There is no one to stop them or Trump from ramming this, or any other selfishly cruel policy, through before 2018. Just a reminder to those of you who voted for these people that you voted for these people. 

Please don’t try to hide behind your morality. Anyone who enabled this hasn’t got a moral bone in their body. 


47 Responses

  1. Never eat fresh cherries on a white sofa unless you have removable slip covers
    And oxy clean.
    (This comment not sponsored by oxy clean)

  2. Can you explain how to export clips from You Tube to blogs and Facebook pages? I’m aged-like fine wine-and an ignoramus.

    • I avoid the Moron Exchange (my “affectionate” name for social media), so I don’t know how to use those platforms, but you can post YouTube clips on this blog readily,

      (1) Find the YT clip you want to post.

      (2) Go to its address bar and right-click your mouse.

      (3) Click “Select All”, unless the address is already highlighted.

      (4) Right-click again, then click “Copy”.

      (5) Come to this blog and left-click on a fresh “Leave A Reply” window. (Don’t use the blue “Reply” function because it pushes responses to the right and may cut off the right side of your YT clip.)

      (6) In the fresh window, right-click your mouse and then click “Paste”.

      (7) Add any words you want to add, then click “Post Comment”.

    • Comme ça:
      1. [
      2. youtube
      3. =
      4. http://urlforyouryoutubevideo
      5. ]

      No spaces.

  3. You, too, can post wacky foreign ads. 😛

  4. @Sweet Sue, Beneath each YouTube, there is a small curved arrow. That’s the share arrow. Click on it and the link will appear. Copy it and then paste wherever you want to add the YouTube. (Note: On my laptop, the word share is next to the arrow, but on my iPad it isn’t.)

    Someone else will have to explain how to do it on Facebook. Although I’m a member, I only joined to see what my daughter was posting. Then a few relatives and friends asked me to be a friend, so I agreed. But I never post anything myself.

    Roz in NJ/NYC

    • Roz, I only joined Facebook so I could comment on the Gene Kelly Fans page. I made the “mistake” of seeing “Singin’ In The Rain” on the big screen and now the genius from Pittsburgh is my new and forever swoon. I do post what I think are my pithy comments but the only friend I accepted was my husband of almost thirty two years-reluctantly!

  5. IBW posted while I was typing. His method seems a lot more complicated than the one I use.

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  6. I invite our Trumpster lurkers to answer (don’t be shy. I know you’re there.)

    I’ll be content if none of them show up, but perhaps they just haven’t answered you yet because they’ve gone out to buy adamantium-reinforced hockey masks, having realized that the leopards will get around to eating their faces fairly soon now. 😈

  7. Riverdaughter

    I don’t recall if you permit links. But I think this has some very useful info on how the criminal Health Insurance companies were able to ultimately hijack health care in this country. The NY Times these days is little more than a propaganda delivery device and lying rag. But in this instance it is neither.

  8. Thanks to IBW and Roz; I’ll give it a whirl but I really am a technical moron. Next stop: a Jitterbug!

  9. from a GOP senator — this is about Medicaid… er… the poor… er…screwing the poor… Next they will gun for social security…

  10. Maddow did an excellent segment on Medicaid I think on Thursday about who and what percent of the people use it. The numbers are big. What GOP, T, and the people who vote for them are doing is the tyranny of the minority.

  11. In California alone, MediCAID, known as Medi-CAL, keeps 500,000 aged and disabled seniors and children in their home or residence at a FRACTION of the cost versus any other kind of healthcare.
    Home Healthcare is the most cost effective form of health care, it actually reduces the tax revenue needed for their care versus any other alternative form of healthcare.

  12. I can’t print out comments from this site, anymore. Is that a new policy or is my printer less than optimal?

  13. see the replies. This is how a selfish and cruel Republican is born.

    • And yet the GOP wants to enact a national flat tax which would be about 33% tax on goods sold.

  14. What a heart rending story. Totally trumps the tale of how many people in wheelchairs will be eating Fancy Feast!

  15. SCOTUS lifted injunction on travel ban and will review. Only people who have demonstrated a prior relationship with an American entity can enter. That means no new immigrants/refugees. Why, o why?

    • Like I saw in a tweet, as with anything with this admin, this was all about politics and mostly to placate the supporters of their anti-Muslim attitude, and not rooted in sound immigration policy. He and his supporters will crow this as a victory.

      • Yes, crowing is heavy out there. Ban applies from now until October (when they hear the case) only to those without visas. SCOTUS decision requiring lawyers on both sides to answer whether or not all this is moot, since the ban expired 6/14/17, and some of the decision is snarky toward Admin. No one reporting that, of course. UpholdTheseRights.com/MuslimBan.html has link to decision.

