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BiFF and RD in Trump Country

BiFF and I are camping again this weekend in a part of PA where Trump won by a good bit. BiFF has been away from his home attending to some family matters and wasn’t prepared for the wilderness. The park ranger recommended Walmart so off we went. 

Just a heads up: I’m a Target person. I think BiFF just orders stuff off the Internet. 

Anyway, there we were, meandering through this gigantic store the size of two football fields (I exaggerate but you know what I mean. It was like IKEA but all on one level).  BiFF was looking for clothing to blend in. Just basic T’s and a long sleeved shirt. I forced him to make a decision because the store was making me antsy and nothing had a Swedish name. 

We went to the cashier. I wasn’t feeling too hot yesterday so I went in search of water while BiFF settled the bill. 

Later, he asked, “Did you see the guy in front of me in line? He had a T-shirt on with a picture of Che Guevara that said “Socialism is for F*gs””

I looked at him in his polo shirt with the country club logo and his hat that screamed “East Coast Elite”.  (He’s actually bi-coastal, not that there’s anything wrong with that.)


We are now referring to each other as Darryl and Charlene and hiding our French press and shallots. (they’re onions, dammit)


Good op/ed in WaPo today on how the Democrats did themselves by using the “personal responsibility” meme instead of sticking to “steep discounts for groups of several hundred million!” 

Feel free to use it, DNC. No, no, don’t thank me. 


19 Responses

  1. Darryl: I can’t find the sunscreen and the walmart bag in your car.

    {{rooting thru car}}

    Charlene reaches over the cooler. Locates bag.

    Charlene: Darryl you gotta move things around.

    Darryl: Shuddup, Charlene.

  2. Walmart! ha ha, we were there last weekend, looking for a $1000 Schwinn Airdyne bike at 9 in the evening driving out of the way into the boondocks, {I told my husband he won’t find it in that store but he insisted that the Internet told him it was there and he wanted to try it before we ordered it online — we didn’t find it and what we found was some unknown brand bike sitting in a corner}.
    This was my second time ever in that store in over 2 decades, {yeah, call me a snob, but as RD alluded, it makes me ‘antsy’, the clutter, the low quality, the this and that}. But what an insightful visit this was — a perfect intersection of Trumpanzees with the ‘unwanteds’: the burkas/scarves, Mexican illegals, brown Indians…oh my! Fear of the unknown/other makes people do atrocious things like losing their country to a Russian.

    • You can find plenty of decent things at Walmart. I bought a pack of colorful socks to wear in the tent and I really needed them last night. Darryl was eyeing a pair from my stash. I told him to take a blue pair and only wear them in the tent. It doesn’t make him a socialist.

      • My needs are very simple and all big box stores with their vast ‘clutter’ induce anxiety in me when I enter there. Tarje’ 🙂 is about as much as I can tolerate.

        • I LOVE Tarje’. Always something worth buying there. Bought one of my favorite pair of jeans there when I had to step down in size. $27. So nice.

          Gotta step down a size again. Will probably hit Tarje’ again. I’m shrinking fast.

          • Nice shrinking… I got my promotion two weeks ago which was the reason for my bloat — so now addressing shedding pounds and the exercise is ON — did a 7 mile hike walking from the Kennedy Center all the way to the Capitol and back yesterday. It felt good to take pics of the Court/Lib. of Congress/Capitol as if to memorialize them and protect them. I didn’t even want to look at the WH, LOL. Aversion is strong.

            At Tarje’, that is my weakness when I go there. Bringing back funky tops/dresses. Their Massimo stuff is pretty good (and the Warner bras are cheaper, shhh don’t tell anyone).

        • I bought a peach colored lace bralette and matching undies there last week. So pretty and not expensive at all. I brought them with me though why I should care what’s under my cargo pants is anyone’s guess. They’re just going to get sweaty.

          • Victoria’s Secret is everyone’s secret, ;). How we feel inside shows outside.

  3. Has this been shown on News? Can someone confirm, pl.?

  4. I don’t mind shopping at Wal-Mart, though I wish they wouldn’t put the health and beauty section on the opposite end of the huge store from the grocery section.

    Of course, I am a native (though converted) Arkansawyer, so I can pass for a cracker when I must. 😉

    • Watch out for this woman! But I also read somewhere she was banned from the store somewhere in Arkansas.

      • Speaking as a white dude, I wish white folks like her would go paint themselves green or purple or some other color not naturally found on human skin, because they embarrass me.

        • How about Orange? 😉 Well, guys/gals like you make the red states a better place for all of us.

        • We think of Maryland as a strong blue state but parts of this state are pretty racist — there was a recent murder of a Black Bowie State student by some alt-right UMD student. Then we have the killings in Portland, Oregon. IDK, news everywhere is pretty bleak.

      • Where in the universe is it moral to make people feel badly about themselves based on the color of their skin or any other thing they can’t change??

      • It’s hard to believe that there are still people like that in America, at least it was before last November.

  5. A right-wing “Christian” broadcaster said this:

    “The only thing that is going to save Western civilization is a more aggressive, a more violent Christianity,” he said.

    Amen, brother! Like Our Savior said,

    If thine enemy strike thee on the cheek, yea verily, thou shalt sunderest his liver from his belly and eatest of it, with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

    Oh, wait…

  6. Good exchange and as usual our media is not competent. It is not a back channel, it is a covert channel, you bozos.

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