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      “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it.” (Benjamin Franklin) So, apparently Trump has said he will declare a national emergency to build his wall. I’m going to make one point about this. If you have an abusable law or power it will eventually be abused. […]
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Domestic Terrorism is the bigger threat to the US

Check out this post at The Conversation by Arie Perliger of the U of Mass on the rise of domestic terrorism. He says that the appearance of what looks like spontaneous acts of violence like the ones that recently happened in Portland and Maryland are the tip of the iceberg and reflect underlying changes in society where certain extremist ideologies are gaining acceptance. 

In other words, we shouldn’t be surprised to see more of the same in the near future if there aren’t serious measures taken to reign in the provocative ideology. 

Consider the attack on the Guardian journalist by Gianforte, now US Rep from Montana.  Or the mean spirited Rinaldi of the Texas legislature who called ICE on the protesters of SB4 that would strip Texas cities from offering sanctuary to illegal immigrants. There were hints and allegations and pushing and shoving between representatives from both parties over that. 

We saw this coming. Along with the Oklahoma City bombing, our original 9/11 was the Mountain Meadows Massacre perpetrated by a bunch of paranoid Mormons incited to violence through violent rhetoric. 

A more recent and terrifying example of extremist domestic terrorism occurred in Norway in 2011 by Andreas Brevik who mercilessly slaughtered dozens of young people at a summer camp on Utoya island. Those who died were children of the more liberal party and immigrants to Norway. 

That’s what we’re looking at in the US. Those acts of terrorism look spontaneous today but sooner or later someone’s going to plan and execute something big. We are pretty stupid as a country because we are looking for foreign invaders when the really dangerous terrorists are home grown tea party types with a grudge against Muslims, African Americans and Liberals. 

And they have guns. Lots of them. 

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