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    • Cambridge Analytica, FaceBook And Inevitable Abuses That Inevitably Happen
      So, you’re probably aware of the furor over Cambridge Analytica. They scraped Facebook’s database, and used the psychological information to craft their campaign. They have also been caught on tape admitting they do dirty tricks like honey traps, and propaganda (knowing lies). And there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. First of all, it […]
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Read it and weep

Here’s a breakdown of Trump’s proposed 2018 budget. The impact to science is devastating. The impact to the arts is catastrophic. 

But we’ll get a better police state, so… there’s that. 

People, if you think 2018 is just going to happen without our hard work, you’re going to be sadly disappointed the day after Election Day. 

Get your ass in gear. Start now. 


42 Responses

  1. Even Washington’s cherry blossoms refuse to bloom.
    All is blight.

  2. I’m not even gonna weep. I have known this was coming. I have never seen a bunch of people so gleeful about inflicting pain and suffering on the people of this country.

    I think about 2018 but I also think we need to fight every policy of Trump’s as much as we can. Though I certainly would love to deliver a bloodbath to the GOP in 2018. The good thing you can say is that Trump has activated a lot of people who previously were not active in politics.

  3. Among all other things, this made me tear up today when I looked at Diane Feinstein’s face. She looks so sad. They had got out of the SCIF briefing from Comey.

    • Louise Mensch has an op-ed in the New York Times dated March 17, 2017 that lays out the people who should be called by the House committee and what the representatives on the committee should ask.

      Here’s the link.

      • JMS, haha.. I posted this at the bottom. Didn’t see your comment, should have refreshed the page first. 🙂 I am glad NYT picked up her piece. She is doing a lot of digging, much more than any reporter out there. She has deconstructed how Weiner may have been framed by the Russians that forced the Comey’s letter week before the election hurting Hillary. If her theory is proven right, that explains the collusion between Trump campaign and the Russians even more.

        • When I saw the piece this morning, I remembered that you mentioned her and I wanted to make sure you knew of it.

          It just shows that great minds were thinking alike. 😉

          I think Obama from the start of his administration underestimated Putin’s ability (and desire) to undermine the West.

  4. Here is the video of Feinstein after they came out of SCIF briefing with Comey. Make what you will of their body language.

  5. Feinstein’s appearance reminded me of how she looked after Moscone had been murdered when she as President of the Board of Supervisors became the new mayor. I last saw her and Hillary Clinton in person at a late campaign event at Bill Graham Auditorium. I was struck by how Feinstein walked out directly to the edge of the stage (not behind the podium as the other speakers had been). She said that she had something important to tell us. Based on classified information that she could not reveal, it was imperative that Hillary Clinton be elected president. I “bookmarked” what she said. Other people I was with didn’t remember it, but to me, it was the most striking part of the entire event. The crowd was wrapped around blocks. Everyone was festive. We were seeing our next president.

    This was pre-Comey’s October “surprise,” about the emails that had been on a laptop that the FBI had had for three weeks or so that required a reopening of the faux email scandal. Rudy Guiiani had been informed, and even one of Trump’s daughters-in-law spoke on Faux about how the worm was turning.

    • Curious, did she say it as part of her ‘speech’ to everyone or said it like to a few after the event while chatting? I googled the event and found a news report but there was nothing about her saying this. Maybe she was referring to Steele’s Dossier which was circulating then.

      • It was during the program. She was one of many who spoke before Hillary appeared. There was entertainment, and people were eating lunch and having convivial loud conversation. Hard to hear what was being said, but I wondered what she meant and was impressed that she spoke without notes. So much was going on that it wasn’t something even mentioned in my group, some of whom were being followed by French filmmakers.

    • CB, Was this event before or after the Hollywood tape was released? Didn’t Comey and other members of the intelligence community have a closed meeting with congressional leaders about the Russian hacking? I thought those two things happened on the same day and the tape gained headlines rather than the Russian hacking. This was the meeting where McConnell told Obama not to go public, because McConnell would say it was partisan and interference with the election. As of the hacking wasn’t interference. I think this treason goes deep into the congress. They have and are being complicit in this interference with our election. All of the administration is complicit. The Russian ties are extensive and go through the cabinet .

