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Live by the sword…?

Republican representative and house majority whip Steve Scalise was shot today during a baseball game. Others were injured as well. 

Rand Paul says he heard 50-60 shots. 

If the new silencer bill is passed and enacted, noise pollution from firearms won’t be a problem anymore. 

I wish Scalise well. Will it change his attitude about guns?  Maybe. He is the Whip. 

Don’t get mad. Get even. 2018 is coming. 

31 Responses

  1. …die by the sword?

    One wonders if this will change any hearts and minds.

    We are thinking alike this morning.

    It also occurred to me what the pro-gun lobby posits when something like this incident happens, i.e., that if someone in the group that was being shot at had a gun, they could have taken out the shooter. It does not seem to occur to the pro-gun lobby the confusion that could follow of two groups shooting at each other and the police trying to figure out who shot first.

  2. If the shooter is a man of the Left, then thanks for nothing, numbskull.

    The weight of evidence to the contrary, the wingnut media has been trying for some time to portray the USAmerican Left as more violent than the USAmerican Right, and now this doofus strengthens their case.

    I say “if” at first, because this could be someone with a personal grudge against one or more of the Congressmen. Alternatively, I wouldn’t put it past Putin’s henchmen to have cultivated this jerk, like the FBI cultivates jihadis before busting them.

    • Saw a reporter tweet that the suspect campaigned for Bernie in Iowa. There is a lefty fringe angered by Bernie and his cohorts and they are still trying to take over the Dem party; a righty fringe angered and led by Trump already took over the GOP and is trying to run the country. This has to STOP. The majority in the middle from both parties are scratching their heads and screaming how this all happened. They better shake things up before the country is completely lost.

      • Any politician (we have one leading the country and the other trying to lead the opposition party) inciting anger and fear should be shunned!

  3. Those Republican Congressmen shaking and crying about the terrible shooting make me want to scream.
    How do they think those little kids in Connecticut felt? Do they ever, ever contemplate what kind of hell they went through?

  4. The theme of 2016 election was anger and remember that Hillary did not adopt that tactic. She knew it would not work for a woman and more importantly she knew it was not the right thing to do.

  5. Reppublicans have ginned up hatred. Now the monster they created has turned on them.

    • This was a monster ginned up by Bernie and co. Portland guy was Trump’s. Let us keep the ownership clear so we can deal with both mfers.

      • Again, this might be a monster ginned up by Putin’s henchmen.

        • You may be right. Apparently he voted for Jill Stein.

          • Since my last post, I learned this creep had a history of violent and otherwise erratic behavior.

            He probably would have gone berserk some day, even if the Far Left and Far Right in this country both served as models of civilized discourse.

    • You misspelled Dems and mainstream media.

    • Seriously, you come up with that while MSM makes comparisons of Trump to Hitler? Gives air time to idiots screaming “23 million people will die without [this useless Insurance giveaway known as Obamacare]”??

      • Hey, one of those 23 million may be a family member of mine.

        Enjoy your visit. I fear it may be cut short.

      • Do you remember when Trump said Second Amendment people could take care of Hillary?
        Don’t be such a hypocrite.
        Let’s not forget that Donny boasted that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.
        The incendiary language almost always comes from the Reich, sorry, the right.

      • BM, “creepy ex-Webfriend turned blogstalker” is not a good look for you. 😛

        I think I hear your Fever Swamp calling you to return.


        @RD: I won’t get mad if you want to edit that out. :mrgreen:

  6. #leadership

    • Oh, bugger off, Bernie.

    • +1

      #BernieWouldveWon #ProScience (Stats 101 – polling)

      • The creationists can come up with all kinds of “scientific proofs” for their preferred brand of nonsense, too. 😛

  7. Unfortunately this episode, in the minds of Republican politicians, just proves that if everyone had a gun, the gunman would be stopped.

    • Why didn’t any one of those stalwart, Second Amendment loving rock ribbed Republicans open fire?

  8. I forget where I read this, but the shooter was the right age that the ultimate cause of his madness might be Lead In The Head (mostly from leaded gasoline).

    It’s amazing how we used to think the atmosphere was an infinitely large sewer into which we could dump any poison, in any quantity.

  9. Huh. The link did not seem to form properly. I’ll try one more time, and then give up.

    Click here

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