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The NYT heads to the fainting couch over Obama’s speaking fees. 

The NYT editorial board is shocked, SHOCKED, to find that Obama is giving expensive speeches to Wall Street, just like Hillary Clinton, except, of course, he gets paid more. 

These guys will just never get it. In fact, all over the Internet, Obama “liberals” are having mini meltdowns over Obama’s $400K speaking fee with Cantor Fitzgerald. 

They think he has sold out. That he has eschewed the anti-materialism of his community organizer days. It’s just… unseemly. 

Oh, please. He is the same Barack Obama he always was. He wasn’t a particularly good politician, his policies were tone deaf and he was the guy who presided over the devastation of the R&D industry. It happened during his tenure and he said nary a peep about it. Weren’t there rumors several months ago about how he was going to become a venture capitalist and prey on the hard work and patents of my friends and former colleagues trying to keep their heads above water in biotech startups?  It wouldn’t surprise me a bit. 

The guy who said he stood between the bankers and the pitchforks is going to reap the rewards of the inadequate Wall Street reform bill. I told you he is a shmoozer who thought of the White House as just another rung in his climb to the top of the corporate ladder. 

Anyone who bought the incorruptibility of Obama should be scratching their heads right now.  Truthfully, they should have scratched their heads before this. They should have asked, why the meteoric rise for a guy who had very little experience and no record of controversial votes? He was as much a blank slate as Neil Gorsuch. 

The ultimate tofu president finally has revealed that he’s got a flavor after all. He had to wait eight years to show it but it has been there all along. 

Time to stop clutching pearls. He’s flesh and blood and greedy like everyone else. 


47 Responses

  1. Absolutely, RD. He isn’t the golden calf marter that they expected him to be. They all gave him a free pass just like the Bernie bros give the old coot a free pass for selling them a load of snake oil.

    But, oh no! Hillary was held to such a high standard that no saint could attempt to live up to.

  2. Sorry, gang. After reading this, I can’t bring myself to criticize Obama for seeking a legal profit.

    • But yes, Hillary should get a pass, too.

    • That wasn’t my point. My point is he’s not some superhuman altruistic wonder guy. He never was. He was a mediocre president at best because he really didn’t like presudenting. He cut some lousy deals and protected the bankers and the very worst of the healthcare industry. But for some INEXPLICABLE reason he still has fans out there who will overlook almost anything he does.
      So he gets $400k from cantor-Fitzgerald. He worked a lot harder for Wall Street than Hillary ever did. No wonder they want to reward him. He’s not selling out now. He sold out 9 years ago.
      Obama liberals should get a grip and finally accept that he’s fallible.

      • It’s true that Obama’s base never ascribe any failures to him. They talk is about Mitch McConnell and how they were determined to make his presidency a one-term one to which they ascribe racism as preventing him from doing more. The only thing which Obama worked hard at was campaigning for president.

        Do you remember after Obama won in 2008 that he said something about governing being easier than campaigning? He expected that he would be able, by his superior intellect, to accomplish all the things he expected too! And now another narcissist, Trump, is realizing that it’s not easy.

      • Very well said, a very mediocre president…

  3. Off topic: Someone picked a bad place to put this sign. 😮

  4. In the time since Hillary’s loss last November, I have felt that her defeat was a consequence of the decision in 2008 to give the less experienced man (i.e., Obama) the nomination. I remembered talking to an African-American women I worked with because I was concerned that Hillary would not win the 2008 primaries. She felt that Obama was intelligent and that it would be alright.

    Lowering the bar on the importance of elective experience and executive experience for Obama in 2008 made it easier for Trump’s supporters to brush away the lack of elective experience in favor of executive experience as a CEO.

    The concerns that the PUMAs had about Obama’s experience, character and ability have been vindicated as we saw a weak stimulus in 2009, poor negotiating skills, an Affordable Care Act that wasn’t very affordable and a reluctance to engage the Repugnant party. Like Trump now, he used executive orders to achieve what he could not get through Congress.

