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Quasi Meta Banana

If you wanted Hillary for president last year and were disappointed by the election outcome, the recent revelations about how Trump was the subject of a federal criminal  investigation should make you livid right about now. 

The Trump presidency has exposed the tender underbelly of our system. It is vulnerable when we rely on “norms” and one side playing by the rules while the other side does whatever the fuck it wants. 

Andrew Jackson said the courts could rule any way they wanted. They didn’t have an army. 

That’s about where we are right now. The system is getting squishy, gelatinous, amorphous. It’s very dangerous. A system as complex as ours is going to start showing the strain. 


57 Responses

  1. “Quasi Meta Banana” — yes! don’t step on it (but we may already have) and don’t definitely go slip sliding downhill over it.

    I am livid alright but what the stupid people have got us all into is so dangerous that I just want to get out of this quagmire quickly without lasting damage. Having said that, I can’t imagine why people are still going to his rallies.

    This seems much bigger than Russia running interference over election. Every mfer in Trump’s orbit including Congress critters is connected with Russia. Is this the biggest ever opportunity for the FBI to nab all the criminals and traitors, big and small and expose Russia? Is that what they are after?

    • PM, funny that you should ask those two questions. I have been wondering if that is how Comey would rationalize/justify tanking Hillary. A “greater good” argument.

      • There is zero excuse for what Comey did. He certainly needs to explain himself to the entire country and he needs to be fired for what he did.

  2. At the risk of going off on a tangent:

    By Sarah Posner, in The New Republic:

    How did a thrice-married, Biblically illiterate sexual predator hijack the Religious Right? 👿

    Amazing Disgrace

    • How? Easy. There is nothing religious about the Right (that supported Trump) and especially if we are equating religiosity with morality. As I have said before, every rally goer is a personification in small or large part of the man, thrice-married, Biblically illiterate sexual predator. {good article though as an intellectual exercise}

      • Trump represents what a lot of the religious right has become instead of what they would like to represent to the general voting public. Growing up I was told politics and religion don’t mix and certainly that has been shown to be true with the religious right.

    • That is an awesome article and yes, everything he says is right from my experience.

  3. Oh, sweet spirits of camphor, what in Areinnye has offended Spammy NOW? 🙄

    • Huh, now it no longer says my TNR-linked comment is being moderated. :/

  4. Put this in the basket of “Can you believe this?” — that a reporter would have the gall to say this to a president and the president not smart enough to get the implication.

  5. Trump has a picture of Jackson in the oval office. The way he is treating the court and judges, he may subscribed to the same idea as Jackson.

  6. Off topic: I have become a blonde and shaved about 5 years off my age. When I reach the age of 35, I’m going to stop.
    It’s sort of strawberry blonde with pale blonde highlights.
    Haven’t had any fun yet but clairol assures me it’s coming.

    • ha, good for you! my turn will come starting May 1st, to shed years er.. pounds. But I don’t think I can pull blonde off.

    • Well, I guess you’re a very young pup.
      If the math works as you say: shaved 5 years off and stop at 35…
      You are maybe 20 something?

  7. I like Eric Garland’s twitter TL, esp. when he goes on inspirational rants. Like a good coach he is egging our spirits to fight to reclaim our country.

  8. Off topic: When Public Service Spokesbears Go Bad 😈

  9. Infuriating & downright depressing. What I struggle with is why nothing was done before he was in office and why the FBI has failed us, if they let him get in what’s to make them try and force him out?

  10. Kinda sez it all:

  11. The Japanese elite are worried that Japan’s birth rate has dropped too low.

    Maybe if they quit allowing shows like this to be made… 😈

  12. Whoo hoo!!! Trump care defeated. “Obamacare is the law of the land,” says Paul Ryan. Spectacular!

    • Ah, yes, the Norwegian Blue Obamacare Repeal. What’s wrong with it?”

      “I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, my lad; it’s DEAD, that’s what’s wrong with it.”

      “No, no, it’s just resting.


    • That bill was Paul Ryan’s baby. “Ryancare” went down in flames. Trump cleverly stayed away from the fire.

      • “cleverly”… and “stayed away” LMAO… the Republicans mfers cowards that they are knew he would sign the bill, whatever bill that showed up on his desk and balked.

      • Are you serious? He called house members in a number of times attempting to get them to vote for it. Now after it went down in flames he’s pretending he never advocated for it and blaming everybody else.