        We learned a lot about Gorsuch today. He, Thomas, and Alito said they wanted to uphold the entire ban. Gorsuch also voted today against the majority against states being required to put same-sex parent names on birth certificates, and with the anti-separation of Church and State playground decision (only Ginsberg & Sotomayor dissented). We are in for a really rough ride. We knew it would be bad, but Gorsuch looks to be amongst the most extreme conservative Justices ever.

  16. What happens when people are not able to stay in nursing homes and hospitals need to go back to giving charity care for the people who are again without coverage? Nursing homes and hospitals go out of business, leaving their staff unemployed, leading to more people losing their health insurance, leading to more charity care. Oops, those hospitals already went under. Health care is 1/6 of our economy and it really relies on customers being able to pay..

  17. I had a tooth extraction on Friday and had to beg the dentist for a ten pill prescription for Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen. They got me through the weekend but this morning, I woke up with considerable pain at the wound and injection sites.
    I called the dentist and asked for one more, ten pill Rx. The assistant checked with the doctor and called me back to say no because pharmacies are cracking down on such scrips and suggested I take Advil. Advil?
    I said, “thanks for nothing, ” and hung up. I’m just grateful I controlled myself and didn’t say “Fuck you.”
    I’ve never felt so condescended to in my life. I’m sixty six years old and know my mouth and what level of pain I can tolerate and what I can’t. What did they think I would do with ten pills-get hooked; become a drug king pin??
    Every response to every problem is ass backward now. So, there’s a fentanyl problem in Ohio? So I can’t get adequate pain relief? Can you imagine how many people are going to suffer because of the big crackdown at CVS?
    Meanwhile, there’s nothing in Trumpcare to address the opioid problem and certainly nothing for rehab and drug development.
    As my sister says people don’t become addicted to pain relief, they become addicted to pain free lives.

  18. What was the video? It has been removed.

    I haven’t been following the news about the proposed health insurance law, but I assume it’s going to be Paul Ryan’s agenda. Trump is likely having to play ball with the cuckservatives, as a condition of their not throwing in with the left/deep state coup against him. This is to a large extent your (the left’s) doing. Trump repeatedly expressed openness in the past to a single-payer kind of system, but the #Resistance has forced him into an uncomfortable alliance with the Ryan cuckservatives just to preserve his existence.

    More broadly, though, you may have noticed the USA’s cold civil war slowly accelerating towards a hot one. How do you think Americans in 1941 would have liked being asked to sacrifice their earnings to subsidize health insurance for Japanese civilians? That’s increasingly where we’re headed. A national health care solution would address cost as a top priority — not coincidentally, Obamacare conspicuously avoided that, and instead its main achievement was taking money from Americans to pay the exorbitant health insurance rates for the hordes of impoverished non-American Democrat voters.

    • Shorter Blizzy: “Sieg Heil!” 😛

    • “the hordes of impoverished non-American Democrat voters”

      Oh my! people still believe this real fake news? What do you know about medicaid and who uses it? Do some fucking research.The tax cuts the buffoon promises comes to me even though I don’t need it. But I care about taking care of people in need which is what the government is there for. Yeah, some waste, some fraud (like Trump like people abusing the government and cutting corners) should be expected but by and large it works for people who most need the services. You Republicans are all cruel motherfuckers.

      • @pm317, I assure that the ongoing invasion of tens of millions of foreigners via the 1965 Hart Cellar act is neither fake, nor news. The only fake part is the claim that these 3rd world victims of the globalists’ scab labor/vote farm schemes are American.

        • Where did your ancestors come from? Immigrants are coming here of their own will and subject to US immigration policy by and large and capitalism (your own creation), baby! Those others who are here through the cracks, well, think of their humanity and this country has the means and resources to absorb them. Like I said, this is about punishing your own you dislike and not even the ‘unwanteds’ and you republicans are heartless monsters.

          • You don’t like it, but the founding core of America was WASPs. White Christians, basically. What it means to be “American” has of course expanded considerably since then, but your fellow leftists are trying to expand it beyond the breaking point. If everyone is an American, then no one is.

            This is a core issue. Trump’s campaign was that we need to take care of our fellow Americans, but we also need to stop letting any criminal wetback with an iphone and his dog get citizenship. The left’s response was basically, “f**k you DRUMPF, Mohammed and and Paco are more American than any descendant of Jamestown.” And here we are. Your and your fellow leftists chose to die on the hill of advocating for unlimited Muslim immigration.

          • The first Jewish synagogue in America was established in 1763 in Rhode Island. The first Muslim in America came to Arizona and New Mexico with the Spanish in the 16th century. That’s right, he beat the WASPs by about 100 years. The WASPs were unwanted immigrants. Just ask the Iroquois nation who was here first.
            And some of my ancestors were poor Irish Catholics. I’m not going back to Ireland.

            Why do you Trump supporters act like such sucky loser girly men who can’t deal with little housekeeping ladies from Guatemala??

            Poor Blizz. They want your money and your precious bodily fluids.

