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      (MANDOS POST MANDOS POST MANDOS POST MANDOS POST) In a weird twist of fate, American liberals and (some) leftists are finding themselves in the non-traditional position of standing in the “hawk” corner, while (some) American conservatives under Trump are in the position of wanting to cut deals with so-called traditional enemies of the USA.  Whether […] […]
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Stoney Self-discipline. 

Trump’s legal counsel, Roger Stone, gets up in our grill on Twitter over Russia allegations:  

So classy. 

At least Roger didn’t call us C***s. 

This is the man legally advising the president who I and the majority of Americans did not vote for. He is a vicious, misogynistic internet troll. 

That kind of sums up the Trump administration in a nutshell and how the rest of the world sees us these days. We’re number 1. Make america great again. yay. 



28 Responses

  1. Roger Stone is a political consultant, not a lawyer. He left the Trump campaign back in 2015 and has no position in Trump’s administration.

    He definitely is a scumbag, though.

    • Officially he left the campaign. Apparently he was unofficially advising them the entire time or acting as a conduit for Russian propaganda.

  2. Actually, Stone is using an outdated picture of himself on Twitter.

    Here’s a current one. 😈

  3. Stone, Bannon, Cheetolini himself, and all the pale knuckle-walkers who adore Cheetolini sound like a chorus of dinosaurs, bellowing their rage at the inexorable descent of the K/T asteroid. 😈

  4. This is the man legally advising the president who I and the majority of Americans did not vote for. He is a vicious, misogynistic internet troll.

    You left out “deodorant cake in the urinal of the hermaphroditic b!tch goddess whose holy name is EVOLUTION”. 😈

  5. In the 2008 election, they were talking about Rezko, that domestic bomber friend, that chicken coming home to roost pastor; in 2016, they talked about emails, emails, more emails.

    They said nothing (much anyway) about Stone, Roy Cohn, his many failed businesses, the many Russian oligarchs, the mob and money laundering operating out of Trump Tower, RIS interfering with the election, the Manaforts, Pages, Lowendowskis, Bannons, Mercers, … Do Trump voters know about any of these vomit inducing treasonous people? Meanwhile, Putin has killed the 8th guy in the last couple of months who may have had connection to Trump.

    • …besides all the women that came forward that were pawed or raped by Rump…but even the Rump female voters just dismissed his behavior because…………………..they are idiots and don’t even care about other women as long as their Jim Jones gets his fair share of women, and kool aid.

  6. Off-topic break: An unfortunate place name. 😛

  7. I found this in a comment thread on The Daily Banter.

    President Washington could not tell a lie.
    President Nixon could not tell the truth.
    President Trump cannot tell the difference.


  8. Yes, it was a coup, a con, the big fix. They disenfranchised a majority of Americans, a majority of voters; and now that they have taken over, they plan to rape and ravage the land, the air and water, and the lives of working people. And they have no conscience about any of it. And here we are,

    The daily carnival is entertaining to a degree. But I have serious doubts that the media has any more interest in it than purveying entertainment, they don’t actually want anything to be done; it is like an ongoing television series which they want to get renewed again and again.

    A sane society would realize that Trump and his band are utterly unfit to serve, and that they and their Russian handlers had to engage in complete cheating to win. However, the country is so divided along partisan lines, and so pervasively uninformed, that the Goebbels tactics of projecting all their crimes on to their enemies, manages to turn it all into a series of distorted funhouse mirrors where most people have no idea where the truth lies.

    Since a CIA and/or military coup is unlikely, my best hope and suggestion is that Democrats engage in self-rationing, and try to damage the economy. Of course people need to buy necessities; but if Americans during WWII could limit their expenditures, why can’t they do it now, for an equally patriotic cause? Obviously, we generally do not want Depressions, but if the economy can be damaged enough that even Red Staters will vote their pocketbook, and turn against this regime, it would be welecomed.

    • Victory Gardens for everybody!
      William, I think you’re a lawyer (right?) but you should be writer.

      • Thank, you Sue! Yes, I do rather regret not having gone into journalism, and maybe by now I could have had a widely disseminated column. Not for the ego trip, but perhaps I could have made more of a difference in what has become such an unknowledgeable society, with little sense of history or its implications. Actually, you probably could have as well, even if you avoid the rather lengthy dissertations that I am sometimes prone to write. 🙂

    • I say, we boycot the IRS this year…at least in CA.