    The theme in Obama’s presidency became that he couldn’t accomplish anything because of GOP opposition. Yet I can’t help compare Obama to a famous Theodore Roosevelt quote.

    “It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

    Hillary would have been the woman in the ring who would have fought.

    Trump may be a narcissist, but so is Obama, just in a different way.

    • Great quote JMS. To me Hillary has always been in the ring and she will never stop fighting.

    • True. Though I’ll say I was frustrated with Obama I am truly fearful under Trump. Americans need to let go of their obsession with narcissists.

  5. Susan Sarandon and Bernie bros never had an issue voting for someone like that… but when it was Hillary they had to “draw the line” show some “moral resistance”

    • Disgusting. It’s like Hillary is in an abusive relationship with the media. They defame her character and then tell her it’s her fault that she couldn’t win! They refused to call out Comey and his letter and they blame her. Unreal. Why don’t they focus on telling Comey to take responsibility or focus on trying Julian Assange.

    • A question that has been on my mind that no one seems to be asking is WHY do they keep saying Hillary ran a horrible campaign when no one said it while she was running? Now it’s en vogue to say things like “she ran one of the worst campaigns in history.” Which is laughable and makes me just shake my head. Am I missing something? Her commercials had far better messaging than Trumps did and they were played around the clock. She had big crowds and musicians like Beyoncé and Springsteen at her rallies, she was excellent in the debates, her slogans are totally memorable and are still relevant even after the campaign is over. She gave great interviews and she got 3 million more votes. What was so terrible about her campaign? She didn’t campaign enough in Wisconsin? Well she delivered one of her first major policy speeches in Wisconsin that is totally overlooked. And maybe they should’ve reported on the discrepancies of the vote in Wisconsin and even if it WAS accurate I think the white voters of Wisconsin need to take some f*cking blame to be so stupid as to vote for someone as Orange cheeto. Let’s blame the racist, sexist voters of Wisconsin who overlooked ableism, sexual assault, fraud & lie after lie. I think it’s time they take responsibility

  6. Yeah, I know Riverdaughter. Obama really screwed us all over multiple times and it’s not because he’s making money with speeches. If some idiot wants to pay him 400K for a speech he should do it. It was always all about Obama and look no further to the shape the party is in after 8 years.

    • He certainly screwed us by his appointment of Comey as FBI director.

      • Barack Chamberlain Obama never gave up hoping he could appease the Mad GOP into singing “Kum Ba Ya” with him. 🙄

      • You know in all honesty we could write a thesis on the many, many ways Obama screwed over.

        Let’s just hope he doesn’t campaign for anybody in 2108 ’cause he’s the kiss of death.

        • I truly believe that Hillary lost in 2016 because it was a repudiation of Obama. If Obama had done better by the middle and working classes she would have won.

  7. Hillary lost because in those states where trump won by very small margins was where the Russians hit the hardest in fake news and hacking the voting machines. It was proven in 2006 that these machines can and have been manipulated by the election officials to ensure a certain outcome. Congress does not want to mention this fact because it would call into question all of the representatives in Washington who got there by machine counted votes. If you don’t believe me, check out “Hacking Democracy.com” online and see the HBO emmy nominated documentary about these machines and how easy it is to manipulate the vote. She did not lose, trump with the help of the Russians and the election officials in charge of the machines in those districts which supposedly went for trump cheated him into office.

    • I believe you 100%.
      The 70,000 votes on three states is a meager number to sway into the electoral college crap.
      Hillary won.
      Trump with the Rep(tilians) have taken the country.

      Yet, I do hold Obama fully accountable because all this coup happend under his watch and he did nothing; au contraire, facilitate the take over.

