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      One of my favourite sights is to see people complaining that marginalized people don’t understand that their support for Bad Politician-X results in fucking themselves. “Sure,” runs the line, “their lives suck now. But they’ll suck even worse if this guy gets into power.” This is often (but not always) true. It is also irrelevant. […]
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Don’t snog on the sofa

Or do anything else you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see you doing. 

According to this article in the Washington Post, the NSA has vays off seeing vhat you are doing virtually anywhere you have an electronic device:

Anti-secrecy group Wikileaks on Tuesday said it had obtained a top-secret trove of hacking tools used by the CIA to break into phones, communication apps and other electronic devices, and published confidential documents on those programs. Justin Mitchell reports. (Reuters)

The latest revelations about U.S. government’s powerful hacking tools potentially takes surveillance right into the homes and hip pockets of billions of users worldwide, showing how a remarkable variety of every day devices can be turned to spy on their owners.

Televisions, smartphones and Internet-connected vehicles are all vulnerable to CIA hacking, according to the Wikileaks documents released Tuesday. The capabilities described include recording the sounds, images and the private text messages of users, even when they use encrypted apps to communicate. The CIA also studied whether it could infect vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks, which Wikileaks said could allow “nearly undetectable assassinations.”
In the case of a tool called “Weeping Angel” for attacking Samsung SmartTVs, Wikileaks wrote, “After infestation, Weeping Angel places the target TV in a ‘Fake-Off’ mode, so that the owner falsely believes the TV is off when it is on, In ‘Fake-Off’ mode the TV operates as a bug, recording conversations in the room and sending them over the Internet to a covert CIA server.”

And whatever you do, DON’T BLINK!


21 Responses

  1. Now, we were expecting this, right? That wikileaks would leak a bunch of stuff about US intelligence agencies as the Russia-Trump connections become clearer, and The New Yorker article came out yesterday. Is this new news? I remember reading about this capability a long time ago, but it seems like today the reaction from the right is mock horror. ? Maybe I dreamed it.

    • Of course we expected this. 🙂
      You’re right, this is old news. But we used to think only the NSA had the super secret decoder rings.
      Now fucking Julian Assange has them. Totally different.
      Interesting how you never hear of any stock exchanges or major financial interests being hacked. Goldman sacks must be paying good money for their talent.

      I guess we should have expected the NSA to have Dr. Who fans.

    • Any evidence yet? Or even a clear allegation?

  2. It’s unsettling. But there is some safety in numbers; they don’t have enough people to bother with watching everybody. I am a technological luddite, not that it does me any good with regard to this; but I do feel that technology is not our friend, even though it might give seduce us with various treats, like, “watching a movie while you are waiting in line!! Showing all your friends what you are eating for lunch!!”

    As to Wikileaks, maybe they once were an anti-secrecy group, though doubt it; now they are simply a propaganda tool of the Russian government and thus Donald Trump’s administration. One of the many follies of the Left is to favor leakers of classified information as political heroes trying to rid us of the neoliberal territorial hegemonistic plutocratical power structure which people like Hillary are said by them to represent. We can expect many more of these “leaks” from them, all designed to help Trump destroy America.

    • Don’t worry, Rump will send us back to the stone age and the CIA will be underfunded. Safety in numbers, but most of us don’t even have anything worth watching nor listening too.

      If the CIA is this advanced, why don’t they remotely blow up Julian’s network?



  3. [NSA] vays off seeing vhat you are doing virtually anywhere you have an electronic device:

    Heck, your service provider for your networked TV can do that (and I think there is a disclaimer on the TV box you bought)… That Facebook billionaire everybody is fond of, is selling your life secrets you think only your ‘friends’ know…everybody wants a piece of you. Now the Russians have a piece of every American, not just the votes of stupid jerks.

  4. I liked how Louise Mensch turned things around for herself. When everybody started questioning where Trump got that thing about Obama wiretap, the WH said many media including Louise Mensch. She fought hard to say her article broke the news about FISA warrant wrt to two banks but not wiretap and then turned their words on them to say, if they are really saying wiretap and they know something about a wiretap that we don’t, then they (WH) are leaking classified info about ongoing investigation and it is obstruction of justice. LOL. And impeach him! I like how she turned it around back to IMPEACH! She is doing more than anybody right now to shed light on what is happening with Trump and Russia. I hope she is proven right.

