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      Our panopticon is on track: Powered by artificial intelligence, Rekognition can identify, track, and analyze people in real time and recognize up to 100 people in a single image. It can quickly scan information it collects against databases featuring tens of millions of faces, according to Amazon. Amazon is marketing Rekognition for government surveillance. […]
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Morning over coffee

So BiFF and I are drinking coffee and reading the news on the back patio, listening to the birds. Samples of morning conversation:

BiFF:  HA!  This article says gross incompetence is not an impeachable offense. 

RD: You’d have to set a standard for competence. Opinions vary. 

BiFF: What if Trump has tapes of his conversations in the Oval Office? 

RD:  That would be really bad considering the last time someone had a secret taping system in the Oval Office. But recording conversations is not necessarily illegal based on the state. 

BiFF: Ah! D.C. is not a STATE!

RD: Oh, yeah, forgot about that. 

BiFF:  How will Trump respond?  Crazy tweets?  Video?

RD:  Whatever it is, it will be unhinged. I’m more interested in what Republicans in Congress will do. So far, {{crickets}}. 

(RD thinks about that book In The Garden Of Beasts when another unhinged dictator wannabe with a dark triangle personality got away with crimes and no one stopped him until Europe was bombed to rubble…)

Nahhh, that could never happen here. Right?  

Cue the soothing Bossa Nova…

RD: NYTimes Editorial, Can Trump be Trusted with State Secrets?


BiFF: That was a short editorial!  

Laughter ensues. 



15 Responses

  1. The New York Times has started a column that has quotes and links to political writing from the left, center and right.

    So I found this interesting when I read it while eating lunch. It was along the lines of what I had been thinking.

    When Bill Clinton was impeached (but not convicted by the Senate), there were Republicans who felt it was payback from Nixon’s resignation.

    If there is to be impeachment, it must be initiated by the Republicans.

    With the firing of Comey, disclosing confidential information to the Russians, obstructing justice regarding Michael Flynn, violating the emoluments clause, impeachment is likely sooner rather than later.

    The Democratic Party must find a way to make the impeachment process do the most good for the future.


    • You better get comfortable while you’re waiting.

      • I would hope for impeachment to happen sooner rather than later, but I would prefer to have it happen in such a way that Democrats are not blamed and can use it to do the most good.

  2. Is BiFF an acronym of some sort? 😕

    • Never mind; I found the post titled “Biff”. The capital “F”s threw me off. Device error?

    • It’s a unix joke. biff is the mail dog in the early versions of unix.


      You had to be there in the early days of unix before the fancy interfaces. That’s right, we used the command line and we liked it. Back in my day, we didn’t have any newfangled text apps. We did “talk rd@calypso” in the freakin’ terminal window and ftp’d directly to the soda machine at CMU to check the temperature on the mountain dews. You younguns would be lost without your icons. The only icons we knew about were in Russian orthodox churches.

      He also happens to be my best friend for over 20 years.

  3. Special counsel appointed to oversee probe of Russia, Trump


  4. “… House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy apparently said last June that he thought Putin pays Trump. At which point Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who was also there, stopped the conversation and swore those who were present to secrecy. When the Post asked about the incident, spokesmen for both representatives denied the story on the record. When they were informed that the Post reporters had heard a tape of the exchange, they changed their tune – saying it was a joke…”
    — Dan Rather

  5. Have I, or anyone else, posted this here yet? 😈

  6. Juliette is tweeting the question I have been asking for a few days. Why is Trump so partial to Flynn? And Lawrence O’Donnell asked that same question of his panel now and David Corn said (paraphrasing) that Flynn met with Kisliak before the election and maybe there was discussion of doing things for T in exchange for hacking and such. I think Flynn holds the key to collusion with the Russians — if you do x for us, we will do y, quid pro quo. This still does not explain why T kept him around making him the NSA. He after all showed Guiliani and Newt the door. But Flynn is the man who knows too much and T is forced to coddle him. But why they thought they could get away with it, I don’t know.

    • Or did Flynn ‘steal’ intelligence while he was on the transition team and then as NSA, brief as it may have been and was that part of quid pro quo?

  7. http://www.alternet.org/video/donald-trumps-financial-ties-russian-oligarchs-and-mobsters-detailed-new-documentary

    Dutch TV expose. Part 1 is about 45 minutes, Part 2, shorter (click link in left sidebar for Part 2)

  8. I still await the release of whatever the hackers got on the GOP (but didn’t release) when they hacked the DNC. Blackmail…

  9. When the Republicans in Congress decide that being attached to Trump is too risky for their political futuress, they will urge him to resign. They do not want impeachment hearings, because they would likely reveal many things they do not want revealed, including their own corruption. I believe that this is indeed deeper and darker than Watergate, which we never got the half of, either. There is mass collaboration with Russia involving this adminstration, cabinet and advisors, and the leaders of Congress, who took money from Russia for their own campaigns.

    This is information we desperately need to know, but the Republicans would be virtually defunct if it came out. Republicans have only one zombie-like goal, which is to stay in power. When that is risked, they will urge Trump to resign, and they will sententiously claim that they are doing it for the good of the coutnry, when it is only for self-protection. Then they’lll expect the American people to get behind the next in line, and then continue their ravaging of the country. They have no intention of ever having impeachment hearings. I only hope that if Mueller is not fired at some point, he issues a full report which the cowardlycable media actually covers, and that we learn as much of the depth of treason and corruption as possible. Alternatively, I would accept indictments against hundreds of Republicans. However, as in Watergate, look for pardons and sealing of evidence,and deals, to keep most of it unrevealed. Again, if it somehow all comes out, the Republicans, even with all their money, will be unelectable in all but the Deep Red states.

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