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Well they would, wouldn’t they

Conservatives blame the left for yesterday’s shooting.  

Let’s just forget about Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and Trump himself for stirring up trouble. 

So typical of these guys. They push people to the breaking point and then when someone acts out, they point fingers and say “Bad lefties!”.  Now will come the demands for apologies and the guilt trips. 

“He who is without sin…”

Meanwhile, how is the NRA doing in Congress today?  


35 Responses

  1. From the mouth (well, keyboard) of the Cannon:

    Yes, We SHOULD Blame Bernie

    • word IBW?

      You are holding Sanders responsible for the action of 1 alleged voter of his? When Sanders has a career track record of speaken against violence, certainly much more than your Dear Leader racist “Superpredator”-labeling, psychopathically-laughing-at-Khadafi-getting-knife-sodomized-murdered, HClinton?

      IBW, case study of http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Poe's_Law . An observer cannot determine if internet-commenter IBW is a sincere extremist, or a parody of an extremist.

      RD, if this IBW comment isn’t ban-worthy, what is?!

      • We are adults here. Presumably we are on the same side. We can engage in healthy debate.
        But I’m the boss of this blog. I can take recommendations but occasionally I like to add a little heat.
        We don’t get down in the dirt enough. Just don’t get personal or you will be asked to take it outside.

        • I’d guess this person is either ProNewerDeal or, less likely, R U Reddy under another nom de Web.

          IIRC, PND was a bit more histrionic than RUR, hence my guess.

      • “Take your Ritalin, man.” 😆

        • @RD: Spammy’s mad at me again. Is it because I mentioned two certain individuals who once posted here, one of whom I suspect posted here today under another name?

    • (i think my comment got auto-censored due to a URL link, which I remove here in a repost attempt)

      word IBW?

      You are holding Sanders responsible for the action of 1 alleged voter of his? When Sanders has a career track record of speaken against violence, certainly much more than your Dear Leader racist “Superpredator”-labeling, psychopathically-laughing-at-Khadafi-getting-knife-sodomized-murdered, HClinton?

      IBW, case study of Poe’s Law, read the overview on rationalwiki dot org if curious . An observer cannot determine if internet-commenter IBW is a sincere extremist, or a parody of an extremist.

      RD, if this IBW comment isn’t ban-worthy, what is?!

      • Just a heads up that there is an auto filter on our comments page. It automatically dumps certain comments into a moderation queue for my approval. It’s rare for me to not approve a comment but I did specify what words would trigger moderation and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

  2. pundit Jimmy Dore “Trump is not the problem, Trump is a SYMPTOM of the problem, the problem is 36+ yrs of NEOLIBERALISM”.


    • Hillary would have won if Bernie had been more supportive.
      I campaigned for her
      I believed in her
      I think she would have made an awesome president.
      And if you didn’t vote for her, then you helped elect the worst candidate in US history to a position he was vastly underqualified for and many people, millions of men, women and especially children, are going to pay for that.
      We should judge the goodness of a country by how well it treats its children.

      • “Hillary would have won if Bernie had been more supportive.”

        How SPECIFICALLY was Sanders insufficiently supportive? Sanders campaigned across the nation for Hillary, even though Hillary & the DNC Primary election-robbed (even experts like Prof. Noam Chomsky have stated it) Sanders as much as how Bush43 & his bro Gov Jeb election-robbed Gore in the Nov. 2000 election. Sanders did so despite the fact many of his Primary voters urged him to join or support the Green Ticket with Dr. Jill Stein (Recall on politicalcompass dot org, Standers & Stein are very similar on policy in the Left Libertarian quadrant; whereas HClinton & Trump are very similar to each other in the Right Authoritarian quadrant. In other words, HClinton is closer in policy to Trump than she is to Sanders).

        Furthermore, even if one stipulates that there was in Insufficient Support Gap of Sanders supporting Trump, it is unwise to assume this incremental additional support would swing the election to HClinton. HClinton was the 2nd most unpopular disapproval D/R Pres candidate since 1980, 2nd only to the most disapproved ConManD0n, who she couldn’t even defeat. HClinton labeled half of ConManD0n supporters as Deplorable, a MintRawMoney 47% insufferable arrogant move. Rust belt voters were sick of 36+ years of Reagan/Thatcher/Clinton/0bama neoliberalism, & willing to gamble the with the Unknown Devil ConManD0n vs the Known Neoliberal Devil HClinton. Many such Rust Belterswere factory workers or university-degreed knowledge workers now Type 1 Overqualified Underemployed in UberWalmart sub $10-$15/hr jobs.