  13. Rumor has it Pence is one of those being investigated for improper contact with Russia on Trump’s behalf, and that Trump is furious and considering replacing Ryan. That can’t happen, though, right? House elects Speaker. This is interesting: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/308/221/828/removing-paul-ryan-from-the-speaker-of-the-house/

    Whomever would replace Ryan will likely be our next POTUS, IMO.

    • 2018 Dems become the majority in the House and Adam Schiff becomes the Speaker and Trump/Pence get impeached.
      Adam Schiff for the POTUS.

      • WOW. Love it!

        • Apparently as a prosecutor he sent an FBI agent who had become a Kremlin agent to jail. So he appears to know the drill. Mystery is how a dairy farmer with a degree in agriculture (Nunes) became the chair of the intel committee — no law degree, no intel experience, know nothing.

          • Nunes is powerful in the San Joaquin Valley re water rights (remember Chinatown). I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been engaged in some shady dealings. Remember he was the keynote for the ultra conservative Steamboat Institute a few weeks ago.

  14. *adopts heavy, stereotypical Slavic accent*

    Eenside Soviet Beltway, swamp drains you. 😈

  15. Lady V, have not done much reading on Nunes politics but apparently he owns a winery with a Russian partner. He is turned, as the intel phrase goes.

  16. BEEP BEEP! 😛

  17. From The Daily Banter:

    The Tea Party chickens are coming home to roost. 😈

  18. A true people’s revolution is going on right now. People’s reaction in the US to the buffoon’s election may have inspired all the anti-corruption protests in Russia right now. How about that!

    Where is the US media in all of this Russiagate? They are fucking incompetent. They should crying foul and Russiagate from the top of their lungs but they are playing both sides again. Fuck them! Check this thread out.

    • What surprises me about what is going on in the country now, is that resistance is happening in spite of media incompetence. No thanks to fuckers like Anderson, Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, and all the rest of them.

    • Good twitter link.
      The US media is mostly in the “tank”=$$$, subsequently fearful of been “fired” by the Cabaret in Chief.

    • Nunes is doing a good job of orchestrating the demise of the house intel investigation. By Montfort & Stone “volunteering” (rather than subpoena) they control questions. Amazing he has such power & the media has dropped the ball on the whole thing,

      • Yep, Nunes should be removed and it is troubling that what he did this past week is not enough for that to happen.

        Juliette Kayyaem has it right and what Nunes says in that clip is not how any of it works; he is the oversight committee chair and he does not run to the person he is investigating to warn him.

    • Her husband tried to warn her but she wouldn’t listen to him. And the lawyers told her immigration laws needed to change for her husband to become a citizen and who was going to do that? Hillary and yet she voted to have her own family torn apart because of her own stupidity.

  19. Watch and weep, mfers who voted for Trump and others but not Hillary! You too, Maggie Haberman at the NYT tweeting today that Hillary made Russia secondary in her campaign, you lying, mfing bitch.

    • Thank you PM for the link of the video.
      Hillary spoke the truth and warned us all. She knew exactly what has been going on and the coup to our country.
      Make this video clip viral…

  20. Good for you Joy!! for taking on that lying bitch Maggie Haberman at NYT.

    Go up and down this twitter exchange and you won’t be sorry.

  21. pm, I see you are crackin’ the whip at those mfrs 😉

    • LOL, I read somewhere cursing was healthy 😉 and these people deserve every bit of it. Are you following what is going on with Nunes and now Kushner? One by one…

      • Yup pm, I am following. It’s like being on a freight train where the rails are on fire and the passengers are being flung around the car as it heads straight into the side of a huge mountain.

        Dump and his team are so out of control and the spooks and good American’s are dishing out the facts on dirty tricks they find…that we all knew where coming. This election and ‘presidency’ will make Richard Nixon look like a saint.

        He will be lucky if all he gets is impeached. I want 2Pence and all his band of merry crooks to be taken down and they finally have the proof to put Hillary in the Whitehouse where she belongs. Everyone knows this election was stolen from her and nothing else will make me happy.

        I love the repeal & replace ObamaCare bill is like egg on their face. It makes me very happy.

    • It’s amusing, as long as one realizes it should not be taken seriously.

      • I am afraid that when we get to his ‘aliens are coming’ stage, his supporters will believe him.

  22. This article could have been published before the election (Kurt E at Newsweek did do some of it) but EMAILS.


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