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WTF does he mean??

Trump is having another covfefe moment. This time, he is planning a “Pittsburgh, not Paris” rally to celebrate getting out of the global climate accord. 


I don’t even know what that means. Clinton won Allegheny County by 14000 more votes in 2016 than Obama won it in 2012. Pittsburgh is NOT Trump Country. The collective IQ here is still pretty high. Most of us are literate. We don’t even need secret hand signals to identify ourselves. We can easily avoid the raving fanboys and sTrumpets who bore us to death from their portable tables in the mall.

The Trump supporters here are outnumbered. They just haven’t come to accept it and understand that we consider  their willful ignorance tedious.

Or does he mean that Pittsburgh circa 1960 will become the new model with all the pollution from the coal generated smoke and sandblasting that turned our air into a dirty chunky mess? Like this?  

Well, this is what happens when you never actually get out of your vehicle on the way to your pre-election rallies. The steel mills are mostly gone and Pittsburgh is a robotics and IT center these days with a well educated urban population. Oh sure, there are Trump people here who can’t be reasoned with but like I said, they are outnumbered. 

Pittsburgh belongs to the rest of us. Don’t drag our beautiful, clean city into your stupid fight with the rest of the planet, Donald. 

9 Responses

  1. WTF does he mean? I think some idiot on his team thinks Pittsburgh conjures up big burly (white) men and not French p*ssies. Having seen the other side on Althouse up and close, they have been indoctrinated about climate change being an ultra liberal boondoggle. And the lies when he says it is a wealth transfer from US to rest of the world play especially well with his voters. He is not good for the USA or the world but he has been especially good and has been very successful for his (Russian and other) handlers in bringing down America and negating her positive presence and influence on the world stage. He is anti-USA and a traitor.His supporters are woefully inadequate to see this.

    • We’ve big white men in Pittsburgh. They’re just as likely to be liberals. And this is a pretty diverse city. To be honest, I don’t know any Trump supporters personally. I take that back. I know ONE. Everyone else either voted for Hillary or was too disgusted to vote. The disgusted ones REALLY don’t like Trump. He’s not popular here.
      Oh, I’m sure there are pockets of trump supporters who think he’s got a massive following here in Pittsburgh but the numbers don’t lie. This is a Democratic city that went for Hillary very comfortably. If he comes here for a rally, I would expect protests, especially in the Oakland area.
      And it’s clean and pretty.

      • I have been to Pittsburgh multiple times and liked it a lot — had a collaboration thing going with a CMU faculty for a couple of years. When has the reality stood in the way of their lies though. They think Pittsburgh not Paris, the alliteration sounds good. And they are also bringing back nostalgia for rugged manufacturing and coal mines and so on. He and his team are stoking the brawn and not the brain (liberal) fantasy.

  2. Do we have any guitar players here? I have a guitar that I want to learn to play and plenty of time on my hands right now. I want to learn this song:

    Is this a reasonable starting place or should I pick something simpler? I found the chords online. There aren’t too many {{gulp!}}
    I just want to learn to play the blues so I can eventually sit on my back patio and sing Stormy Monday.

    • When I would do a google search for help with some aspect of knitting (I’m mostly self-taught as I am left-handed) google would list videos on You Tube. If you are a left-handed knitter you do certain stitches differently than a right-handed knitter would to achieve the right effect.

      So as I have gone to You Tube to listen to music, I’ve come across instructional videos.

      If it is helpful, there were two videos for Sam Cooke’s “Bring it on Home.” There may be more.

      If you want an instructional video for knitting, I recommend cyberseams who offers knitting videos for right-handed or left-handed knitters.

      Hope these help and let me know if you want any help with knitting.

  3. Remember this? Why isn’t the media rubbing it in his face with 1001 articles and headlines? My niece’s husband’s brother in CA voted for the buffoon because he would be tough on those mfers. I want to ask him what he thinks now and how many more like him are there out there?

  4. If trump shows do will a number of people from outlying counties … Pittsburgh metro area

    • Probably. But numbers don’t lie, greg. You and I canvassed our asses off in Pittsburgh and it paid off. He didn’t win Pittsburgh.
      We didn’t ask him to represent us.
      And if those Trump people from the outlying suburbs want him to be their personal big brother, they should move closer to town. Like in OUR suburb.
      Nooooo, they would never do that. It amuses me when some long time pittsburghers won’t go to East Liberty because they think it’s still dangerous. They have no idea there’s a google, west elm, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods down there. It’s not even laid out the same way. I’ll bet I couldn’t find the house my grandfather grew up in if I tried.
      But if they really want to consider themselves as Pittsburghers, then they should move closer to the actual city, not hide out in their McMansions deep in the boonies of Westmoreland county.

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