        • What do you mean by “Bernie would have won?” He couldn’t secure the nomination. What a bonehead move it was for the Democratic Party to allow an Independent socialist to run for the nom.
          Closed primaries (no caucuses) and only Dems need apply.

          • Likewise, the GOP needs to adopt the DP’s superdelegate system. If they already had one last year, the Tangerine Caligula could never have become their candidate.

        • Yeah, she was so unpopular she actually won the popular vote.

          Also, it now looks like the Ivans managed to penetrate the voting systems of–whoopsie, 39 states! Not that the pure and noble Vlad Putin would ever dream of interfering with our elections to install a stooge on whom he had plenty of juicy kompromat, nosirreebob! 😉

    • Mr. Cannon again:

      50 Reasons Why Sanders Would Lose All 50 States 😛

    • What I really LOVE about Sanders today is that he and Rand Paul were the ONLY two non-Republicans (bc he isn’t a Dem) to vote AGAINST sanctions against Russia.


  3. Thunderstorm coming in. I’m on the sun porch watching it. So good!
    Just put the lawnmower away in the nick of time.

  4. Until the Republicans rein in their Media attack dogs (particularly the ones on hate radio) they can talk to the hand.
    Also, re the Senate vote on not lifting the sanctions against Russia (98 to 2!), what exactly does Putin hold over Sanders??

    • Yeah, what exactly does Putin have on Sanders? I have been asking that question since I saw his venomous and disingenuous rhetoric in the campaign, hurting Hillary and the Dems. The mfer has a bunch of homes and made millions last year, how many do you need? If anybody gave him money for the fucking speeches he made, he would have taken it. Instead he got a whole generation of gullible fuckers who don’t know sh*t about governing. What about his wife misusing and abusing her way in that college she ran as president? Sounds like corruption you say? At least Nader had the integrity to remain and run as an independent unlike this guy who poached off of the Democrats for resources and votes and stabbed them in the back. Everything he has done after the election has only strengthened my view of this mfer and the fuckers who defend him. He is a threat to the Democrats and a threat to our unified front against the biggest danger that is Trump. F.U.C.K B.E.R.N.I.E!

      • St. Bernard publicly held some weird views on sexuality back in his younger days.

        Maybe he acted on them long ago, while he was in the old USSR?

        Maybe Putin has audio-visual evidence of that?

        “It would be irresponsible not to speculate…” 😈

        • Doesn’t he have a son “born out of wedlock?’
          Can you imagine if Hillary…?

        • Wow, excellent point. He and his USSR connections. And what about that Tad Devine and his more recent Russian connections?

      • I like you.

      • Yeah, no praise for the Sandcrab from me either. He should have run as a socialist Independent, and he could have led his revolution from his own platform. Many Bernie supporters voted for Trump, so that says a lot.

  5. Tidbit… had dinner at our neighborhood restaurant last evening. In walks behind us Mark Shields of NPR fame. We finish our dinner and walk out and the first thing my husband says to me was that he was very surprised that I didn’t go up to Shields to talk. Yeah, I was/am disgusted by everyone of these media fuckers and I had to restrain myself from going up to him and blurting out something I regretted later.

  6. Would you be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no feeu; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.


  7. This literally makes me cry. You wish you could have had Hillary! Fuckers.

  8. THIS! Immigrants like me get this more than anybody in this country.

  9. RD, can you do anything about those Madoka-damned moving ads that load with your site sometimes. I can stop them when I remember about them, but I forgot this time, and went off to do something else for a few minutes, AND THEY RAN MY LAPTOP UP TO 81 DEGREES CELSIUS!!! 😡

    • ayayayay, I never get those ads. Maybe it’s time to upgrade the WordPress account.

  10. ACA/ACHA repeal/replace vote is planned for the end of next week.

    McConnell is “allowing” Dems (and the public) only 10 hours to read the bill and vote on it. Now is the time to take action on this. It’s a horror: http://www.UpholdTheseRights.com/Healthcare.html

    The ACHA removes pre-existing coverage protections for depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, addiction, and a host of other mental conditions, as well as classing obesity, hepatitis, HIV, diabetes, hospitalization, pregnancy or being the partner of a pregnant person, etc.–basically, almost everything–as a pre-existing condition and therefore subject to high-risk pool (premiums $10K-$25K/yr and up).

    A pre-existing condition is something one had or was ever treated for prior to obtaining insurance coverage from a specific carrier.

    GOP will make out like bandits and people will actually die.

    Everyone is tired, and people are in “June/summer denial.” I hope the resistance is still out there and active.

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