      • Shadowfax, I have thought of that as well. The obvious problem is that it is illegal, though I am sure that Trump is busily trying to defund the IRS, so it might not be so easy for them to go after people. And the other thing is that while it would certainly bankrupt the country, it would also bankrupt CA, assuming that people who don’t file federal taxes also do not file state taxes. However, I am all for everyone in our state to do everything legal they can to deduct, defray forward. And we should all trry to use as little gas as possible. The one thing that this government cannot do, is force people to buy products from companies and industries which damage us and the planet. And how about those millions of tons of Russian steel we are going to be importing? I wonder if the Rust Belt voters are still so sure that Trump was on their side, while Hillary was not?

  9. CIA controlled Washington Post? Boy, that made me laugh!

  10. Slightly NSFW: If Henry VIII had crack cocaine 😛

  11. I was so waiting for this…
    Is there a Deep Throat somewhere?

    The Eerie Similarities Between Alleged Trump Scandals and ‘All the President’s Men’
    By John Walters On 3/5/17 at 8:20 AM


  12. Anyone else beginning to scratch around any time Trump appears to lose his mind?

    Lunatic Ben Carson + Trump’s bizarre Obama rant against Muslim Ban, Trumpcare for the wealthy, New Yorker piece on Trump’s money laundering for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard terrorist-funding organization, and deploying an anti-missile system in South Korea that China has warned us it will bomb out of existence.

    Quite a day.

    • Can we invoke the 25th amendment yet? Damn, that gives us Pence.
      Argghtrradffgghhbjj! Nov 2018 can’t come soon enough.

    • 113 of the 122 prisoners were released under Bush and he is blaming Obama. But his lackeys will use it. They don’t care if it is a lie.

  13. Just another day in Trump America: another Indian was shot and killed in SC as he was on his way home at the end of the day, a convenience store worker (owner?) who has been in the country for decades. Every H1B IT Indian worker in middle America mus feel like a target — some guy has set up a website, calls out ‘Indian IT Mafia’ and has videos of Indian communities and kids playing in a Columbus, OH park, etc…

    • Do you feel safe? Because I worry all the time about my Indian coworkers.

      • In the environment I am in and operate day to day, I feel safe and when I travel I carry US passport and hope that helps. But we have scrapped a plan to drive across the country to see places. We are planning a Europe trip but worried about travel restrictions and hassles. I am more worried about my emotional reaction to all of this — my pride will not take this kind of life and would not want to adjust to this. I worry about my niece’s family — they both are very smart and went to top schools here and got their masters and have paid their dues (I say that only because Bannon like fuckers are talking about H1Bs as not being skilled enough, not that there should be a gradation among which immigrant is better).

        {on a side note, we have always avoided the idea of living in middle America from the time we set foot in this country — there was no way I would go live in some states like Alabama or Oklahoma, for example, I didn’t feel safe then and I definitely don’t now.}

  14. Trump’s America: Thread…

    • Somewhat related… we have lived in our current house for 17 years now. It is a large single family home, new construction, we are the first owners, surrounding Kensington, Chevy Chase, so yeah, well to do neighborhood. A new neighbor moved in last year, a French diplomat we heard but never met. One day driving back from dinner at night, we noticed they had left the car door open, seemed like they had forgotten about it because we had noticed it was open when we drove out to dinner. So we think one of should alert them and my husband the gregarious one volunteers and I stand watching in the driveway before going inside. He rings the door bell, they turn on the porch light and they see him through the glass side on the door and turn off the porch light. My hubs does not know what to do and rings the bell again and this time they stick their neck out the door and my husband tells them that he was their neighbor and the open car door and walks out of there as quickly as he could. He said he heard a vague thank you behind him. I was still standing in the driveway and the guy could see that we were neighbors but made no effort to approach or talk to us. For a moment we forgot what we look like, as my husband rang the doorbell in the dark. This was before Trump. Mind you, we are not very Indian in our appearance or otherwise, our house is the best looking on the street with me throwing money at a gardener and lawn care company, we are well assimilated and we have lots of ‘local’ friends.

      • haha, that last part I wrote makes me think of the old couple in Casablanca, the guy who works the bar who says to Rick, ‘we only speak in English now’ after they got their visa…What we have done is to take the good from our Indian heritage and the good from here and we are doubly enriched… sounds mushy, but …that was our opportunity.

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