            Not only wimps but just plain dumb. *Your* taxes are not going to decrease in any way that you would notice. How come you’re not rich yet??

            And none of the muslims I know have time to go all jihadi on your ass. They’re too busy driving their kids to soccer practice and making dinner after work.

          • Poor ignorant Blizzard, did no elementary geography or history teacher explain to wee blizzard and his fellow students that 12,000 years ago, North Eastern Asians crossed over a land bridge from Siberia to Alaska? Then, they continued to migrate (you know that word, don’t you?) down to North and South America.
            Hence, we all have what Christopher Columbus, in ignorance, called “Indians.”

          • Why do you Trump supporters act like such sucky loser girly men who can’t deal with little housekeeping ladies from Guatemala??

            Who says they’re acting? 😈

        • Oh my fucking god, I suppose we have to talk about the white christian American nation. That ship sailed long time ago. You can blame your immigration policy over the decades for that or yourself and your white christian ancestors and cohorts for it — because you didn’t produce enough of your white Christians or you did but they were not able enough that you had to import people from all around the world to run and build this country, not just ordinary people but creme de la creme, because why not, you were the one choosing — as in the 70s when you had a doctor shortage, you had to import those goddamn brown Indians in hordes or engineers in the 80s. You had to fill those damn universities with foreign students to keep them afloat because there were not enough able while christian bodies to fill them, or…

          About Mohammads are coming! Mohammads are coming! what are you afraid of? This is a nation of laws, enforce your damn laws when some of them bring their wretched ideas here. As for me, most of the mohammads I have seen are intellectuals, entrepreneurs, inventors, and techies (because I am smart to find work where I see these people everyday). Where do you work, BTW?

          About Pacos are coming! Pacos are coming!: these are people who want to give their kids a better future, just like your ancestors who came here — I am assuming they were not rich or wealthy looking at you here whining about the brownies in Trump era. But at least the Pacos I know are religious, God fearing people who are good people. They are ready to clean my toilets and tend to my garden so that their kids can get an education and a better life. When can I expect you at my house to clean my toilets and tend to my garden, because it is a job, somebody has to do it and I will pay good money for it. Dignity of labor, my friend, a unique American concept heralded all over the world and adopted because, you know, we are all humans.

          So in a nutshell, US immigration policies brought the best and the brightest from all over the world in search of a unique idea called the American Dream. They built the America you see today. But you find yourself incompetent in their face and now you want to cry foul, er, white American here! Does not work that way. The brownies are here to stay because they built it too and they are Americans too.

          Mohammads and Pacos are not any more Americans than the Jamestown people but they are Americans. The left finds the need to protect them because of people like you.

          If you think a particular immigration policy is out of whack and needs fixing to help local population work on it. Don’t become neanderthals raging over your own with your inhumanity. Don’t fall for some idiot proclaiming Muslim ban from some inconsequential countries when the same idiot is cow towing to the biggest exporter of extremism there is, Saudi Arabia.

          Be smart with a heart.

          • One irony among many: Trump is basically a 90’s Democrat. You guys are so far off the reservation with your messianic shitlib cult that you can’t even see it.

          • You realize that your comment doesn’t track, don’t you?
            People are human beings.

            I think you and the rest of the Trump contingent have lost the plot.

          • I think you and the rest of the Trump contingent have lost the plot.

            What makes you think they had the plot in the first place?

            Their candidate “won” only because the Russian Federation committed an act of war against the United States of America, which should be answered with every retaliatory measure short of a literal shooting war.

    • Um, I’m American. I don’t mind paying for health insurance for kids, women, older people, the disabled and the mentally ill. I don’t care where they’re from.
      They’re HUMAN BEINGS, not objects.

      • I don’t mind, either, because that is what my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would want me to do–and He rather outranks Blizzy and his ilk.

        (The commandment against using the LORD’s name in vain is why I pretend to worship my sweet fictional goddess Madoka when I want to make a humorous reference to divinity, rather as an Englishman of a certain period might say, “By Jove!”, even though he did not believe Jove/Jupiter truly existed (the Roman god, not the planet named after him).

    • More broadly, though, you may have noticed the USA’s cold civil war slowly accelerating towards a hot one.

      *yawns in Blizzy’s face*

      I doubt you keyboard commandos have the sand for that.

      And if I’m wrong, and one of your lot shoots me dead? BFHD, I’ll just be going to a better world.

      • Right! Trump and his supporters are a temporary aberration and will not last and this is more a reaction to the rest of the world catching up and becoming more equal. These people should be fighting the corruption, kleptocracy, and the wealthy billionaires hoarding and trying to run the government still not help them (heard of an idiot called Trump?). Instead they are going after people who don’t look like they do (which includes their own that are poor and vulnerable).

  19. Hope this Blizz guy is not a 64 year old with a silver plan making around 58K…

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