  5. “Don’t snog on the sofa”

    Don’t whiz on the electric fence, either.

    Except for Blizz, of course. Blizz is welcome to whiz on the fence any time. 😈

    • Lol!!
      Do you remember the log song?

      What rolls downstairs, alone or in pairs
      And over the neighbor’s dog?
      It fits on your back, it’s good for a snack
      It’s LOG! LOG! LOG!

      It’s log, it’s log
      It’s big it’s heavy it’s wood
      It’s log it’s log
      It’s better than bad it’s good.

      • Yes, I remember LOG. 😆

        I recognize the tune as the old jingle for Slinky. :mrgreen:

  6. (per NYT) Trump floated hiring private investigators to prove his claim that Obama wiretapped TT. Time for 25th amendment? This is crazy.

  7. How darn cray does Rump have to get until his fans are too embarrassed to admit they voted for him?

    • Nahgahappen.
      They will dig their heels in because a.) they want a big guy to throw his weight around even if he breaks everything and b.) they hate us more than they love anything he does. He could be Hitler and Stalin squared and he would still be preferable to anything we could offer because they’ve had a couple decades of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News indoctrination of fear and contempt of anyone who isn’t rich and successful.
      It’s just not going to happen anytime soon. They will need to feel the catastrophes personally.

    • Only if he sells out. We can spot a naked power play from the left when we see one. And the Russian witch-hunt is particularly ham-fisted.

      • But you guys are like rebels without a cause. What do you get out of trying to squash the left?
        The wealthy have more money than they’ll ever be able to spend.
        Do an actor’s studio exercise and tell me what’s your motivation.

        • Why oppose the left? I’m surprised you have to ask. Have you not noticed mainstream leftists cheering the sucker-punching of “Nazis”, by which they mean white men like me who hold unapproved views? The more puzzling question is why any white man would support the left.

          But the left is not what it claims to be. Two generations ago they were sidling up to men like my father’s dad, a coal miner, promising to help him win some concessions from his greedy employer. And they did help. But what would my grandfather have done if he knew that, 80 years later, the same left would be allied with the greedy employer, and telling his grandsons they should hurry up and die, to make room for more pliant immigrants from the 3rd world?

          Today the left is whispering sweet nothings into your ear, telling you whatever you want to hear about women’s liberation, etc. Don’t think they won’t toss you to the wolves also, the second you no longer are expedient for them.

          Ultimately I see the left as a false religion, a cult. I don’t believe we need “money”. Once we accept that the state should care for us, then we become its dependents. We become its slaves – at which point it can do what it pleases with us, as you are now seeing. What we need instead is a social order that allows us to live and build lives with meaning.

          • Interesting. I can work with this.
            Let me think about this and get back to you.

          • The Left–or what passes in the USA for a Left–became primarily cultural out of necessity, because starting in 1968 or so–BEFORE the jobs started going away or the economy started contracting, or any of the other oh-so-purely economic grievances which allegedly drove the pale working-middle classes into the Orc-ranks of the GOP–many members of the pale working-middle classes heeded the siren song of the GOP, because they just didn’t like them uppity wimmin, uppity coloreds, uppity hippies, uppity heathens, uppity gender non-conformists, uppity whatevers.

            This forced the Democratic Party to substitute money for numbers, and so it was compelled to switch its primary appeal to affluent cultural “outsiders”. There are enough of us “outsiders” that this worked for a while.

            My pale folk are a stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears. Too many of my folk are willing to scorn social democracy, and occupy the second-lowest rung on the social ladder, as long as they can heap scorn, and worse, on the lowest-rankers with impunity. They are wicked fools, who will now receive the government, society, economy, and ecology which they deserve. The trouble with that, of course, is that many others such as RD and I, who deserve better, will also receive what the wicked fools deserve.


            @RD: Nothing can be gained from working with white supremacists. They are Orcs.

          • Check your email, the address you used to post comments.

        • “But you guys are like rebels without a cause clue.”

          FIFY. 😈

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