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    pm317 on #womensmarch2018 Pittsburgh.
    riverdaughter on #womensmarch2018 Pittsburgh.
    pm317 on #womensmarch2018 Pittsburgh.
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Cadet Bone Spurs vs The Q…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Cadet Bone Spurs vs The Q…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Cadet Bone Spurs vs The Q…
    riverdaughter on Nobody puts Tammy in a co…
    pm317 on Nobody puts Tammy in a co…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Nobody puts Tammy in a co…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Nobody puts Tammy in a co…
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    • Sears Canada Steals Pensions
      So, Sears Canada went bankrupt. Their pension fund is underfunded. Pensioners will be screwed. As usual, before going bankrupt Sears paid large dividends and bonuses to its executives, but somehow didn’t have the money for its pension. This isn’t, but should be, illegal. Apologists may claim that if it’s legal, it’s not theft, but justice […]
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Kliff Notes. 

Sarah Kliff at Vox gives us the break down of the Better Health Care Reconciliation Act or whatever the fuck the Republicans are calling it these days.

Let’s call it Trumpcare. 

Courtesy of Trump and the Granny Starvers, the meanest people on earth (or a really sucky ska band).


15 Responses

  1. Courtesy of Trump and the Granny Starvers, the meanest people on Earth

    And their voters, the Stupid White Folks, mostly of suburbia and exurbia (popular myth notwithstanding)–the DUMBEST people on Earth. 😡

    Once again, Tsar Vladimir wants to thank the Stupid White Folks for making his job so much easier, by weakening the country they incessantly claim to love so much more than the rest of us do.

    • Courtesy of areyousorryyet.com:

      Typical Stupid White Dude, Part 1.

      • Typical Stupid White Dude, Part 2.

        “WAAAAHHH! When I voted for the Leopards Eating Human Faces Party, the leopards weren’t supposed to eat MY face!” 😈

        • Once again, Mr. Mencken:

          “Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want–and deserve to get it, good and hard.” 😈

          Of course, the problem with that is that those of us who deserve better will also get what the mean and stupid people deserve. 😡

  2. Flood Edition.

  3. The pics of police dragging people out of their wheelchairs as they protest ACHA outside McConnell’s office are going to come back to haunt GOP next year.

    They don’t care. Why? Either it’s blackmail, they’ve been promised cushy post-Congressional jobs by the pharma/insurance industry, or they know something about the voting machines we don’t know.

    • I liked Maddow’s segment last night about ADAPT protesters and what they have done over the decades for disabled people. I actually cried looking at the videos and how this thing they call healthcare impacts that segment of the population. What cruel motherfuckers we have in GOP!

  4. In case anyone needs this, or knows someone who does (or will): http://www.nafcclinics.org National Assoc. of Free and Charitable Health Clinics. Good time to donate to the free clinic near you. 😥

  5. Stop this motherfucker… STOP. HIM.

    • The only opposition party in this country, the Democrats have an opportunity to show themselves as compassionate, as standing up to corruption, inhumanity, degradation, tyranny, reckless abandonment and greed, cruelty and on and on in the age of Trump. And, this motherfucker wants to take that away and muddle the message? Get the fuck out of here if you don’t see who the enemy is at this moment. God, I get so angry looking at this motherfucker. First he interferes with the election and ruins it for the Democrats and now he acts like everything is normal politics. NO!

    • Looks like his wife is being investigated for bank fraud.

      • Yep. saw that she has lawyered up. They are lucky that more negative stuff didn’t come out during the campaign.

  6. This is a travesty. I would say the Trump fuckers are not even trying anymore but when have they tried at all?

  7. Driftglass explains how we got here.

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