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      (MANDOS POST MANDOS POST MANDOS POST MANDOS POST) In a weird twist of fate, American liberals and (some) leftists are finding themselves in the non-traditional position of standing in the “hawk” corner, while (some) American conservatives under Trump are in the position of wanting to cut deals with so-called traditional enemies of the USA.  Whether […] […]
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A Cry for help

We are pulling out of the Paris climate accord.
That’s right, the US and the world is being held hostage by a bunch of rich oil barons who will extract as much fossil fuel out of the ground and as much money out of our wallets as they can before they die. Because, what do they care what happens to the planet?  THEY’LL BE DEAD. 

In other news, slutty women will have to pay for their own birth control and get a fricking lecture from moralistic bible thumpers. 

God really needs to step up the efforts on a rewrite. And clean up the prose this time. No one can understand you. 

And then there’s the NIH budget that Trump proposes to cut by 18%. Killing cancer research is a lot like siding with VD. You just can’t quite wrap your head around it. 

But whatever. This is what retired old white dudes who watch Fox News non-stop want. I’m not sure what’s in it for the rest of the Trump voters. 

I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Too bad we’re chained to them as they head over the cliff. 


I realize that keeping up with government by stoopid whose primary goal seems to be pissing off everyone who didn’t vote for it can be exhausting. It’s like whack a mole. Where do you focus your attention? Isn’t it just easier to become apathetic? 

Yes, yes it *is* easier. Because at this point, there seems to be no one in the Republican Party who is willing to object to any of the Trump agenda. He’s only doing what “Christian” conservatives, grumpy old people and mean spirited, nationalist, conscienceless and irrationally resentful Fox News lovers want. 

We are unlikely to make any headway with them at this point on any policy initiative unless it is in their own self interest to stop the crazy. And yes, it is crazy. None of this makes any sense. But it feeds the rage of people who do not understand cause and effect. Even college can’t learn some people good. 

Where we CAN make a difference is by focusing our attention on where the Trump administration is trying to evade the law and ethics. The quickest route to a scary regime is to let the leaders get away with breaking laws without consequences. 

We may not be able to hold them accountable for illegal actions but we sure as fuck don’t have to make it easy. 


Sorry I’ve been absent for much of the last six months. I was distracted. I am better now. Ok, I have some new distractions but with any luck, they will be of short duration. There will be more posts.  

Get ready to volunteer to campaign next year. Your goal is to get as many non-voters to the polls as possible. 

More later on Andrew Therriault’s criticism on Clinton’s use of data from someone who 1.) did some data analysis in a previous life and 2.) ran a staging location for Clinton’s campaign last November. That would be me. 


13 Responses

  1. Most of our business community, including most of the fossil fuel business community, for the love of the Ascended Madoka, wanted the USA to remain a member of the Accords.

    But DJ Vladdy Poot has only one hope of pulling his country out of the economic doldrums, and that is massive expansion of fossil fuel use, because his country has plenty of those to sell.

    And Preznit Covfefe’s orange @$$ belongs to DJ Vladdy Poot.

    Simple as that. 😡

  2. I think the data gurus are whining by ignoring the context in which she said it, which was in comparison to the RNC flush with money and other things. She may have been taking a swipe at Obama as the leader of the party for not doing enough for the DNC. She also listed all the things that RNC did including netflix documentaries and such propaganda items. Hey, they have Fox and we had NYT, CNN, and even MSNBC doing both siderism and emails. They had the Russians and we had nothing. But most of all, how do you account for real time voter suppression at the polls, by as much as 200-300k in Wisc who were turned away at the polls when you would have accounted for them as possibly voting for her?

  3. A tidbit discovered this morning. Megyn Kelly in her cocktail dress was ready to do her ONE on ONE with the Russian. But alas, like a fly in the ointment, Modi was also there and she appears to have not known about it or if she did, she lied that it was a one on one. Whatever, she ignored Modi. Indians in India are offended but they should not be. She was duped and Putin made her look like a fool.

  4. Even if sanity can be restored in 2018 and 2020, how can the other nations of the world be certain that Snoop Pooty Poot won’t be able to engineer more of his stooges into the White House and Congress, in the next elections after those?

    Snoop Pooty Poot has shown that he can play our country’s vast population of Stupid White Folks like a Stradivarius, and they’re not going anywhere. 😡

  5. Hammer. Nail. Covfefe!

    Courtesy of Driftglass.

  6. As an English major, I have wondered how to pronounce this new word “covfefe.” Is it two syllables or three? Which syllable is accented? What is its definition or since it was created by an a$$, does it refer to that body part?

    On “Laugh In” television show, which skewered Nixon in the 1960s, they said “You bet your bippy!” Should we substitute covfefe for bippy?

    • I seriously think that it is something typed by a man who is taking heavy drugs,maybe sleeping pills, maybe something else. He typed the word, sent it, then sent nothing else untl the next morning, and said that he fell asleep while tweeting. This makes no credible sense.

      • William,

        It does appear to be a typo of sorts. I should have put an emoticon to show I was joking.

        It may be that it was a failure to re-read and edit before sending. After I re-read my comment I realized that I omitted “the” between the “on” and “Laugh In.”

    • I find that I am usually pronouncing it “kuh-VEH-fay”, ignoring the first “f”, but I do not claim to be an authority.

  7. It’s never good to be too optimistic about this political landscape, but I think that pulling out of the Paris agreement went too far for even Trump. Polls show about 70% favored us staying in. It is also glaringly obvious that the rest of the world is against us in this. That is not a good look for this administration. Of course, they got a gift in the climate denier jerk the NYT recently hired, so now Trump can point to his inane pieces for support. Ivory Bill is right that the only rationale to explain Trump’s actions here (besides just wanting to dismantle everything that Hillary and Obama were for) is that he did it because Russia told him to do it. And it seems that this is the actual rationale for everything he does. I think that even some of the ignorant people out there are starting to grasp this.

  8. Sometimes I also wish the Deity would decide: “OK, too many of these talking apes are using Me as an excuse to abuse and neglect other talking apes. The indirect inspiration approach did not work well. Forget the Prime Directive, I’m going to tell them Myself.”

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