      • There’s just no way the margin was that close in those key states. I still don’t believe it. So many people woke up on Election Day and just felt something was off, little did we know Russia would be front and center of it all. Russia aided by republican lawmakers calling off the recount in those states… it was like there is nothing we could have done. They were going to railroad over democracy either way… Yeah, she won

    • This guy is doing a lot of research on things to do for 2018. This tweet caught my eye, this is NC:

  8. We Democrats, particularly liberals, have been looking for another JFK (or what they imagined of JFK) for 50 years. Caroline said that Obama reminded her of her father. The appeal of someone who speaks very well, in sometimes poetic sentences (no matter who wrote them), is a strong one. Also the appeal of a projecctive blank slate. The increasingly Jacobin Left basically hates any Democrat who actually has a record, because of course it is never a perfect one to them. Obama had no record, none in Illinois and then a year or so in Senate. Actually, there was a large section of liberals who kept looking for anyone but Hillary, the person who had a strongly liberal record for decades. They wanted excitement!! Hope and Change! whatefver that means.

    Of course Obama was a decent President. I do not think he was the right President for the incredibly partisan era. He may well not have won, but the economy collapsed two months before the election. He started with 55 Senate seats, a clear majority in the House, and yet we didn’t get too much out of it. None of his charisma rubbed off on hundreds of Democrats who lost key state or national races when he was President. He didn’t fight for Garland, he didn’t tell the country about Russia trying to fix the election for Trump. Maybe that was too much to ask of anyone. The media liked him a lot, they hate Hillary, for whatever complex psychological reasons. Obama won a Nobel Prize before he had spent a day as President. A recent poll of supposed presidential analysts ranked him #10 or so among Presidents. Maybe he will reach #2 (can’t quite pass Lincoln), but he wasn’t #10, and he wasn’t better than Bill Clinton. Republicans are truly evil people who want Dickensian London, while far too many Democrats continue to disparage virtually every one of its political figures, while desperately seeking some image of King Arthur to lead them to Camelot. Camelot is a wonderful and inspiring mythology, but it was invented as an inspiration. I would settle for a very bright, caring, and very competent President, who knows how to deal with Republican evil. That would have beenHillary Clinton.

    • Dickensian London is far too nice a place, let’s be real they want V for Vendetta. I think you are spot on with the Democratic Party wasting all this time infighting and turning on each other. People keep talking about “new blood” let’s bring some new blood to the party etc. well how in the hell can you have new blood when we can’t even bring our most prominent leaders over the finish line? Let them bring in some new blood and they’ll see just how hard it’s going to be. They won’t find someone as likeable as Obama and they won’t find someone with as broad a base as Hillary.

  9. If I may start a bit early:

    I expect many of us are old enough to remember the Frito Bandito (though the proper word is actually “bandido”).

    Happy Cinco de Mayo from the Cheeto Bandido! 😛

  10. The CON artist was masterful today. In fact, they were leading up to this day — they said Obamacare was here to stay, nothing can be done to repeal it after that last failure, and then boom! He got his repeal and replace today and at least some of his dumb supporters will believe that it is a done deal because of the big celebration in the rose garden and others will pretend and use it and lie that it is done. That will put pressure on McConnell and the senate and that is what today was about. The fucking media played along — CNN said long lost victory for the buffoon.

    The way the Rs went with this insanity and embraced it in fact, makes me think that they think they will not pay a price in 2018. Maybe they believe Trump/Russia will come to their aid and stuff ballot boxes, er hack voting machines. Maybe that is what will happen in 2018. Everyday is a lost opportunity under Trump regime but today lot of little people (including those who voted for him and those who voted against Hillary vindictively), vulnerable people lost control of their lives. The cruelty of the Rs and this lunatic in the WH is mind boggling. Makes me want to run away from here.

    • Either they think they are bulletproof or they think that they can win with only their tea party base or they know their time is up and they are playing the odds that playing to their base is their best bet. Right now the senate is saying they are not going to touch this stink bomb. We’ll see if that holds up.

