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    pm317 on Stroll: Watercolor in the…
    pm317 on Stroll: Watercolor in the…
    pm317 on Stroll: Watercolor in the…
    riverdaughter on Stroll: Watercolor in the…
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    • On Stubborn Facts and Partisan Identification
      There is vast confusion in the more active left about this, so let’s clear it up by way of Bernie Sanders. Clinton was more popular with POC and women than Sanders was. She was also more popular with old people. However Sanders is well liked by POC and women. Every survey I have seen shows […]
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10 Responses

  1. Well, I expect that the Bernouts will now inundate all liberal-leaning sites with the fable that Ossoff would have won it, if only he had turned himself into a faithful clone-disciple of Dear Leader Sandcrab. 🙄

    Also, once again, Tsar Vladimir would like to thank the Stupid White Folks of Real Murka for swallowing the “conservative” confidence scheme for nearly 50 years now, and thus weakening the USA. 😡

    • If they think sandcrab would have done better in this district they are truly clueless. He got wiped out in the primary and that was just Democrats. If even democrats won’t vote for him in this district I guess they must think that magical unicorns are going to show up to vote.

      • You deny the reality of magical unicorns? Heretic! Blasphemer! 😉

  2. I thought this opinion from the NYT was interesting. Although Ossoff lost, he lost by 3.8% in a district that Pruitt won by larger margins less than 8 months.

    As Ivory Bill predicts, I’m sure that the loss will become part of the argument that Democrats must become more progressive, but that will lose the center to the Repugnants by going farther left then the center is willing to go.

    • My mistake. Here is the piece I meant to copy and paste (although I do like Krugman’s grouping of Repugnants with zombies and vampires).

  3. White, suburban, affluent and NIMBY crowd. Democrats have to start talking about Trump and how corrupt and maybe even criminal he is. I have seen tweets from seemingly reasonable people who still say ‘give him a chance, he is a businessman and not a politician.’ I blame the media. FUCK THE MEDIA.

  4. Generic D vs. actual D in special elections… these are the numbers to look at for 2018.

    • And that +8 is in GOP districts. We’ve yet to see any numbers in swing districts or less Republican districts.

  5. Off topic:

    “I will not be ignored.” 😛

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