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    pm317 on I am American
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I am American
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I am American
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I am American
    pm317 on I am American
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    • The Roots of Trump’s Policy of Separating Children from Parents
      So, you’ve all heard about this by now. It is, obviously, a terrible crime. And yeah, evil. It is an extension of Obama’s policy of holding families (without splitting them up, but still in terrible conditions). If you want to understand the link, read this Twitter thread. Thread: How did we get here? In 2015, […]
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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Modern Irish music: 


19 Responses

  1. *sigh* I post my St. Patrick toons on the last thread and then you post a St. Patrick’s Day thread… 🙄

    • Will the blog program allow you to move those posts to this thread, where they belong better?

  2. Did somebody say U2? :mrgreen:

  3. NSFW. 😈

  4. I love “Dreams”, the breakthrough hit for the Cranberries, but this is my favorite song of theirs, from the same album.

  5. Sure an’ I’d give her me Lucky Charms any time she asked for ’em… 😉

  6. Haha, a girlfriend and I went to lunch at an Irish pub today and before we went I said, “I might be half Irish, but I hate corn-beef and cabbage, so I will order a hamburger if need be”.

    It was a pretty authentic, rustic looking pub that I had never gone to and ALL they were serving was…you guessed it! We walked out of the pub and went to a Mexican restaurant next store instead. Bummer.

    • I’m surprised that was all they were serving. I guess they figured it was all they needed to serve. I had corned beef and cabbage but the restaurant was far from being Irish and they had other things but the Irish food was on special.

  7. I don’t think any one man can be said to have invented rock-‘n-roll music, but we just lost the man who would come closest to that honor. 😦

    Chuck Berry dies at 90.

  8. One of his many, many classics.

  9. Happy First Day of Spring!

    This 1936 cartoon was William Hanna’s debut as a director. He and Joseph Barbera would later create Tom & Jerry for MGM, then go off and start their own company which made kajillions of toons. :mrgreen:

    Spring Gnomes vs. Old Man Winter.

    I suspect OMW actually knows it’s time to go; he just can’t resist messing with the gnomes a bit. 😉

  10. Happy first full day of Spring (3/21/2017).

    I just saw this when I went to open a new tab. John Dean was the White House counsel to Richard Nixon when Watergate happened. It’s interesting to read what he had thought about the hearing with Comey yesterday.


  11. Congressman Adam Schiff is my hero in this Trump-Russia scandal and not just with the hearing yesterday but since the election and maybe before — I remember seeing him on TV and thinking, oh he makes sense and that he is brave.

    Here is a long video of him at the Brookings today.


    • He would have been a great Attorney General under President HRC.

      • Yes, I would like to see him as a pick in Hillary’s future cabinet too.

        I can still dream, can’t I?

        When Dump and his 2Pence get put down, I will scream ‘Madam President’ to anyone that will listen.

        • Howdy Shadow…the dreamer…and good for you.
          They stole the presidency from our heroine: Hillary.
          I also would like to see that happening, don’t feel lonely.

        • I will scream it too in people’s faces.

    • Yeah, the normal, intelligent people sure stand out like sore thumbs these days.

      Few and far between.

  12. RD, come on! Let us have one of your bang up headlines. Things are moving fast.

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