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    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Rise #MarchForOurLives
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Rise #MarchForOurLives
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MAGA people iz weird

Seen on twitter this morning:

Remind me again, what “job” is he doing that requires better messaging?

He’s a billionaire (or so he says). Can’t he pay for his own messaging team?  I know! He could be all presidential and hold a news conference!  

And what is it exactly about the job he is already doing do the #maga contingent like?  So far he’s hired an attorney general who is requiring prosecutors and judges to throw the book at low level drug offenders. He’s hired a secretary of education who wants to take $10 billion from public schools. As a former elected board of education member in my affluent suburb, where parents balked at paying a lousy $11/month for a courtesy bussing proposal they turned out in droves to defeat, I can guarantee that even a slight reduction of funding to their insanely competitive public schools is going to be wildly unpopular. 

It occurs to me that both of these initiatives are only going to line the pockets of prison industry and for profit schools and learning center owners. No one else will benefit by this, especially kids living in places where their parents can’t shell out money for private or parochial schools because their salary earning parent is wasting away in prison after being busted for a few grams of weed. 

Lately, he’s been going after global NGO’s that are working to defeat AIDS because they might be involved in the greedy abortion cartel. Just a heads up, there is no abortion cartel. I made that up but some Fox News viewers will believe anything these days. 

Long time readers know that I advocate turning the TV off and getting news and information from a selection of online domestic and foreign sources. There is more good information in readable sources and it’s much easier to spot manipulative words and memes. On TV, news can be combined with potent visual imagery to go straight to the amygdala. Radio can provoke rage. It’s how we got duped into going to Iraq. 

It’s worse on Fox News because that network seems to excel at creating satans that need to be fought. Doesn’t matter if they’re hyperbolic stereotypes, the three minute hate is alive and well on Fox. Sleazy Roger Ailes may no longer be in charge to drive the resentment and let everyone’s dark archetypes chained in their dungeons permission to run around without constraints, hurting innocent people. But he left a blueprint to follow to teach viewers how to be unnecessarily mean to their neighbors while simultaneously making them feel virtuous for being the dull conformists they are. 

Sooner or later, all the chaotic unraveling that the Trump administration has been doing, and that the MAGA people are so looking forward to, is going to start to affect real people. Real middle class people. That watch Fox News religiously. 

When it starts happening, I don’t think better messaging is going to be needed. 


For what it’s worth, the Democrats are better off not insisting too much on impeachment just yet. Wait until 2018 and let people watch how much the Republican Congress will put up with in order to ram their granny starving agenda through for their compromised president to sign. 

Then get Pence in the White House. I’ve heard he is about as likeable as Ted Cruz. 

I’d like to think that the 2018 election will take care of itself but Democrats need to focus their attention on serious campaigning, recruiting candidates everywhere an updating their canvassing apps. 

Let the Republicans hang themselves. 


14 Responses

  1. I had just finished reading Paul Krugman’s op-ed column this morning and thought to post a comment and a link to it here when I saw your new post.

    That we have a president like Trump is due in no small part to Roger Ailes’s machinations over the years on behalf of Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II. And thanks to him, we don’t have Hillary.

    The article of faith that Ailes espoused was that the media had a liberal bias and so Fox became the news channel to counter that liberal bias with a conservative bias that became increasingly about conservative values and divorcing those values from the facts and truth.

    Paul’s column concerns the unwillingness of Congressional Repugnants to confront this president.

  2. Democrats are no where near getting their act together. See this? Biden! Everybody one of these mfers thinks he could have won and Hillary stole his chance. No more of these fucking old men (looking at you too, Sanders). We need new leaders, fresh blood and talent. I want lawyers with integrity to run next and make a major course correction for the country, no more billionaires (no to Oprah, no to that fucker Zuckerberg). Same thing for the other side — younger, fresher talent.

  3. This is cute. Hillary preparing for debate with Reines playing Trump. We got the buffoon. But I agree with RD that if this impeachment thing moves too fast and especially seen as coming from the Dems, it may be unproductive for a major course correction which we need.

  4. Prepare for 2018. And prepare for GOP candidates to lie more than usual, lots of mini-trumps. They may have awful policies but the lies will be scaled up to 11.

  5. After I read a story in the NYT about Trump characterizing Comey as a “nut job” to the Russians, I read a few of the comments.

    One of the comments, from JA in Michigan:

    never has there been such an ill-suited person for this office, and that’s the nicest thing one could say about agent orange.

  6. Some MAGA people (or unemployed Lower Slobbovians paid by Putin to masquerade as MAGA people online, perhaps both) nurture fantasies of the Great White Real Murkan Rebellion Against the Cuckservative-Libtard Alliance. These MAGAts think they speak for the silent majority of non-elite white Murkans.

    No, really.

    As if. Civil war of any sort is bad for business, so The Powers That Be would not allow it. If any MAGAts actually try to go to war with TPTB, the cops and (if necessary) soldiers will shoot the MAGAts down in the streets, despite the fact that the uniformed enforcers are often drawn from the same ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds as the MAGAts.

    A tycoon, usually Jay Gould, is said to have said that he could hire one half of the working class to kill the other half. While it is debatable how many of the Trump Chumps actually hail from the down-and-out or just-getting-by working classes, the same idea would apply in the MAGAts’ hypothetical civil war.

    By the time the Corporate Media got finished bossplaining the squelching of the MAGAts’ pathetic putsch attempt, the majority of non-elite white Murkans would breathe a sigh of relief at the massacre of the MAGAt Mob, if indeed they did not applaud the government for delivering them from the scary MAGAts.


  7. *sigh* Spammy’s knickers be twisted again. 🙄

  8. So piecing it together, Flynn was a Russian asset. He was their guy and in the WH as NSA, woohoo! and Trump got scared and fired him. Russians were not too pleased and they were breathing down his neck and then he fired Comey. Then the Russians came to visit him the next day in the Oval office like loan sharks do. Trump bragged he got rid of the problem and not only that but said he will bring Flynn back into the WH and I am sure chuckled. He is not just their puppet, they are his mob bosses and they are having fun watching this well fed, squirming sewer rat they installed in the WH.

  9. OK, looks like it is happening? LM is tweeting a blogpost saying the Judiciary committee notified the buffoon before he left. And Ted Lieu is tweeting this last night and there was another tweet referring to WH leak that they were researching on how impeachment works.

  10. Well, LM and CT are getting beaten up on twitter for their tweet on impeachment. I am just an observer but looks like there is a big push to discredit these two. CT comes across as a genuine, humble guy, non-confrontational. He tweets things he gets from his DC ‘sources’. So what of it. Take it with a rock of salt. But all these mainstream media guys and intellectuals like Sarah Kindzior (frankly, I dislike her defeatism in thinking that the US will succumb to total authoritarianism and that all of us will let it happen; sure, certain things have caught everyone off guard but…) ridiculing and mocking them is below their own status. It is not like we have great trust in the mainstream media after what they did in 2016. So if people want to read tidbits that CT throws at them, it is theirs to verify and consume. But the viciousness of others going after these two is surprising and serves no purpose.

  11. Hill should run for Congress, become speaker when Dems take back Congress in 2018, and when Orange et al. are removed from office, she’d be next in line.

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