      Yeah, who wants to live in a country where a rapist gets insurance and his victim does not?

      • What the insidious McConnell and the Republican Senate will do, is write their own awful bill, maybe three degrees less awful than the House version. Then they will pass it via Reconciliation, with 50 or 51 votes. Then the ultimate bill will be horrible, and it will be signed. And the Pravda media will say that it is a pretty good bill, and it was great to see the House and Senate work together, and is there any way to stop HIllary’s book from selling any copies?

        McConnell needs his own bill, because the House bill can never pass the Senate. So in typical odious fashion, he will pretend that there is some real negotiating going on, when all it will be is a stacked Republican bill which only needs to play to Republicans. Would three Republican senators cross him? Unlikely. Once the final bill is passed and signed, the only way to fix anything would be for Democrats to control both Houses and the Presidency. One can only hope that this truly reprehensible bill at least makes that more likely. If not, one is as well off in Ecuador as here. I will say that your district could hold the key; an Ossoff win might scare some Republicans, though too many of their Senators were re-elected this time, and few are in danger in the midterms.

        • Trump completed F-ed over Handel with that healthcare bill. He’s given Ossoff a loaded weapon to aim and fire at her. The bill really attacks families with children who have something as routine as asthma. Schumer made the statement that he thought the senate would flip in the midterms. Where he was getting his info from I don’t know. The problem with any senate bill is if it isn’t pure enough for the free dumbers they won’t vote for it. If that happens we are going to spend the entire time between now and midterms kicking around stupid AHCA bills between the house and senate. I have never seen a group of men so joyous about creating misery for people.

    • I am getting that hopeless and helpless feeling I had on election night with today’s passing of AHCA. What can else can we do?

  11. today lot of little people (including those who voted for him and those who voted against Hillary vindictively), vulnerable people lost control of their lives.

    “Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want–and deserve to get it, good and hard.”–H. L. Mencken

    The problem with that, of course, is that many of us who deserve better will also get what the cruel nitwits deserve.

  12. Hillary is going to start funding resistance groups. You had to know she was going to step up to the plate and do something. She always does.

  13. Somewhere in these three decades I have been here, I gave too much credit to the local population. I didn’t think they were this racist and sexist. Just a sample comments in this article but we have the 2016 election as evidence. Media was a huge part in turning some of these people away from Hillary by showing their own hate towards her in every bit of their coverage. Sexist mfers.

    3. A Wisconsin woman:

    “I voted for Obama too, because, I mean, there’s always been a white person, obviously, in office. I mean, he was of African descent, so I voted for him thinking I would change a little bit of the race issues that we had going on and make the colored people feel better, like they have a black person in office.”

    More here

  14. 4chan was a big factor here in the US in spreading the lie that pizzagate was which hurt Hillary. They are at it again in France, now spreading vicious rumors against Macron. Why does not the mainstream media do stories on this and alert the public? 4chan and other outlets even those here like FB should be shut down.

  15. Off topic: AYFKM? 👿

  16. Off-topic in a different direction:

    A cranky Austrian wishes he had chosen different partners in crime. 😈

  17. Le Monde will not publish the wikileaks dump (dropped at the last minute so Macron could not even respond) about Macron. American lazy media salivated over wikileak (Russian) dumps about Hillary and published it day in and day out. NYT and the rest made emails the story from day one and if they had not blown it out of proportion, why would there have been such a ruckus over it with the FBI getting involved or with Comey’s letter at the last minute. It is all media’s fault. And now, we find that the buffoon’s transition team copied and removed classified info and maybe passed it on to their Russian counterparts which Putin used to kill all those Russians since the election. Bastards! and, oh, BTW, senior WH aides are all using private email servers. American media is a fucking joke! NYT at the top of the list.

    Oh, Kushners are selling visas to Chinese. What a family!

    • Bravo for Le Monde. Apparently, the French major media are not entirely corrupted yet. :mrgreen:

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