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      (MANDOS POST MANDOS POST MANDOS POST MANDOS POST) In a weird twist of fate, American liberals and (some) leftists are finding themselves in the non-traditional position of standing in the “hawk” corner, while (some) American conservatives under Trump are in the position of wanting to cut deals with so-called traditional enemies of the USA.  Whether […] […]
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I’m a rebel just for kicks 

Not really. I’m a rebel for real. 

Take a stand. Fight back. 


Dang!  I missed the “covfefe” kerfuffle on Twitter

“Covfefe,” said Tasneem Raja, a journalist, perhaps chafing at the growing communal giddiness. “There, I participated.”
Eventually, the jokes lurched into delirium. Twitter users held forth on the former F.B.I. director James Covfefe. They pledged to order a grande covfefe during their next Starbucks runs. They announced they had at last discovered what Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson at the end of “Lost in Translation.”
And as the hour wore on, stragglers turned their lonely eyes to the only account that could save them.

“Help, @MerriamWebster,” pleaded Jessica Taylor, a reporter at N.P.R., one of several to make the request.
The dictionary obliged.
“Wakes up. Checks Twitter. Uh…” it began. “Regrets checking Twitter. Goes back to bed.”


31 Responses

  1. There is news this morning (5/31/17) that Agent Orange intends to withdraw US from the Paris Climate Accords.

    I hope all the progressives, for whom ideological purity prevented their voting for Hillary, are prepared to kiss the environment (and all that it entails) bye-bye.

    • I hope all the progressives, for whom ideological purity prevented their voting for Hillary, are prepared to kiss my @$$.

      FIFY. 😈

      • Well said. I was thinking that since Agent Orange is opting out of the Paris accords, that those progressives who failed to vote for Hillary could kiss their behinds good-bye. Since it was relatively early (8:17 a.m. CDT) and I was sleep deprived (my dog was frightened by thunderstorms last night), I could not think of the right phrasing to avoid moderation.

  2. “Since the beginnings of space travel, Earth ships have been built containing a substance called covfefe, which generates an equal reaction to any destructive energy which contacts it.”

    Live long and prosper, y’all. 😉

  3. What’s so funny about peace, love, and covfefe?

  4. Enough is ENOUGH! I have HAD it with these COVFEFE snakes on this COVFEFE plane!

  5. The secret of the universe is NOT 42! It is COVFEFE! 😛

  6. Can’t stop the covfefe!

    Seriously, I would guess the poor dolt was trying to type “coverage” and had a Moment of Derpitude–or maybe a Senior Moment?

    Uncle Senior Moments has the nuclear launch codes. Lovely. 😮

    Thanks a fornicating heap, Stupid White Folks, for inflicting this nincompoop on our country, and the world. 😡

    • Oh, and hey Tsar Vlad–guess where most of those nukes are still aimed?

      Still think you’re a genius?

  7. Covfefe. Why did it have to be covfefe?

  8. Oooh, I got it! From now on, let him be “Preznit Covfefe”! 😈

  9. Radical Moozlum Terrists beheaded a thousand orphans, nuns, and veterans in the Covfefe Green Massacre! And the Fake News Media covered it up! Sad!

  10. Luke…I am your covfefe.

  11. [Fake Left Dudebro]

    Hillary would have made more and sillier Twitter goofs! And e-mailed them! And then sacrificed Honduran orphans to Baphomet, cackling all the while! Berniwoodawunnit! WAAAHHHH!

    [/Fake Left Dudebro]

  12. Covfefe woodawunnit!

  13. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a covfefe.

  14. Does Hillary have to do everything? I have been waiting since the election for someone to say what she said. Facebook and Twitter have done more damage to this democracy than good in 2016 election. Where is the analysis and holding them accountable, holding their feet to the fire? Especially Facebook and that fucker Zuckerberg is so greedy he does not even acknowledge what his platform did for Trump and Russia. I was hoping there was a ‘boycott Facebook’ kind of protest soon after the election. No such luck. Glad Hillary is talking about it. Let others do the rest. I have never had an FB account and am very proud of it. If they don’t clean their shit, it will come back to haunt again and again.

    Here is the article

    • Um, that link doesn’t work. Do you want to paste the URL in reply and I’ll edit your HTML?

      • Sorry RD. Not sure what is going on. here is the link.


        • No problem. You just left out the http:// after href=

          • right. I now notice the mashable link does not have the leading http. Thanks.

          • Good post btw. I try to stay away from Facebook for exactly those reasons. I knew someone would weaponize it.
            Twitter has a lot of good first person accounts so I’m less negative on it but I can see where the numbers could be manipulated. We saw that at DailyKos in 2008

      • It is adding extraneous link code into the link in my href code. hmm weird.

      • Thanks for the clean up. Please delete my comments below. 🙂

  15. This was one of the early NPR articles on how fake news creators thrived this past election. It is all about ad money and there is plenty of it.


  16. Where are the NYT, WAPO on this. Again Hillary has to do everything. I am very glad she is talking about it like only she can do. Hope people listen.

    • Here is the full interview:

      • If you listen to one thing in this video, listen to the last couple of minutes starting at 1:11:50…the Mashable guy’s perfect question and her even more perfect answer.

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