  6. I had not voted since Nixon/McCarthy but I registered and voted for Trump.

    • Um, this is awkward. I’m going to have to edit your comment and direct you to the moderation queue.

      • Maybe there’s a part two?
        Like now, I want to kill myself?

        • Lol!

          Nothing like that I suspect. I know this person. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that he voted for Trump.

          • If I were a gambler, I might want to start a pool on how soon CMW reaches this state: http://www.areyousorryyet.com/

          • As I type this, the top post at areyousorryyet is from yet another chump who has figured out Cheetolini is going to junk her benefits after she voted for him. Madoka forgive me, but I think my bleeding liberal heart has finally run out of blood.

            “Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want–and deserve to get it, good and hard.”–H. L. Mencken 😈

          • Of course, the problem with the Trump Chumps getting what they deserve is that those of us who deserve better will also get what the chumps deserve. 😡

  7. Off topic: Happy St. Patrick’s Day, me colleens an’ boyos! :mrgreen:

    Tradition credits St. Patrick with driving the snakes out of Ireland.

  8. Did you see what him with Merkel? He is a boorish unsophisticated third world dictator wannabe. The people who voted for him are stupid and lacking the sophistication needed to understand the aspects of this country that makes it first world and one of a kind.

  9. “Trump will get himself out” — Diane Feinstein

  10. That one lefty bitch was a so rude… fuck her!

  11. Even unknown leaders are rising to the occasion big time in the age of Trump America. What a poignant speech!

  12. Hey, Louise Mensch made the NYT…

  13. Poor widdle Pure Left Snowflake Ian Welsh is disappointed that Cheeto Mussolini is now breaking his promises to lift up the meth-addled, cousin-humping knuckle-walkers of Flyover Country who voted for him.

    To Snowflake Ian and his fellow Horseshoe Leftists:

    This meganekko is you. 😈

    Of course, the true deplorables who voted for Cheetolini will be happy with him as long as he officially punishes the uppity women and minorities, and allows the deplorables to do the same unofficially, since the deplorables are “a stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears” (Acts 7:51), however much they pretend to be followers of Jesus Christ.

  14. There is a disturbing article on billionaire Mercer backing Trump and all other deplorables. Money + ignorance + evil intent + power = nothing good will come out of it

  15. And what is Trump’s excuse for becoming a Putin puppet? (well, it is a rhetorical question — greed, money, and other things to enrich himself) But more importantly, why did (some) people in the US fall for the con of this failure of a man? American media is the big culprit here. They failed these people and the country. They should be ashamed.

  16. Like Diane Feinstein says in the video above, ‘lock her up’ from him and his deplorable minions in those rallies was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in any politics, first world or third world. Trump brought the third world to US politics and these people who supported and voted for him are not any better than any third world, illiterate goons.

  17. No poker face here. The disgust is palpable. In fact, I was surprised by how much expression Merkel showed in her encounter with this buffoon and his entourage. And, have you ever listened to Ivanka? Why does she talk like that?

    • Oh BTW, the nepotism and corruption seen here with the buffoon and his children are most definitely third worldish; he and his deplorable minions are turning this beautiful country into a third world. And, that sycophant and ignoramus Paul Ryan said something about Trump being royalty. LOL. Wonder what the Russains have on that mfer.

    • I love Merkel’s expression: “B!tch please…” 😆

      • Yeah, priceless. Saw this in a tweet: “In the German media, one of the most perplexing aspects of Merkel’s visit was: Why on earth was the Chancellor seated next to Ivanka Trump?”
        But she was seated next to Canadian PM also and she was fawning over him.

  18. Fuck the media and especially NYT!!


    • Fuck the media and especially NYT!!

      oh, rest of the mfers too, FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC/MSNBC, CBS, ….

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